9 Best Solar Uplights for Trees (2020)

9 Best Solar Uplights for Trees (2020)

The landscape is very important for our health because nature keeps us fresh. People add different types of landscapes to their homes, including plants, trees, flower beds, grass and so on. Lights of various types can enhance the landscape, including the spotlights, but we must use safe lights without any wires. Especially, if you want to increase the beauty of the trees you must know the solar uplights for trees.

These lights come up in different sizes, designs, quality, material, colors, and costs. Having a guideline is important to buy a valuable product. If you know nothing about the spotlights for trees, you would end up buying the wrong product. You cannot waste money on the low-quality solar uplights for trees so read our guideline for a wise selection.

Buying Guide

As you know the market is full of various kinds of solar uplights for trees and we seem to get nowhere in their selection. But, some factors will take you out of confusion and you may recognize the best light. You will have to look at the brightness, material, color, quality, battery life, technology and cost of the spotlights.


Some solar lights have advanced features than the other. Like some models are old and give only one lighting mode. Whereas, some lights have both low and high lighting modes and this feature is now present in the latest solar spotlights. You must get a dual-mode light as it will be cost-effective for you.

Lumen Level

Some lights are brighter than the others so make sure what you are buying. If you are clear about the kind of brightness you need, it would help you in fast selection. A warm and soft light often comes up with 15 to 20 lumen but you can read the reviews as we have spotlights with up to 200 lumens. The location of the light and the purpose also determine the lumen.

Battery Should Be Rechargeable

Choose a solar light for your trees and landscape that has a rechargeable battery. Such a light will be cost-saving and eco-friendly. The quality of the battery also needs consideration. A one-time charge battery should give you up to 10 to 12 hours. Besides, the charging time should not be too long. Well-maintained solar panels charge earlier.

Size of Solar Panels

The solar panel must be wide enough to absorb and produce more light. If you have a small area to cover, then a small solar panel would work. But, larger areas need wider solar panels.

Throw Range

The fixture should throw light to a long distance with full brightness. However, various lights have various light range, so select them as you need. A range from 2 to 16 feet is easily available.

Automated Lights

All advanced solar spotlights come up with automatic on and off modes. Don’t buy a very old model that you have to operate every time. However, the motion and sunlight are responsible for an automatic function.


Almost all new models of solar spotlights are resistant to water, snow, and heat, but do check their effectiveness. You can read the specs to find the material that determines its weatherproof quality.

Motion Sensors

Solar spotlights for outdoors often have motion sensors so that they can function when there is movement. If it is so then the quality of the sensors must be high and they should be effective for long.

Quantity of Lights

Generally, you will see a pack with two solar uplights for trees, but they are good for small gardens. If your area is large, select a product with a pack of 4 or more lights.

InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights 2-in-1 Waterproof Outdoor Landscape Lighting Spotlight Wall Light Auto On/Off

InnoGear is making solar lights for years and produces a new technology every other day. It also makes solar uplights for trees including InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights 2-in-1: This light is not only for trees, but you can also use it to enhance other plants in the landscape.

Dual-mode: InnoGear has a dual lighting mode, including the low and high light. But, the high light uses more power so it goes for 4 to 6 hours. Whereas, the low light is effective for 8 to 12 hours.

Individual parts: The product has a separate solar panel and light, whereas most lights have built-in solar panels. Hence, you can adjust both elements as you require.

Automatic switch on and off: The light works automatically so you don’t need to operate it every time. Moreover, like every solar light, it runs in the night and switches off in the day.

Excellent conversion: The solar panels comes up as 1.5W monocrystalline silicon that absorbs he sunlight more than other lights, hence, it gives more charging.

Two types of installation: You can install the InnoGear solar light in two ways, like either mount it on the wall with screws or place it on the ground. Both methods are too simple.

Multipurpose light: This solar light will work well in many areas, like a patio, lawn, yard, garage, pathways, sidewalks front door, etc.


  • Waterproof and heatproof light
  • Long life
  • FCC,MSDS,CE certified
  • Adjustable and bright light
  • Wireless
  • 2 lighting modes
  • Reliable and high-grade ABS


  • Aesthetically low

URPOWER Solar Lights 2-in-1 Solar Powered 4 LED Adjustable Spotlight Wall Light, Bright and Dark Sensing Auto On/Off Security- Warm White

Like other solar lights, the solar uplights for trees also have to be of high quality and hassle-free and URPower solar spotlight is the one. These lights can enhance the trees in your garden or can also emphasize the hard landscape. Warm light is ideal for outdoor and at night.

Weatherproof: Whether it is raining or intense heat, the lights will survive. So, you will be free from the hassle of replacing these lights due to the weather.

