10 Best Solar Pond Lights (2020)

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Have you ever thought about giving your home garden pond with the illuminating solar lights effect? 

Using solar pond light will bring an impressive outlook appearance in the whole pond area during the night time routine. It will be so amazing to catch the overwhelming brightness casting off from the glow of lights.

Some of the people do have a concept in mind that solar pond lights will cause electricity shock underwater. But you are completely wrong with this notion! Usually, the underwater pond lights are waterproof. They do have the ability in which they can withstand perfectly in all sorts of weather conditions.

You will be finding it a lot easy in maintenance and extremely energy efficient. It brings an excellent light effect and does not get prone to any overheating issue. If you are looking forward to cutting back your energy costs, then choosing solar pond light is the ultimate option for you.

If you are buying a solar pond light for the first time, then definitely choosing the best product will be a little hard for you. Right here is the list of top 10 best solar pond light reviews to pick the excellent one right now:

Overview On Top 10 Best Solar Pond Lights Reviews 

1. Jebao Submersible 12 LED Pond Lighting with Color Filters

Jebao Co. Ltd is the top leading manufacturing company in the market, offering reliable aquarium and pond accessories. They are known for their water features, filters and accessories of lighting. Ever since the time they have started working, they are providing some innovative water accessories.

This fantastic solar pond light is offered with 3 different lights effect, which will produce a calm sort of white illumination. All the lights are powered with 1.6 volts of energy. They are entirely waterproof, which will let them stay protected under the water. It is affordable and is quite easy to install without any inconvenience.

Besides, they are cost-effective. You will be getting an option to make the use of three color options along with handy lenses.  Well according to some of the customers the lens quality is not excellent. 


  • Quantity 3 Different Lights
  • Light Colors Cool White or Green. It also offers Yellow and Blue color lenses in it.
  • Power Source Completely Electric-corded


  • Reasonable
  • Quite simply submersible
  • Color can easily be adjusted


  • Lenses are not completely useful

2. MUCH Underwater Light, Waterproof IP68

This is another top-quality solar pond light for your home use. It is affordable and has been designed on practical terms. Hence it is a complete submersible spotlight that is based on 36 different LED bulbs which are extremely powerful. All the bulbs can produce rich and vibrant lighting effects.

Choosing this underwater light is the best option to bring a feeling of ambiance and elegance in your home garden. This light kit is providing a reasonable way through which you can lighten up your home garden beautifully. It will be transforming your home garden to be the center of attraction of your guests. This is a worthy piece of investment to choose something unique and affordable for your home outdoor décor.

Due to its waterproofing grade of IP68, the lights will be all secured underground without giving you any sort of inconvenience. It is fully packed with 36 different LED lights which bring a fantastic combination of colors in 7 various patterns. These patterns will automatically change after 2 seconds of time duration.

Besides, this MUCH Underwater Light is installed with the jointed stand as well. This stand will be giving the lights complete freedom to move in different directions. It can rotate in 180 degrees. This makes it quite a lot flexible and versatile. You can make it locate on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

It is entirely constructed from durable ABS engineered plastics. Hence it is free from all sorts of harmful chemicals or certain toxic ingredients. It is 100% safe for your fishes.


  • Quantity Sold out Individually
  • Light Colors 7 various patterns of lighting
  • Power Source Fully Electric-corded


  • Lights are rotatable in different directions to add flexibility in it
  • Offered with 7 different designs of lightening
  • Provided with the secure waterproof standard in a USA IP68


  • Lights can be glitchy sometimes as they can turn on & off quite randomly

3. COODIA Solar Powered Underwater Pond Lights

On the third spot, we have the name of COODIA Solar Powered Underwater LED Pond Lights! The reason why we have added this in the list is that this product is fully solar energy powered. It is adjusted with the panel system which is available in the package. This panel is then connected with the battery in which solar energy is transformed into electric power.

As soon as the day turns into darkness, a set of sensor switches will make its way into your lightening. This lighting will provide a series of illumination for the pond or the area where you have located it.

The concept of solar energy in these pond lights will make it so much eco-friendly and easy to maintain. If you are looking forward to saving money and add some appealing décor in your home garden, then buy these pond lights without any delay. It is so much cost-effective. They are an incredible choice for lightening fixtures.

The package set will offer you with 3 various LED spotlights with an ability to easily change into 6 fantastic color variations. The overall construction of the light is done through durable material work due to the waterproof rating of IP68. Therefore they are entirely submersible.

Above all, they are installed with the jointed stand as well. This stand will be giving the lights complete freedom to move in different directions. It can rotate in perfect 90-180 degrees. You don’t need to connect it with any sort of wiring to make use of it. It is easy to adjust to any corner of your house garden.


