7 Best Solar Rings for Pool Heating Reviews 2021

Those who swim know the importance of solar rings that give them warm pool water in the evening or at night. Most rings are blue having some images over them and they are round in shape. But, the design may vary according to the brand. The reviews of the 7 best solar rings for pool would give you a lot of information.

The designer uses the UV-resistant material with a double layer like vinyl. The ring also filters the sun rays to prevent darkness. The upper layer keeps the pool bright and doesn’t allow algae to grow inside the pool. On the other hand, the bottom layer makes the water warm through solar energy.

You have to inflate the solar ring to make it effective but doesn’t over-inflate the ring. Don’t use solar rings for flouting because they are not durable enough for that purpose. Swimmers know how hard it is to find the best solar rings for pool so we are giving some guidelines to help you make a useful purchase.

Buying Guide

The best solar rings for pool always come up with dual layers giving us more qualities. This is an amazing invention for all swimmers. Even the kids can flow with this ring without getting hurt.

The ring is so effective due to vinyl that converts 50% of solar energy to heat that gives us bearable hot water. The upper layer is clear that protects the lower layer and helps in energy transfer.

You would also see the sunlight reaching pool water making its safe from unwanted elements that may cause allergies. The rings protect the heat from getting out of the pool as they cover the entire pool.

You can also get more benefits by using solar fish and solar blanket also work in this case. But, we have a huge variety of solar pool covers and rings and certain factors can help us buy a suitable product.

The Quality

The ring must be made from a durable material like vinyl and should have double layers. A single layer ring won’t be effective. The material should not only absorb the sun heat but should also insulate the ring protecting the heat escape.

Due to consistent sun exposure, the rings may get cracks. So, make sure you buy double-layered rings like vinyl rings. Only the vinyl with high UV resistance can be long-lasting. It should last up to 3 to 4 years. However, some covers work for only one year.

Pool Dimension

The rings are not like covers because they are small. You would need several rings and connect them to cover a large pool surface.  Besides, solar rings are only suitable for round pools. Magnets are available to connect different solar rings.

The cover must fit your pool, however, it is hard to find such cover. You can buy a large cover and cut it according to the pool size before using it.


The design of the ring also matters, especially the shape. You would get various shapes like circular and oval, rectangular or even triangular. They also vary in décor like most of them have bubbles or images like palm trees. Some products also have brand names over them.

No design is bad and the choice is all yours. But, make sure you select a design with double layers for more benefits. The best solar rings for pool always come up with two layers.

Solar Power

The ring must have enough capacity to absorb the sun and convert it to heat. Most of the rings come up with 21,000BTUs of heat that keeps a pool warm for 24 hours. You must read the specs to find the solar ring’s heating power. Such specs are also present in a user manual.


The cost of the solar rings varies, however, mostly they are affordable. The price depends on the size and brand as well. Besides, the quality of the ring also determines the price. Some companies also offer a discount. The price will increase if you buy several rings. A large cover would cost you less as one cover is enough in most cases.

Check Warranty

This is an important factor so read it while buying solar rings. It varies from company to company like the warranty time is either one year or goes up to 7 years. Some companies claim long warranty, however, they fail to build trust. So ensure that you have got what the company promised.

What to buy? Solar Rings or Covers

Both are good in their own way, however, it is easy to handle the rings than the covers. Besides, the rings are easy to store and carry along while traveling. Covers are good for large pools, especially rectangular pools. Both rings and covers prevent water from dust, debris, and storms, etc.

You can inflate the rings and throw it in water to let it on its own. On the other hand, you need time to cover a large pool with solar pool covers.


The best solar rings for pool are not hard to store as certain companies also offer a carry bag. When you don’t need rings, you can keep them in the bag. Don’t store them near sharp tools as they will get cracks or will completely become useless. You can also place them in the cupboard or some other safe place.