Rechargeable and adjustable: These are UrPower’s 3rd generation lights, so they are more advanced than the previous ones. You can recharge them whenever you need and they are also adjustable. You can adjust the angle to spot any part of the tree and can also set the angle to absorb more sunlight.

DIY Installation: Install them on the walls or on the ground as both methods are very simple. Screws are there along with the product.

Automated function: The light turns on and off according to its design. Moreover, both low and high modes are effective.

The product: It includes two solar lights, spike, screws, and a manual guide


  • 4 LED bulbs
  • Weatherproof solar light
  • 200 lumen gives a bright light
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 6 to 9 hours of battery life
  • Multipurpose light


  • White light is absent

Litom 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights, IP67 Waterproof Solar Powered Wall Lights 2-in-1 Wireless Outdoor Solar Landscaping Light-Cold White

Having the best solar uplights for trees will keep you safe because you would be able to save your garden and money. Use these lights to enhance a pool, a walkway or just the trees. Even the flower beds would become attractive at night with these spotlights since they are adjustable.

Two-mode light: Litom solar light has two lighting modes including the low mode and a high mode. With low light, you can use it for up to 12 hours, but with high mode, you can use it for only 6 hours as it’s that simple.

Automated light: As we know that solar lights work on their own, so this is also one of them. It will turn on at night but will turn off in the day. However, it will also automatically change from the storage mode to a light mode on a cloudy day when there is no sun.

Comfortable white light: You will get a cool white light from this product. A single light has 12 LEDs that produce 600 lumens, so it can light up a large area.

Adjustable light: Since it is a spotlight, so you can adjust it at your desired angle. Like you can set it at 90 degrees or 120 degrees. These angles would not only help you in absorbing the sunlight but they would also enhance the tree as they are meant for that.

Multipurpose light: You can use this spotlight anywhere like patio, porch, path, deck, pool, driveway, pathway, yard, garden, and a garage.


  • Durable lights
  • Longer battery hours
  • Unique and stylish
  • Big solar panel
  • IP67 waterproof technology
  • High-quality ABS plastic
  • Two installation methods
  • Two lighting modes
  • Mountable and stackable to  the ground
  • Certified by FCC, CE, MSDS, RoHS
  • 5-hours charging time


  • Warm light is absent

Magictec Solar Spotlights, Warm Light 2-in-1 Adjustable 4 LED Wall/Landscape Solar Lights with Automatic On/Off Sensor

Every homeowner should use the solar uplights for trees to accent their landscape. If you have fruit trees, they will become even more attractive at night if you throw light over them. Magictec solar spotlights can fulfill homeowners’ demands because they give a bright light. Read below if you want to explore this product more and more.

Adjustable and strong light: The light is made of very durable material that can withstand all types of weather. Moreover, you can adjust it at any angle as it comes up with a full 180-degree angle adjustment. Set it to get the maximum charging by the sunlight.

Easy installation: you can easily install the Magictec solar spotlights with screws as you don’t need any wires. Whereas, if you want to place them on the ground then go ahead with that.  


  • Rugged design
  • Weatherproof solar lights
  • Versatile product
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Long battery hours for up to 10 plus hours


  • Produces only warm light

Nekteck 2 Pack Solar Lights, 2-in-1 Outdoor Solar Spotlights Powered Adjustable-Bright and Dark Sensing, Auto On/Off

From its specs you can see how effective are Nekteck products, so do use them as solar uplights for trees. Hurry up and design your home with these lights and enhance your garden, patio, trees, and pathways. The light can secure you other than just providing décor for your garden.

Advanced model: This model has a new version with an upgrade up to 4th generation. The technology brings for you 200 lumen through the built-in LEDs.

Multi-function light: Use it as a spotlight or a wall light because the choice is all yours. Stick it to the ground or mount it with screws. Choose an angle that suits you.

Weather-resistant: Don’t worry if you have to face the snow, rain, or intense heat because you have Nekteck solar spotlights, which are weather-proof. If they can bear water, they can also bear hot temperatures because the material is so.

Automatic function with two lighting modes: You can adjust the low light or a high light as you require. The light works by itself in terms of function.


  • Bright light with dual modes
  • Adjustable angle
  • Two installation methods
  • Water-resistant
  • Heat-resistant
  • Snow-resistant
  • Certified by various companies
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • 2-year purchase warranty


  • Charging takes time

Mini 50X Twin Solar-Powered Cast Aluminum Warm White LED Spotlight 60-100 Lumen per Light Fixture, Uplight, and Downlight

After exploring several solar uplights for trees, we came across a twin solar solution for your garden. It is a small product but produces excellent light for making you secure and to enhance the trees. No one can hide in the trees and dense landscape because these lights will prevent it. Moreover, they also give a beautiful décor to your home.