  • Quantity 3 different Spotlights
  • Light Colors 6 various RGB Changing Colors
  • Power Source Solar Powered & Battery


  • The light stand and the solar panel is completely adjustable and flexible.
  • Offers Waterproof to IP68
  • Gives you the option to have six various color variations


  • Not suitable for people with shaded areas

4. Creative Design Solar Outdoor Colored Spotlights

Next, we have a fantastic spotlight, which is best to be used for outdoor areas or near water/pond features. It is fully waterproof due to the IP65 rating. It can withstand in all sorts to weather conditions. The best thing about this spotlight is that it is included with anti-fog properties.

Apart from being waterproof, this solar pond light has the ability to call itself heatproof. You will be finding this model a lot effective due to the rechargeable battery and solar panel available with it. This probably keeps you away from the stress of wiring or cable connections. A rechargeable battery can survive for at least 8 hours at high light and almost 14 hours on low light.

You can adjust the lights at an astounding 90-degree rotation to get a desirable effect of lights in your pond area. These spotlights have been made extra versatile due to its 2 in 1 option of installation. It is your choice whether you want to locate it on the ground or mount it high on the wall.


  • Quantity Packed in 2
  • Light Colors Completely Multicolored
  • Power Source Solar Powered & Battery


  • Adjustable positioning with 90 degrees of the rotatable power
  • Best for garden set up or pond areas
  • Excellent rechargeable battery power
  • Solar panels are easily adaptable for getting the best coverage of light


  • Lightening result is not too much bright

5. Swonuk Pool Lights Solar LED Lamp Globe Light

On the 5th spot, we bring for you top-best Swonuk Pool Lights Solar LED Lamp Globe Light! It is versatile and easy to adjust. The overall functioning of this solar pond light is entirely battery-powered. You don’t need to take stress about cable connections or wiring. This will bring extra attraction and charm in your garden during the night time.

The LED color patterns have the ability in which they can change automatically. Its ON/OFF switch has been placed over the bottom of the main floating lamp. As you will click on its switch, it will instantly recharge your battery through solar energy during the day time.  It is manufactured through the waterproof durable material of ABS plastic. Its diameter is around 10cm/ 3.94inch.


  • Quantity 4 different Lights
  • Light Colors 16 various colors & 6 amazing light modes
  • Power Source Completely Battery Powered


  • Offers different lighting options
  • Completely battery operated
  • Gives bright light results


  • Pricey.

6. Jebao Submersible Pond Lights with Colored Lenses

Let’s share with you Jebao light kit with the colored lenses! This has been one of the best underwater lights to be used for your home beautification. This light kit is providing a reasonable way through which you can lighten up your home garden beautifully.

It has a compelling and long-lasting battery life that can survive for at least 100,000 hours. These LED bulbs can illuminate the landscape as well as pond areas. It is available with the set of various colored lenses to bring some classy change in bulb lightning.

These lights are sufficiently energy-efficient. Hence they are available in 2.25″ diameter along with 3″ high. It is available with a strong 16-foot power cord.


  • Bulb: Fully LED
  • Watts: 4.8 power watts
  • Colors: Available in white, yellow, green, blue and red color
  • Submersible: Available
  • Power cord: 16 feet


  • Fully energy efficient
  • Excellent power of LED bulbs
  • Reasonable
  • Provides 16 feet power cord


  • You have to change your color lenses manually
  • Does not offer remote control

7. Solar Pond Spotlights IP68 Best Waterproof With 3 LEDs 

The fantastic Solar Pond Light Kit is known to be the ideal zero-running cost lighting kits for your home décor. It will help you to save your enough electricity which can eventually reduce your electricity cost as well. On being fully charged, the battery can survive for at least 20 hours.

These awesome submersibles LED bulbs bring the most beautiful changes in color variations in different modes. This includes gradual change and steady change. Besides, they do have the highest set of waterproof rating, which is IP68. But they do have an ability in which they can work both underwater or even on the ground surface. They are easy to install and have a 1-year warranty for customers.


  • Bulb: Offers LED
  • Power type: Solar-powered along with a battery
  • Submersible: Availability
  • Battery: Complete built-in
  • Power cord: 9.84 feet from the solar panel to the initial light


  • Running cost is zero
  • Battery power can survive for a maximum of 20 hours
  • Gives you a chance to change your bulb colors
  • Easy in the installation process


  • Needed excellent sunlight
  • Does not offer remote control

8. Aquascape Pond and Landscape LED Lights 

This is an all-rounder solar pond light product for you. This light kit is offering almost 6 x 1-watt energy efficiency. This makes it best to be used for both ground surface and underwater. Lights are constructed through durable material use of diecast metal housing with some protective coating on it. This will protect your lights against any harsh weather conditions.

All in all, you will experience that these natural LED lights are giving an incredible and charming atmosphere to your garden area. These lights are available with some adjustable stand which allows them to rotate quickly in 180 degrees. Five years of customer warranty is also available. You will be falling in love with the whole beauty of solar lights in your garden area.


