10 Best Solar Powered Fans (Reviews 2020)

10 Best Solar Powered Fans (Reviews 2020)

Solar-powered products are the best way to save the electrical expenses. The alternative fuels can reduce the burden from our resources. The best solar powered fan is one such product that has made our lives better than before. Such fans help us improve our room with air circulation and prevents us from hot weather.

The below reviews would give you an insight into solar fans of various types, including ceiling fans, floor or stand fan, gable fan, solar attic, solar window fan, solar camping fan, solar travel fan, and also solar dog house fan. All types of solar fans have their pros and cons.

Let’s explore the best solar powered fan from our search. But before that, you should read our buyers guide so you can buy the best product.

Buyers Guide

While looking for solar fans, one has to consider certain factors. You cannot just see a bad fan spend money that you earned with lots of effort. Moreover, you must buy the best solar powered fan so you don’t have to replace it soon. Though your friend can also recommend a fan with the best features, our guide would help you more in this regard.

Let’s see which factors are important to consider before buying a nice fan.

Explore Your Requirement

First, you must know what do you want, and do you need a fan? Some people are not comfortable with fans, be it solar or electric. If you get lots of bills and want to save money, you should get a solar fan because the sun provides electricity and you only have to spend once on the whole set of a fan and solar panel.

Select Your Budget

Solar-powered fans come up at different prices and you should buy something within your budget. Certain companies sell at a too high cost that can affect your budget. Several companies offer discounts so you must explore a few companies before buying a fan.

Check for Quality

Some companies claim cheap price but their quality is not good. Compromising on quality is foolish. You can save money today but after a few days, you will have to replace the fan. The quality of the solar panel is more important than the fan as it is the panel that gives energy.

 Room size

See your room where you want to place the fan. Large rooms need high power solar panels with maximum watts so you can get strong wind. The blades of the fan should also be effective. Also, consider the size of the pets’ house or your car size. So, your requirement would determine the right fan.

Location for Solar Panel

Though solar fans have a long wire that you can connect to the panel, you have some limits. It is the solar panel that converts the sun rays into power that runs the fan. Only the direct sunlight can get you energy so place your solar panel where the sun is intense. You can also charge the battery and then can run the fan but not all fans have batteries.

Voltage Matters

High voltage fans are only good when the sun is high. But fans with low voltage can even run in the evenings. Low voltage units can get maximum possible energy even when the sunlight is low. Low voltage units are also ideal for autumn. Whereas high voltage units work well in summer.

Some companies charge panels before selling so they would be the best. But, make sure that the company gives you what it claims.

Check for Noise

Some solar fans are very noisy so you can’t place them in a pet’s house or even in your room. You must select the fans that don’t make noise or give minimum noise. A noisy fan can ruin your sleep, so don’t ignore this factor.

5.2W USB Solar Panel Powered Mini Portable Fan for Cooling – Ventilation-8 Inch

It is a small fan that you can take along anywhere. Just put it in your car or a bag as it is a portable fan. A 5.2 W USB Solar powered fan is excellent for outdoor activities, like hiking, fishing, traveling, or picnic.

USB fan: As you can see from its name this solar fan can also get energy from the USB device like a PC or power bank, etc. However, just operate it by plugging to a solar panel.

Support Stand fan: The 5.2 W USB Solar-powered has a stand that can support it on the table. Just place it wherever you want and set the angle to move it in any direction. You will find it the best solar powered fan and can save lots of energy.


  • Durable metal frame
  • Long service life
  • Easy to use
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Black frame and grey wings
  • Monocrystalline Silicon panel
  • Waterproof and ideal for outdoor


  • A little error of size
  • In the absence of USB, it can only work in the sun

Solar Fan 5W-4 Inch-New Technic Power Design

Solar fan 5W is another mini fan that you can easily take wherever you want. Not only humans but the pets also love it when you place it in their shelters, like in a dog house or birds’ house. Besides, you can also place this best solar powered fan in your car or can use it while camping. Even you can use it for your home office due to its mini size.

High-tech design: This is among the best solar technology which is better and durable than the previous models of 5W solar panels. This fan also has excellent condion support. The design of the solar panel includes 4 holes.

Fast function: The fan is very effective when you place the solar panel directly under the sun. However, low sunlight means less fan efficiency.

High-quality manufacturing: The company first charges solar panel in a sunny area so it would work great. The material of the panel is mono-crystal which is very strong.

Fan speed: It depends on the intensity of the sun. The fan will work only if you connect it with the solar panel that is placed under the direct sun. If it fulfills all the conditions, it can provide air to 25 feet distance.

It includes: A solar panel and a metal fan.


  • Advance solar technology
  • Durable material
  • Portable fan
  • Best air circulation and ventilation
  • Pet-friendly
  • Does not produce noise
  • Waterproof solar panel


  • The fan is not waterproof
  • Does not work at night

ShareTime 10W Solar Powered Fan-Mini Size- USB Fan

ShareTime is another mini 10 W solar-powered fan that you can also run with USB. Other than traveling, this fan can benefit the greenhouse, pet house, treehouse, and camping. But, the use is not limited to a few activities, as your car can also stay cool with this best solar powered fan.

