5 Best Solar Powered Heat Lamps For Chicken Coops 2022

Solar lights’ huge variety can amaze you with their sizes, solar panels, colors, and lighting effects. Likewise, solar powered heat lamps have many features to make your life easier. These lamps are ideal for barns, chicken coops, sheds, and outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and fishing. You can charge them with solar energy.

No matter where you live if it is a sunny place, solar heat lamps will give you several benefits. Use them in your home, like in the yard or over some pergola. You can hang solar powered heat lamps with hooks or can screw them in their brackets. You can also hang them on the trees, however, some lamps are not waterproof.

Some solar lights have a remote control system to turn them on or off and to set the timer. These lamps come with both solar charging and USB charging, but it depends on the manufacturer what he offers.

You can read below the 5 best heat lamps and can buy the type you prefer.

5 Best Solar Powered Heat Lamps Reviewed & Rated

1. Bemexred Solar Powered Heat Lamps

Like outdoor lights, solar powered heat lamps have many benefits. Ideally, these lamps can secure chicken coops. They are also excellent for storerooms, sheds, and barns.


  • Bemexred solar lamps are suitable for both indoor and outdoor. It’s a pendant light, and you can control different features remotely.
  • The lamp has a 4400mAh rechargeable battery that gets functional after a full charge for up to 8 hours. The effectiveness of solar panels also means a lot in this regard.
  • You can use it for 18 hours due to its high-tech panel and good battery. It’s a long-lasting product. If any issue happens with the solar panel or battery, you can replace them.
  • The dusk to dawn setting makes light automatic, and you can also use the remote control. The time setting mode is also very helpful, besides you can also manage the brightness.
  • Both lights and panels are waterproof and you can separate them when you want. The product includes brackets and you can install it with screws in just a few minutes.
  • You can also gift these lights to your friend who owns a barn or need it for his home.


  • 3 brightness modes
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Rust-resistant
  • Multipurpose lamp
  • Security for Chickens
  • Remote control
  • One-year warranty


  • Not so impressive appearance

2. KK.Bol Solar Powered Heat Lamp

Let the barns and coops safe and bright through solar powered heat lamps by KK.BOL. These are LED bulbs that you can recharge through solar energy. The lamp is also suitable for camps or you can hang it around while fishing.


  • With the help of clean energy, you can stay healthy and save electricity. A green solar light can leave a pleasant effect on your surroundings.
  • The bulb has ports for the cable to connect it to the solar panel. Place solar panel under the sun to capture the sunlight.
  • You can recharge the bulb with the charger, ranging from 5 V to 8 V. The lithium battery is effective in energy storage.
  • The bulb consumes less power and stays bright for many hours, depending on the intensity of the sun and charging time.
  • You can light up any outdoor or some sheds, etc. The lamp provides heat to the chicken coops so it has a dual function.


  • 50000H service life
  • Rechargeable bulb
  • Good solar panel
  • Different applications
  • Effective LED


  • The lamp is not waterproof

3. Afoskce Solar Powered Heat Lamp for Chicken Coops

The best solar powered heat lamps by Afoskce produces 130 lumens and its ideal for outdoor and indoor like tents or camps. Like other products, you will get two lamps to use wherever you want.


  • It’s a powerful portable solution that you can carry anywhere. You can charge it with a DC or 5V USB cable.
  • This lamp can work for 3 to 4 hours but only if you charged it well in the intense sun. You should set the panel where it can receive maximum solar heat to convert it to electricity.
  • The charger includes indicators to assist the users to detect charging. It does not overcharge nor get burnt. Use a charger when the sunlight is dim or there is no sunlight at all.
  • The bulb is suitable for different places, including homes, commercial buildings, indoors and outdoors. Those into outdoor activities can take it along and use it for several days.
  • You can buy even two products to get more lamps for a large barn or outdoor. Such heat lamps are also good to gift to someone close.
  • The lamp is also ideal for emergencies like blackouts when you run short of electricity. Besides, it can enhance the chicken business as you can take care of them.


  • 5000 working hours
  • USB cable charging
  • Clean energy
  • Cost-effective
  • Durable solar panels
  • Consumes less power
  • Emergency lamp


  • Not waterproof

4. Aiyego Portable Solar Outdoor Lamps

A good brand like Aiyego brings excellent solar-powered heat lamps. They are highly functional and have a rechargeable battery. You can hang these lamps in the barn, camp, or on the backpack while hiking.