7 Best Solar Rings for Pool Reviewed & Rated

1. Solar Sun Rings For Pool NEW Sunburst Design 1 Pack

Sunburst is a top product that most swimmers use to keep them warm. The design of this ring is functional and anyone can understand the installation. No matter where you swim, you can take the ring along to have comfortable water. The best solar rings for pool are suitable for all age groups.


  • The swimmer needs a few minutes to inflate this ring, place it in water, and remove it after swimming.
  • The user can also reduce water temperature by flipping over the ring. The company has made an effective ring by welding the center part on the lower surface of the external ring, maximizing the heat.
  • The ring has magnets on its corners that connect other rings. The user won’t feel any pressure as the water drains off through grommets.
  • The company like Sunburst used the latest technology to absorb and convert solar energy into heat.


  • Very effective
  • New technology
  • Double layer pool ring
  • Easy to place in water
  • Easy to remove
  • The magnets connect different rings
  • One-year warranty


  • Over-inflating may damage the ring

2. Solar Sun Rings Pool Water Heater w/Anchors SSR SSRA-100

These are passive devices for swimming pools with the best qualities. The reason we call them the best solar rings for pool is because vinyl is a UV-resistant material. It is a combination of two layers that make it durable and give us dual functions.


  • The top layer is transparent that absorbs the sunlight and filters it to the lower layer that makes the water hot by converting solar energy to heat.
  • The process of inflation is so easy because you don’t have to insert too much energy. Once it is ready, you can swim with comfort for as long as you want.
  • Some of the light also gets into the pool making it bright. We can have a clean pool without algae because it is no more in dark.
  • The company ensures durable products with a two-year warranty. The ring will protect you in winter from cold water. It will not blow off until you damage it by yourself.


  • Inflatable rings
  • 60 inches diameter
  • Durable material with two layers
  • Dual function
  • Sunlight protects from algae


  • It is not floatable
  • Overinflation is harmful

3. Intex Solar Cover for 12ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Solar Ring For Pools

Intex makes durable products for pools, especially, to heat the pool water. You can swim easily along with this product. This ring acts like a cover for the round pool having 12 feet diameter. It also has a carry bag for storage.


  • The best solar rings for pool including the Intex protect the heat escaping from water because it fully retains heat.
  • It does not let water stay inside as the drain holes are always active. Nothing will damage the ring due to its high-tech making.
  • The user can safely place it in a bag after swimming. You can even carry it along on vacation as the transportation of this ring is also easy.
  • The material is not heavy so anyone can handle the ring. Place it in the pool and it will automatically fit. You can swim and enjoy the warm water at night or in winter.


  • Various colors and designs
  • Can connect to multiple rings
  • The material provides enough heat
  • One-year warranty
  • Reduces 95% heat escape


  • Overinflating may be dangerous
  • Flotation with the ring is harmful
  • It is suitable for above-ground pools

4. In The Swim Solar Blanket Cover

Unlike round covers, this one is a rectangle and also suitable for linear shape pools. This works just like the best solar rings for pool that will not let the pool stay cold. It is rectangular and ideal for in-ground pools.


  • In The Swim solar pool blanket is a great device to enhance your swimming duration. It also reduces the operating cost of a swimming pool. Besides, they would also minimize the pool water heating expenses.
  • The cover will minimize the evaporation, retaining enough heat for swimmers. You won’t feel cold while floating like a fish. You can swim in cloudy days without getting sick as water would remain warm.
  • The product has high-quality polymer and the UV rays cannot harm it. Besides, the chemicals that we use for cleaning pools would not harm this device.
  • You won’t feel heavy because the cover is lightweight. Anyone can carry it and place it inside the pool or can remove it when the swimming session is over.
  • The color of the product is blue and it has so many bubbles over it that trap solar energy. The size is enough for a large pool.