What Does It Include?  It includes a 10 W solar panel, 18 V fan, and a charging clip.

Effective fan: This fan function fast but the solar panel has to be under the intense sun when you plug it. The efficiency of this fan will slow down in weak sun so don’t blame the company.

Multipurpose product: This fan is not just for your car or table, but you can keep the dog or a bird’s house cool in summer. You can use it while camping or even while hunting or traveling. So it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor.

Full refund: Yes, it is true, the company will refund you fully if there is some issue with this fan when you receive it.

Clean energy: With SharTime 10W solar power mini fan, you get clean energy so your environment would stay safe.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Long life
  • Highly effective if well charged by the sun
  • Clean and green energy
  • 100 % quite
  • Don’t need batteries
  • Eliminates bad odors


  • Does not work at night
  • Cloudy weather makes fan ineffective

Wulidasheng Solar Panel Powered Fan-10W 12V

This is good for cars and all types of shelters like a greenhouse, dog house, etc. this is the best solar powered fan because it has a long life and we get clean energy.

High-tech solar panel: It has outdoor solar panels which were designed with new technology. It converts intense sun heat into electricity and in return, we get cool air through the fan.

Clean environment: Our surroundings remain free from smell due to this fan that brings excellent ventilation. You will not have to smell the pets’ stuff as this fan removes it.

Great fan for outdoor: while traveling, you have to maintain your car temperature and this fan will do it for you. High-quality ABS will not melt in outdoor.

Portable: The fan is quite handy and you can easily carry it anywhere.

It includes: Solar power panels and exhaust fan.


  • Energy-saving fan
  • 10W power and 12 V voltage
  • USB interface
  • It gives clean energy
  • Safe material
  • Safe packaging and shipping
  • Won’t annoy the pets


  • It does not work in the weak sun

Coolerguys 10W Solar Powered Dual Fan Kit

This is another fan that gets its power from solar panels. CoolerGuys 10W solar-powered fan creates less noise than other fans. Moreover, it provides high airflow because the blades are designed according to the new technology. This best solar powered fan has padded corners that reduce noise while mounting.

Waterproof panels: the solar panels are 100 percent waterproof. Even the dust can’t affect it as it is also dustproof.

Durable fan: Both fan and solar panels are durable because of double ball bearings. The company claims that this fan can work for 7 years, however, the actual warranty is 3 years.

Barrel female connector: CoolerGuys 10 W also has a barrel female connector as well as a 12v regulator. However, the panel has to be in the direct sunlight so you can run the fan.

Multipurpose fan: You can use it in several places, like a dog hose, greenhouse, sheds, pet house, and a car. However, the greenhouse size should not be more than 414 cubic feet.

Waterproof system: Both fan and solar panels are waterproof. But, the connectors are not waterproof so you must cover them with some tape. Direct sunlight is essential to operate this fan because it does not have any battery to store the energy.


  • Less noisy
  • Comes up with a mounting bracket
  • 3 Pin fan adaptor
  • Secure with grills
  • Includes a USB extension


  • No battery
  • Low sunlight reduces airflow

GOODSOZ 10W Solar Panel Fan Outdoor

GoodSoz is ideal for outdoor so you can carry it for camping, hiking, traveling, and other activities. On the other hand, your pets would also love to have a cool breeze of this fan and the place would be free from smell. Let’s see what this best solar powered fan brings for us.

What it includes: This product includes one solar panel and one mini fan with a USB port.

Use as you like: You can either use it without solar panel when it is connected through USB or can connect it to a solar panel. However, the panels should be vertical and the sunlight should fall on it directly or it will not be effective.

Portable and easy to use: You don’t need anything to carry this fan as you can lift it with hands. Besides, it does not need any kind of labor to install it.


  • Easy to transport
  • Provides clean energy
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Recyclable fan
  • Waterproof solar panel
  • Lightweight but long-lasting
  • Two-speed fan


  • The USB port is not waterproof
  • The fan is not waterproof
  • Not good for large rooms
  • The solar panel becomes weak in low sunlight

ECO-WORTHY 25W Solar Powered Attic Ventilator Gable Roof Vent Fan-30W Foldable Solar Panel

You would love the Eco Worthy 25 W fan which is the best solar powered fan. Use it for a gable roof because it is specially designed for that. It needs only 4 V to run so it can work in cloudy days, unlike other solar power fans.

Powerful and effective: This fan is very powerful but it remains quite because of its brushless motor. It has the 1960 CFM sq. footage; besides it works great in moisture. The material is also strong and the fan has great tolerance.