  • Bulb: Offers LED
  • Power type: Included with Electrical plug-in
  • Watts: 6w all total
  • Submersible: Yes
  • Power cord: 14.5 feet


  • Extremely durable
  • Completely Energy efficient
  • Offers natural white light
  • 5-year warranty for customers


  • Not available in extra colors
  • Does not provide remote control

9. Cal Pump Egglite Kit

The CalPump EggLites lighting system can be used either dry, or it can be submerged. It is perfect for giving your home statuary, ponds, potted plants, and fountains with the illuminated sound effects. This makes it quite a lot flexible and versatile. You can make it locate on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. This 3 kit pack is included with 10-watt halogen bulbs. Its rubberized housing is fully crack-proof and durable.

You can get 4 different color lenses which include yellow, blue, green and red. The overall sizing of the solar pond light is so much small that it can easily get fitted into your hand palm. It becomes easy for you to hide it even in your landscape. Every single light is attached with some magnetic mount base. It is an almost 10-foot power cord with the attachment of the 16-foot extension cord. It offers you with 60-watt power high supply.


  • Quantity 4 different Spotlights
  • Light Colors 6 various RGB Changing Colors
  • Power Source Solar Powered & Battery


  • Strong light housings
  • Included with heavy bases
  • The light fixture can easily get tilted for some easier aiming
  • Offers Glass lenses


  • Halogen bulbs are not too much durable as compared to LEDs
  • Halogen bulbs use extra energy as compared to LEDs

10. Pearlstar Solar Pond Lights Waterproof LED RGB Solar Floating Lights

At last, we have pearlstar Solar Pond Lights. These lights offer you different color choices in which we have blue, red and green LEDs in pearl shape. These LEDs are included in each single light fixture. You can even blend the colors to form a fantastic color palette of unlimited colors. You can change the color settings by using the remote control. You can either turn all the lights, or an automatic color changing set-up can also be introduced.

This solar pond light is even best to be used for swimming pool purposes. These fixtures can light up automatically. You can also get the kit available with some removable ground spikes. For a reliable positioning of the lights, you can press the spikes within the ground surface.

The kit will not be offering you with photo-sensor access, so you need to control the light settings with the use of a timer. As the power will be turned off, the lights will eventually default to a color-changing pattern.


  • Bulb: Fully LED
  • Colors: Available in white, yellow, and red color
  • Submersible: Available
  • Power cord: 12 feet


  • Offers LED technology
  • Changes colors automatically
  • Change colors with pearl shape settings


  • Does not offer a photo-sensor
  • Will not be able to set your color patterns permanently

Buying Guide:

The primary purpose of solar pond lights is to give your home garden perfect light emission with brighter results. It adds an enthusiastic charm in your garden area during the night time. Therefore, to let the lights stay in your home backyard for a long time, it is essential to pick the right quality of solar lights

Right here we have compiled a few basic buying guidelines for you to choose the excellent and superior model of solar pond lights:

  • The solar panel:

The first element is to check the size of your lights solar panel. As much larger the solar panel will be, the more it can charge your backyard during the day time hours. The durable and larger solar panel can offer a higher output of lights and duration. 

  • Battery Survival Time 

Most of the house owners will look for the pond lights, which are offering a battery survival time of 24 hours. But regularly, maximum models can survive for just 8 hours. It would help if you looking for a model with such battery power which matches according to your daily needs and requirements. Look at some quoted duration and pick the best one.  

  • Pre-charging Access 

Some of the solar lights demand to be put on charging a couple of days before you are planning to use them. Whereas with some of the models, you can easily install them after a few hours of battery charging! They will get turned on or off according to your lighting needs. 

  • Dusk-till-dawn sensor

Most solar-powered garden products will be offering an access of dusk-till-dawn sensors. But this will require some manual operation. You should always check before you buy it.

  • IP rating

IP is the abbreviation of ingress protection. This IP will be letting you know about how much resistance is present in your product lighting. For an outdoor area, you should look for the solar lights with the resistance rating of around IP44. Such IP rating lights are also weatherproof. 

  • Installation Guide 

The first thing which the consumers look in any solar light is its convenient use and easy installation process. If the installation is requiring using so many screws and knots, then avoid purchasing them. 

  • Warranty

Besides, you should also be checking out the customer warranty before you purchase any model of solar light. As much longer, the warranty access will be, the more it will be reliable and trustworthy to use. Mostly the products with a more extended warranty also last long. 

  • Budget 

The last point is about your budget! Never step into any store for purchasing solar lights until and unless you are not set with the budget considerations. Keep yourself alert with the budget restrictions and then choose the product which suits your budget. 

Final Thoughts:

So if you have been looking forward to select bright and fantastic solar LED lights for your home garden décor, then these products mentioned above are excellent options. The best thing about these solar lights is that they won’t be putting you in the stress of wiring or cable connections. They are entirely energy saving and reduce your electricity costs as well. What else you want?

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