Best Solar Street Lights (2020)

Best Solar Street Lights (2020)

Whether homes or public areas, the pathways ad roads have to be well-lit to keep people safe. In this article, we will discuss the best solar street lights because we know that poor quality will be less useful. Street lights are either installed by the government like on the roads and public parks, or by homeowners.

Certain commercial sectors also install solar lights around commercial buildings. They are equally good for stadiums, hallways, home gardens, public parks, pathways, farms, sports courts, and all such places. The below guide and reviews will help everyone choose the best solar street lights for outdoors.

Buying Guide

Getting overwhelmed would harm you when you are around unlimited brands. But, we won’t leave you alone so we have a guide for you to select something that would enrich your life. The below reviews will also make a difference in your search, so read them carefully. Now, let’s have a look at the factors that would help you reach the best solar street lights.                    

Solar Panel

It’s important to know solar panels in terms of size and quality. A large panel would generate more power. At the same time, it should resistant weather conditions because this quality enhances the solar panel’s life.

Battery Capacity

Battery capacity determines the storage level. High capacity batteries enable bright light for long hours. It is also important to test the recharging frequency like how many times the battery can be charged. More numbers mean an effective battery.

Lumen Rating

The intensity of light depends on the LED power. More lumens mean bright light for a wide area. You can buy a light with as many lumens as you want, depending on the area you want to illuminate. The reviews would also reveal a variety in this regard. You can also take help from the below info:

  • Floodlights: 700 to 1300 lumens
  • Garage: 30 to 40 lumens
  • Paths: 100 to 200 lumens
  • Steps: 12 to 100 lumens

Motion and Light Sensors

Solar street lights have both motion and light sensors. However, some have only light sensors. Motion sensors are ideal where you need bright light, but in its absence, there would be dim light. So keep this factor in mind to avoid some confusion.

Remote Control Function

Your requirements determine this factor. If you need several modes in one light, you may also need a remote control. This factor saves time and helps you to enjoy different lighting modes, including full brightness, medium, dim, and constant brightness. There is also another mode that allows you to control the time duration for brightness.

Gebosun Dusk to Dawn LED Outdoor Barn Security Light 35W 5400LM 6000k Street Floodlight for Area Lighting-Waterproof IP65

Gebosun solar lights are not only good for streets but they are also useful for large homes having the landscape with pathways. Besides, the barn owners can also take benefit from the best solar street lights like Gebosun. They are also ideal for parks, warehouses, or some garage, etc.

Automated lights: These solar lights work on automation so they are energy- saving. They will only turn on at night but will stay off in the day.

High lumens: The fixtures produce bright light in large areas because it comes up with 5400 lumens. It saves energy by replacing the 150-200W HID light.

Waterproof light: The IPF65 garden provides enough protection from water. Heavy rain can’t destroy these lights.

Installation needs less time: The installation of these lights is so simple. If you install them at 20 ft. height, they will illuminate a wide area up to 3025 sq.ft


  • Quality assurance with UL&FCC
  • Produce 6000K daylight
  • 5-year unlimited warranty
  • 24/7 customer service


  • Solar lamp is not waterproof

15W Solar Street Light, Solar Powered – Weatherproof Security Wireless Light-Commercial Lighting with Motion Sensor

Another version of the best solar street lights is this 15W light. Such wireless lights are so easy to install and keep commercial places secure. As well as, home gardens can fully take benefit from these lights. Motion sensors enable them to beat other street lights with light sensors only.

Environment-friendly: These lights can bear all types of weather because they are waterproof. There won’t be an issue of electric shock in the rain or flood. The IP65 grade material is enough for outdoor use, especially, in the parks, stadium, hallways, patio, decks, and gardens, etc.

Motion and light sensors: The lights have built-in motion sensors and start when there is any movement of the footsteps of vehicles. It can sense motion from 6 to 8 meters. Besides, the light sensors enable this light to turn on at night and off in the day without any manual operation.