Cheap fan: unlike other solar-powered fans, Eco Worthy 25 W is very economical. Your air conditioning bills will reduce due to this fan because it will keep the roof cool. Moreover, the electricity bill will also reduce.

Installation free: You need nothing to install this fan, and it comes up with an 8-inch solar cable. Whereas, the solar panel has 16 feet cable so you can install it anywhere on the roof.


  • Durable and energy-saving
  • Includes 6 mounting brackets and 4 screw pairs
  • Multipurpose fan
  • Long life and high-tech material


  • The solar panel needs direct sunlight only

Amtrak Solar Powerful 40-Watt-Galvanized Steel-New Upgraded-14-inch Solar Attic Fan

It is a 40W solar fan which is a new version of previous models with better features. The size is just 14 inches hence it is ideal for the attic. The blade size is 10 inch and anyone can install this fan easily. The best solar powered fan has several effective features, such as:

Fits several places. It is not only for a gable roof, but you can also use it in your greenhouse or a garage.

It can run from a distance: It comes up with a long wire so you can connect it with a solar panel from a long distance. The fan can cover enough area like up to 2250 sq. The solar power panel can take up to 40 watts.

Effective solar panel: A low wattage solar panel cannot run the fan properly. But, Amtrak solar panel comes up with a 40-watt panel that can run the fan faster. The panel is crystalline and you can install it anywhere on the attic and the fan will keep your home ventilated.


  • A free thermostat is available
  • Durable fan
  • Long wire coverage
  • Long fan coverage
  • Made in USA product
  • The panel does not require holes to install
  • Doesn’t require an inspection or permit
  • Includes 4 mounting brackets
  • Manual guide
  • Includes 25 feet long wire
  • A 12 V DC fan


  • The fan runs only if connected to solar panel

Solar Powered Car Window Windshield Auto Air Vent Cooling Cool Fan

You don’t need any battery to run this fan because it has a polysilicon solar panel. You can install it in your car or van or some other vehicle. The best solar powered fan comes up with amazing features including an auto cool system.

Provides neat air: We don’t only need air circulation to breathe but we also need clean air around us and we get it by this fan. It keeps our home free from odors especially that of pets.

Long life: This auto air vent cooling fan has a long lifespan. So you can use it for as long as you want until you get bored of it.

Keeps car safe: It keeps the car interior safe by maintaining the temperature inside the car. Moreover, the electronic equipment will also remain safe in hot weather.

Reduce air conditioning expenses: In summer, we need to spend on fuel to run the car AC, but this solar power car fan can reduce such expenses.

Durable ABS: This fan is made of safe plastic such as ABS that does not melt in hot weather.

It includes: this product includes a rubber strip, a solar auto cooler fan, and a user manual in English


  • Energy-saving fan
  • No pollution
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Pet-friendly
  • Good service life
  • Waterproof fan
  • Multifunction product
  • Suitable for all car windows
  • Detoxifies air
  • Poly-silicon solar panel
  • Protects from formaldehyde release
  • The battery is not required
  • Safe material


  • It is not suitable for dark windows

Richermall 3 in 1 Cooling Fan-Camping Lamp- Multi-Functional Solar Table Lamp Flashlight Torch

You would love the gold color which is hardly available in other solar fans. This is a 3 in 1 product like you get a fan, a flashlight cum torch, and a table lamp. So in my opinion, Richermall is a unique and the best solar powered fan.

Ideal for several activities: You can use it anywhere in the dark because it has a flashlight on it and it can also become a table lamp. Besides, you can use it during camping as you can light up the tent with the built-in lamp.

Adjustable fan: You can set the angle as you like to get even air. You can also rotate the light.

Includes dual charging mechanism: This fan has a design with dual charging, like the solar battery charging that is hidden and also mains charging. You can use it for 8 hours with onetime charging.

Long recycle period: You can recycle its battery 500 times which is a pretty long time. So you don’t have to buy a battery again and again. Hence it reduces the overall cost of the fan. Besides, you don’t have to buy a separate table lamp or a torch.

It includes: A power adapter and a solar rechargeable fan with light

Safety measure: One should not run the fan when it is charging because it can cause an electric shock.


  • A 3 in 1 product
  • Strong material
  • LED spotlight
  • Simple but stylish
  • ABS makes it safe
  • Blue and golden color
  • Side 1 LED is 2W
  • 30 LED is 0.5 W
  • Eye care table lamp
  • 3-hours charging time by solar panel
  • 4 to 8 hours working time
  • Provides high-quality and strong wind
  • Recyclable built-in battery


  • Intense heat can burn this product
  • The solar battery can only be charged under the sun
  • Overcharging can cause an explosion


Solar-powered fans have several types, like gable solar panel fan, car fan, pet house fan, greenhouse fan, room fan with a stand or ceiling fan, solar power exhaust fan, and so on. Those with a dual power system are better fans than others which only run when there is the sun. attic fan should provide enough ventilation. A fan with a long lifespan and multiple features is the best solar powered fans.

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