  • UV resistant polymer
  • Minimum heating costs
  • Low chemical consumption expenses
  • Extended swimming for 2 months
  • 7-years warranty
  • Increases water temperature up to 10 degrees


  • Not suitable for round pool

5. Sun2Solar Clear 24-Foot Round Solar Cover

This solar pool cover has an advantage over others because it is not only for in-ground pools but also suitable for above-ground pools. The best solar rings for pool are also made of tiny bubbles like the Sun2Solar solar covers.


  • The bubbles trap solar heat and make water warm and more bubbles mean more heat. The shape with so many bubbles makes it more effective. The cover is like a solar blanket that gives us warmth in the evening.
  • The cover will prevent the heat from escaping the pool water like up to 95 % effective in this regard. When you are not swimming, just cover your pool with an effective material and retain water heat.
  • You can adjust the size according to your pool. All you can do is to cut the cover with scissors according to your pool size. You can also cut a specific shape if your pool is so. However, make sure the bubbles should be down.
  • The cover like Sun2Solar protects the pool from debris and dirt and other external elements. The resin keeps it intact for long, preventing it from wear and tear. It is also easy to transport.


  • Cool product
  • Durable material
  • Can cover a large pool
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Fits to all pool shapes
  • Good warranty time


  • Light color creates confusion

6. The Swim 12 x 24 Foot. Rectangle Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Cover 12 Mil

It is another effective rectangular solar blanket for a pool. It absorbs the sunlight for up to 5 or 7 days, and it would heat water for up to 10 degrees. The best solar rings for pool and covers help us to save money that goes into chemical loss or evaporation of warm water.


  • The cover also prevents the dust or debris from getting into the pool water. You can enjoy clear and clean water while swimming. Make sure the cover fits your pool. It is a perfect solar blanket for your pool.
  • You don’t need to avoid swimming in cold evenings or when there are clouds. The cover would extend the swimming time, giving you comfortable water.
  • If you want to travel with this cover, keep it in a carry bag and take it out when you reach your destination.
  • The bubbles are scattered in a balanced way, hence, you would get balanced heat and won’t get distracted by a cold breeze. Instead, you would enjoy swimming more than before.


  • Durable material
  • Protects water effectively from dust
  • Retains heat with less evaporation
  • 7-years limited warranty


  • Need care with pool chemicals
  • Unclean cover gets damaged

7. Blue Wave NS520 14-mil Solar Blanket

This is different than other covers because it has a clear surface on both sides. It absorbs more sun and filters it better to the depth of the pool. Like the best solar rings for pool, this cover also quickly warms the water.


  • The cover is ideal for increasing the water temperature that is up to 15 degrees. This is due to clear material that the pool water becomes so warm.
  • Blue Wave makes useful covers because they prevent heat escape and chemical loss expenses. But, make sure that you cover the pool after 24 hours of chemicals, otherwise, it would get damaged.
  • It is easy to install this cover and if it is larger than your pool, cut it with scissors.
  • The research shows that only a clear solar blanket can maintain the water temperature just like Blue Wave solar cover. Unlike aluminized covers, a clear material offers quick warmth.


  • Less prone to damage
  • Flexible material
  • Durable making
  • Lightweight product
  • Increased water temperature
  • Ideal for night swimming
  • Prevents debris and dust
  • 6 Years Warranty


  • A dirty cover won’t be effective


The best way to keep debris away and heat a pool is through the best solar pool rings. The above reviews gave us two types of products, including pool rings and large covers serving the same purpose. The rings should have normal weight, like not too light and too heavy. Choose a ring that would be according to your pool.

The above rings are good enough for all types of pools. The rings would not sink in the pool nor would float on the surface as they have a balanced weight. You can easily place or remove them. We also have decorative pool rings instead of plain. You would often see the images on pool covers like trees and the landscape.

The rings can heat the pool water up to 75 degrees Celsius, however, this feature varies according to the product. The rings have more than one layer that provides insulation to the pool for as long as you want. You can store them easily in a carry bag and can take it along on vacations. Their prices also vary but mostly they are affordable.

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