Powerful lights: These lights are highly powerful because they can produce light for 3 days constantly on rainy days, provided they were 100 % charged in the sun. The solar cells take less time in charge, saving enough energy.

Two modes: Both bright and dim modes are present. The light has 84 strong LEDs.

Tilted lights: You can adjust these lights by tilting the mounting brackets. The installer can direct them to the sun whenever there is bright sun.


  • Powerful LEDs and solar cells
  • Advance SMD3528 LED technology
  • Weather-resistant
  • Multipurpose solar lights
  • Wall and pole mount
  • 12000mAh, battery life up to 1500 cycle
  • Anti-shock battery
  • Durable glass lamp
  • Charging time from 18 to 24 hours
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Suitable for only 50 to 80 mm pole

Ledmo Solar Lights-Outdoor 2500 Lumens- Remote Control-Commercial-56LEDs 6500K

Ledmo is making solar lights for long and you can trust it for the best solar street lights. The company upgrades its products to meet up new technology.  The main aim of this company is to provide security through bright street lights. The product is also safe because it does not pollute the environment.   

Built-in sensors: Ledmo solar street lights have built-in sensors that enable lights to run and sop automatically. It also has motion sensors that give bright light upon any movement but get slow when there is no motion.

Two lighting modes: Ledmo solar lights include bright and dim modes that run according to the sensors. You can say that the lights depend on the sensors for their operation.

High-level rightness: The fixture produces very bright light because the LEDs are capable of giving 2500 lumens or 25W. The light is close to 5000 K daylight.

Wireless mounting: It is obvious that the solar lights should be free from wires and so are these lights. You need a pole or a wall to mount this light with brackets and screws. They would work well up to 30 feet.

Strong material: A combination of aluminum and PVC strengthens these lights and the weather can’t damage them. Besides, IP65 ensures 100% water resistance.

The product: It includes one 25W solar street light, 4 screws, and a gasket.


  • Powerful lights with 56 LEDs
  • High illumination
  • IP 65 waterproof
  • 80 % reduction in electricity cost
  • 20-hour lighting time
  • 5-year unlimited warranty
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Lighting time is less than 24 hours

300W Solar Street Lights Outdoor Lamp, 480 LEDs 12000 Lumens with Remote Control Light

Remember that the best solar street lights would work like floodlights so install them in large and open areas. You can light up the garden, the roads, the hallways, stadium, basketball courts, and public parks, farm, campus, or parking lots. Whatever you want, these lights would remain reliable.

Control from a distance: Unlike the rest of the models, this light includes a remote control so you can operate them remotely. Like, you can change the mode as you desire.

Multiple modes: The light has three modes with a specific lighting duration. Like, you can run it for 3 hours or 5 and 8 hours without stopping.

High-level brightness: 300 Watts give bright light, whereas the solar panel is 150W.

ABS and aluminum: A combination of ABS and aluminum gives strength to the entire product.

Great battery life: The battery has 48000 mAh capacity that ensures enough light for long. A full charge produces the light for 24 hours without getting dim. The lighting sensors also work perfectly. The battery saves up to 80% electricity, so consider this product cost-effective.

The product: It includes one solar street light, one solar panel, one remote control, user manual, 2 nuts, 4 screws, one adjustable metal bracket, and 2 accessories for assembling


  • No time wastage on installation
  • Adjustable metal brackets
  • Good for walls, ceilings, ground, and poles
  • 2-year warranty
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Good for up to a 150-inch height


  • The remote control may get defected

100W Solar Street Flood Lights APONUO Outdoor Street Light-5000 Lumens-Solar Powered-Flood Lamp with Remote Control-High Brightness

What a powerful product is Aponuo solar street light with 100W that enables you to operate it with remote control. The best solar street lights are good for top class places like gardens, parks, roads, yards, swimming pools, and stadiums, etc.

Bright light: The fixture comes up with 200LEDs that produce 5000Lumins with 100 W. It enables you to light up an area up to 300 meters.