  • Yellow lamps look attractive and create a bright light. But, they emit clean energy and you can hang them anywhere.
  • You can connect the bulb with a solar panel via a 9 feet long cable. The panel should be in an open area like a rooftop or some yard. A top surface like a roof is sometimes better than the ground
  • It’s an effective mobile lamp with a long lifespan due to its rechargeable battery. You can replace the battery whenever you want. Both solar power and USB cable can charge this light.
  • The light is better than others because its functional time is up to 7 hours. However, a bright light consumes more power than dim light.
  • The bulb has three modes, like full and medium bright, and a flashlight for emergency use. They are also ideal solar heat lamps for chicken coops. All the brightness levels are effective according to circumstances.
  • The lamp produces 165 lumens like a 3W bulb. It does not oxidize due to a tin solder that covers the PCB pad. Besides, it is waterproof, unlike many other heat lamps.


  • 1200 mAh battery
  • Includes a hanging hook
  • IP55 waterproof bulb
  • Dual charging methods
  • Mobile lamp
  • Clean light


  • The frosted cover does not produce a clear light

5. AGPTEK Solar Powered Heat Lamps

If you need a high number of lumens, use solar heat lamps, by Agptek.  These lights also come with remote control and they are ideal for both homes, commercial barns, and chicken coops. You can also hang them on the balcony or pergola. The timer can also help save power consumption.


  • The lamp has 60 LEDs that depend on the sun to get their power through a solar panel. You can also manage them through a remote control device.
  • The light needs 8 hours of charging to run for a whole night. You can also use it in the day like in some shed. You can also use it for a dog house in case there is no electricity.
  • The bulb is also easy to manage remotely through remote control. Whereas the auto mode works according to the sun.
  • Different modes allow users to control the brightness ranging from 25 % to 100 %. The lamp also includes a timer with 2, 4, and 6H setting. Different operating modes make these lights valuable and increase their lifespan.
  • Due to a three-leaf design, the bulb can illuminate a larger area than other heat lamps. Besides, the waterproof material adds life to it.
  • You can adjust the solar panel as you want to get more sunlight. Besides, the lighting sensors are very effective. The lamp is easy to install just through hanging.


  • Durable lamp
  • 4 brightness modes
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor
  • Includes a timer
  • Remote control lamp
  • IP65 waterproof


  • No USB port charging

Buying Guide

Like all other solar lights, you need some knowledge of solar-powered heat lamps. Whether you purchase from online stores or physically go in the light shop, you need to study each feature to avail of more benefits. By following our advice, you will not lose your money and end up with a good product.

How You Want To Charge

Be sure about the kind of lamp you require. Like, do you just need solar charging or USB charging? The above reviews show that heat lamps come with dual or single charging. Dual charging allows you more options, especially, if the sunlight is low like during cloudy days.

What Is Your Budget?

You must preplan your budget, especially if you want solar lamps for a large barn. Though it’s a small product, some companies are charging more than the others. You can also buy solar lights with a good discount, but you have to explore this option.

Does It Resist Weather?

Not all solar lamps are waterproof, so you can use them for sheds. Try to buy waterproof LEDs for outdoor. Some brands make waterproof solar lights, but some don’t. ABS plastic lamps are good at resisting weather issues. However, a large number of solar lights are weather-friendly.

Single or Multiple Modes

You must prefer lights with different levels of brightness. Generally, the heat lamps have 4 modes with full bright, medium bright, dim, and flash modes. All modes are useful in their own way. But, the charging time will affect the brightness and working hours.

Do You Need a Remote Control?

Some solar lights have remote control and you can set their time or can control the On and Off system. Otherwise, the solar panel gives us automatic technology. The remote should face the light while using, or it will not function. However, the device should also be of high quality. You can replace its battery whenever you want.

How You Want To Install

You can hang the heat lamps with the hooks, like on a bracket, rope, or on the backpack. But, some lamps need screws to install them. Let’s be clear that you cannot place these lights on the ground. If you are using solar powered heat lamps for chickens, make sure you can hang them around. However, the installation is pretty simple.

Solar Panels

Solar panels with good conversion are more useful. You need a cable from a solar panel to the lamp to charge it. This cable should have enough length. The panel must have strong photovoltaic cells. An adjustable solar panel is better than a non- adjustable panel.


After exploring the top 5 solar powered heat lamps, you would know that they have more positive qualities than negative. They can secure the chicken coops and can maintain the required temperature. These lamps also become flashlights during blackouts, so one can use them in many ways.

A solar heat lamp is easy to use and its installation is also very simple. Charge it with solar power or use a cable charger that goes well with a particular lamp. Waterproof solar heat light is better than a non-waterproof light. Likewise, the cost-effective lamps with different features are always better.

The easiest way to get such lights is through the online store. Different brands deliver them safely to homes, barns, storage rooms, or other places. Hope our reviews, guide, and opinion will help you have an insight into the real essence of solar lamps.


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