Great warm light: You will get from 60 up to 100 lumens from each light. The LED produces a warm light of high power.

High-tech material: The material of this solar light is cast aluminum which is strong and lightweight. These lights are portable and easy to transport compared to other lights of the same category.

Effective solar panel: Though the lights are small, the solar panel is large and wide enough to convert more sunlight into a bright spotlight. The panel comes up with IP55 and has a good tendency to bear the weather conditions.

Two-way mounting: This mini light is innovative due to its two-way mounting. Like, stake it to the ground or mount it on the wall or tree. Use it as an uplight or downlight as you require.

The product includes: 2 solar light fixtures and one solar panel


  • LED with a large lens
  • 45 degrees output angle
  • 3 lighting modes
  • Battery life up to 15 hours
  • Automatic function


  • Mini lights are vulnerable to theft

Perfectwo Solar Spotlights, 2-in-1 Colored Adjustable 4 LED Solar Lights with Automatic On/Off Sensor

Every solar spotlight is adjustable because its purpose is to direct the light in a certain direction. Perfectwo solar uplights for trees are also adjustable, so use them by directing up or directing down as you require.

All-weather product: Yes, you can use it in summer, winter, rainy days, autumn, and spring, as the light will be equally good in its function. However, the sunlight has to be intense to effectively charge the solar panel.

Dual installation: Install it on the ground or a wall or tree or fence. Generally, people enhance the trees with the uplights and enhance flowers and low height landscape with the downlights. The light works in all ways due to adjustable angles.

Changing colors: you get multiple colors with Perfetwo like red, blue, orange, and green and so on. However, you can also use it as a white light instead of colored light.

Long battery life: The battery can work for more than 10 hours by charging it once. The low light mode uses less battery and a high lighting level uses more battery.


  • Versatile light
  • Weatherproof mini light
  • 180 degree adjustable
  • Automatic turn on and off
  • 4 LEDs in one light
  • Beautiful colors
  • One year warranty


  • Needs a high power to produce the colors

Litom 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights, IP67 Waterproof Solar Powered Wall Lights 2-in-1 Wireless-Cold White

The solar uplights for trees also come up with Litom 12 LED that produces a cold white light that is very soft. The light won’t annoy those who hate warm or yellow lights. You can use it for trees in your main garden or the backyard or patio.

Advanced product: Litom solar spotlights are advanced because they produce more light like up to 600 lumens with 12LEDs. The solar panel is also larger than before. Moreover, the adjustment angles have a variety. Its battery is more effective than the previous models

A 2-in-one light: It has two mode settings like low and high. Both have their own levels of battery usage. You need more recharges with a high light usage than with low light.

High-tech waterproof technology: This light’s weatherproof technology is much better than other products. As the ABS plastic has grade IP67, hence the light can bear even terrible weather.

High-quality assurance: These lights have certifications by different companies like FCC, CE, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3, etc.

Press function: If you want to use a low light mode then press the switch once or press twice for a high lighting mode.


  • Durable and bright
  • Long battery hours
  • Automatic switch on and off
  • Dual installation methods
  • Multipurpose solar lights
  • Various certifications
  • 120-degrees illumination angle
  • High-grade ABS plastic
  • Motion sensors
  • Senses external brightness


  • Less attractive

Roshwey Outdoor Solar Spotlights, Super Bright 18 LED-Security Light Waterproof -7 Colors

Roshwey makes cool solar uplights for trees just like it makes lights for fences. However, you can also use these lights on the fence around the trees or can direct the light on the trees. This company makes sure to produce only high-quality spotlights.

Multiple colors: Roshwey has produced for us a spotlight with 7 colors so be happy if you are bored with white lights. These colors can add up to the décor of your outdoor areas.

Install as you require: Screw them up on the wall or insert them in the ground with spikes. The lights will function the same way on every spot.

Adjustable: The adjustable angles for the light is 120 degrees and to 150 degrees for a solar panel. A right adjustment of the panel will give you an effecting charging.


  • 9 lighting modes
  • 18 LEDs with bright light
  • Adjustable lights
  • Large solar panel
  • 10-hours battery function
  • Eco-friendly ABS, weather-resistant
  • 12-months warranty
  • Full refund upon damage
  • Various installations
  • IP65 and certified material


  • More lighting modes mean more power consumption


After exploring different solar uplights for trees we found that all are unique and one can buy according to their suitability. Most of these lights have two lighting modes and you can install either on the ground or n wall. You can use them upwards or downwards, besides they are weather-resistant. The cost of these lights also varies so buy a product according to your pocket.

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