High storage: The battery has a huge capacity to store power with 30,000mAh which is so high than several other solar street lights. Only 8 hours of charge can produce light for 16 hours consistently.

Control anything: The light includes a remote control that can manage multiple functions from a certain distance. Like, it can control the dim and bright, or medium mode, time modes, including 3, 5, and 8 hours, and auto mode, etc.

Durable and energy-saving: You can save energy 100% because the light has an effective solar panel and battery. An aluminum frame also enhances durability. The rain can’t damage it due to IP65.

The product: It includes one solar street light, one solar panel, 14 screws, one bracket, one battery and remote control, and one manual guide


  • Super easy installation
  • Very powerful illumination
  • Covers large areas
  • Long battery life
  • 200 LEDs
  • Remote control


  • Lighting hours less than 24 hours

YQL 100W Outdoor LED Solar Street Security Flood Light- IP67 Waterproof -White 6500K-208 LEDs -Auto On/Off with Remote and Multi-Functional Bracket

Whenever you go out for a walk at night, you would see bright roads with long poles having solar lights on them. Most of the poles have the best solar street lights because people understand the importance of saving energy and having a pollution-free environment. The product is as good for homes and commercial areas as it is for the roads.

Built-in sensors: The light has photoelectric sensors that keep the light on at night. In the day, these lights are on charging that enables them to work for up to 20 hours.

Dual-mode: The light has different modes, including full brightness, as well as half medium, and di lighting mode. Besides, you can choose to have light for 3 hours, 5 or 8 hours.

Remote control: The modes are easy for you to control with a remote control device that works from a long distance up to 40 feet.

Durable battery: The battery is too strong and unlike a lithium battery, this one is made of aluminum iron phosphate.

Bright light: The light has 208LED chips with 100 W power, hence it can illuminate a wide area from 1800-5000sq.ft.

Durable product: Aluminum lamp and aluminum alloy frame strengthens this product.


  • IP67 waterproof grade
  • Tempered glass solar panel
  • Multipurpose lights
  • Flexible installation
  • Ideal for city and rural roads
  • Customer-friendly
  • 6500 K white light
  • 6 to 8-hours charging time


  • A power cable may create issues

150W Solar Lights Outdoor Lamp,126 Led 8000 Lumen with Remote Control Light Control, Human Body Induction-Security LED Floodlight

Both private and commercial sectors use the best solar street lights for their projects. Likewise, people install these lights in homes to secure their yards and pathways. Industrial buildings are mostly very spacious, covering acres of area and they also need solar street lights.

Bright light: The bulb gives bright light in the entire area and helps people save maximum power and electricity bills. It has 126 LED chips that produce 8000 lumens.

Various modes: The light has different modes like full bright, induction, as well as a constant light for 2, 4, and 6 hours. The users can manage these modes with remote control. The induction mode works on its own, giving a bright light when there are people around but it becomes dim when people are away.

Super powerful battery: The battery is so powerful that it will give light for 24 hours. But, make sure to fully charge it.

The product: It includes one solar panel, one solar light, a remote control, manual guide, 2 brackets, 4 screws and 2 nuts.


  • Installation with brackets
  • Adjustable angles for wall, ceiling, and floor mounting
  • 2-years warranty
  • Weatherproof lights
  • Multiple modes


  • Remote operation sometimes becomes confusing

Solar Street Light, 150W-Motion Sensor-Solar Light-LED Floodlight-All-in-one Design Solar Wall Light Lighting Waterproof-Outdoor-150 LED with Pole

This is an all-in-one light that acts like a floodlight illuminating a vast area. Such best solar street lights can illuminate your yard, roads, gardens, parks, courts, stadiums, and many areas. Install it on the pole or walls as you like. The light is superior over others due to advanced features.

Advanced modes: The company wanted to make this light versatile with several modes so the users get a variety. Different modes include micro and induction mode, human induction mode, as well as an emergency light mode. This light also has an always light mode, so handle it the way you want.

Powerful LEDs: There are 150 chips in the LED that produce 2500 lumens. The area will remain safe all night due to constant light.

Strong battery: It has a rechargeable lithium battery that stores power within 6 hours or sometimes 8 hours due to less solar intensity.   

ABS with IP65 grade waterproof: Such high quality makes this light withstand the heavy rains. You can also install it around public or large residential poles.

Long motion sensor distance: The motion sensors can work from 5 to 10 meters. This is a big detection range.

The product: It includes a manual guide, brackets, screws, solar panel, solar light, and bolts.


  • Adjustable angles from 120 to 180 degrees
  • 26 feet sensor length
  • Easy to mount
  • Weather-resistant
  • Heat-resistant
  • Motion and light sensors
  • High-quality ABS
  • Multiple modes
  • Remote control


  • Need charging at a first start

120W Solar Street Light-18000mAH Iron Phosphate Battery-LED Outdoor Lighting,9600Lm Light/PIR Motion Sensor

Public areas are vulnerable to traffic and environmental changes more than private buildings, hence, they need the best solar street lights to avoid frequent replacement of the lights. No one can take care of roads all the time, so install a 120W fixture for constant light.

AH iron phosphate battery: The battery of this light is different than the above lights. The lifespan of this battery is long and it also saves much power to give light at night.

Bright and powerful: The LED produces 9600 lumens that are close to 6000 K white light. You would feel like you are enjoying the day instead of night.

Automatic: The light has motion sensors that benefit you at night after detecting the footsteps. It starts within 20 seconds of motion, giving a half-light mode.

Screws and gaskets: Both elements help in installation, be it a wall or a pole. You don’t need cables for installation.

The product includes: One solar light, one solar panel, and a user guide


  • IP65 grade ABS
  • 100 % energy-saving
  • Heat and water-resistant
  • Shockproof light
  • environment-friendly
  • 2-year unlimited warranty
  • 24/7 customer service


  • No remote control

Engrepo Solar Lights-Outdoor-48 LED Adjustable Security Lighting-Wireless-Motion Sensor-Light IP65 Waterproof

The above products would have given you enough of the best solar street lights and we are ending it with Engrepo. This light is adjustable and the users can install it wherever they want outdoors. The company aims at providing secure lights along the roads which remain safe during rain.

A versatile product: Engrepo solar street lights are not just for streets or roads, but they are also for a home garage, deck, garden, and patio and even for a pool. Make sure to install this light a little away from the overhangs as these lights need the direct sun.

No more theft: Yes, forget thieves as this light has motion sensors, so the strangers are detectable from a distance of 10 to 26 feet. The homeowner can call the police the moment a thief enters in the range.

Good battery capacity: You can illuminate a huge area with a 2200mAh battery. Whereas the solar panel is also very powerful and PET laminated having a 20% more conversion rate. The light sensor keeps it on at night even when there is no motion.

Wireless light: What an easy way to install the Engrepo light with only 2 screws. You don’t even need a technician to mount them at home. But, public places need professional installation.

IP65 waterproof range: With this level, ABS will protect the light during mild and heavy rains. You can also install it around a waterfall, like in public parks. Likewise, the snow won’t damage this light.


  • Powerful battery and panel
  • Weather-friendly
  • Battery time up to 6 hours
  • Cool white
  • 48LED gives bright light
  • 120-degree detection range


  • Fewer mode options


Street lights are essential but they have to be in a large quantity and electric lights become very expensive. The best solar street lights are the only solutions to cover the wide areas, saving 100% energy. The above reviews show that the lights with dual sensors are more effective. Besides, a light with multiple modes gives us a choice to set it as we need.

Solar street lights that provide 24-hour lighting is better than other lights. Rechargeable batteries appear cost-effective and the users don’t need to buy a light quite often.  The remote control is also a good option in such a busy life but it often needs replacement.

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