9 Best Solar Patio Lights String And Umbrella Reviews 2021

Whether it’s an event or you just want to secure your home, solar patio lights will be suitable. These lights have different categories, including string lights, security lights. Some lights can become dim, or bright and some have just one lighting mode. The security light is often with motion sensors that cause the light to turn on.

All solar patio lights are suitable for outdoor, however, string lights also go well inside the house. These lights can resist heavy weather and intense temperature. You can also install them under a canopy or umbrella, or hang them on the tent. There are various ways to use these lights, but you need the best lights as described below.

9 Best Solar Patio Lights Reviewed & Rated

1. Brightech Solar Patio Lights

If you want the hanging bulbs, you would love Brightech Ambience Pro lights. These are the top solar patio lights, and also suitable for any outdoor. The product includes a long string.


  • The bulbs create a soft white light and the greenery around becomes more attractive.
  • The lights will look great on a pergola or some canopy. It appearance can increase the beauty of an event, or you can just hang it to secure a patio.
  • The bulbs need 6 hours to get full charging and can produce light for 5 to 6 hours. That charging must be in the direct sunlight. However, indirect sunlight can also charge, but slowly.
  • The material of the light is weatherproof and shatterproof because it has a commercial-grade construction.
  • Each bulb has a hook and a wire, and you can hang them at a distance on the 48 feet long string or you can make a cluster.
  • The lights have an ON and OFF switch on their back, and they are replaceable. The product includes 15 bulbs.


  • 20000 working life
  • Waterproof and shatterproof
  • Resist temperature up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 3-years warranty
  • Multipurpose bulbs


  • Glare may happen due to a clear glass

2. Sunlitec Solar Patio String Lights

The list of the best solar patio lights includes the Sunlitec string lights with 25 bulbs. They are suitable for any outdoor like a yard, patio, or porch, and you can hang them on a tent, pergola, or canopy as well.


  • A 27 feet long string with 25 bulbs will help you hang it on a large surface, illuminating it all around.
  • The LED balls prevent water penetration and damage. You can charge them with a USB charger or sunlight. It includes a 5V solar panel that is quite effective.
  • You will get different lighting modes and can use these bulbs for some outdoor events. You can use them in various ways by using your creativity.
  • The lights are strong with 50000 hours of working life. Due to a weather-resistant material, these string lights become stronger.
  • They are also great as a gift and also cost-saving because they are energy efficient.


  • Long-lasting lights
  • Weatherproof LED
  • Long string
  • 2000 mAh Li-ion battery
  • Outdoor &indoor lights
  • One-year warranty


  • Some people don’t prefer bulbs

3. Brightown Solar Patio Hanging Lights

Those looking for more lights per string must explore the Brightown store. It is a 50 feet long string with 52 bulbs. You can install it in the patio, back or front yard, porch, etc.


  • The best solar patio lights by Brightown Store are ideal for outdoor decoration. You can also hang these lights on a canopy or a garden umbrella.
  • It is a lightweight product, so it’s easy to install and carry somewhere. You can also store it without any effort.
  • These lights create a cool effect with dim light, so they seem more romantic. You can forget all your stress around these bulbs.
  • The string is durable and waterproof, so hang it freely and enjoy the rain or snow. Besides, the light also has an internal spare fuse that you can replace easily.
  • You need a hook or a cable to hang these bulbs, and it takes only a few seconds. It is a flexible string light and compatible with other lights around it.
  • You get two spare bulbs with 50 regular bulbs, hence it’s a great purchase at a low price.


  • Wide application
  • Weatherproof string
  • Durable bulbs
  • Easy to hang
  • Romantic lights


  • They are not suitable for security

4. Sezac Solar Patio Outdoor Security Lights

The best solar patio lights are not only for decor but they also include security lights like Sezac. The light has motion sensors and they are excellent for outdoor. The LEDs create very bright light.


  • The light has three modes including, dim, strong light, and motion sensor. So, you can enjoy a romantic evening through a dim mode or can secure your place with a bright light.
  • The motion sensor is highly active and can sense motion from 10 to 16 feet and secures you. The solar outdoor lights motion sensor can make a home very safe.
  • With an intense waterproof rating, the light remains working in the rain or snow. Likewise, the high temperature in summer does not harm these lights.
  • Its battery has a 2000 mAh storage capacity, and it is rechargeable, making lights last for many years.
  • These lights are brighter than others, hence they are great for a large yard or patio. You need to charge them longer in the low sunlight.


  • IP65 waterproof
  • Durable lithium-ion battery
  • Eco-friendly
  • Includes motion sensors
  • Three working modes


  • Not attractive for decor

5. Liyuanq Solar Patio Lights

There is another brand of solar patio lights such as LiyuanQ. It is a string with 100 LEDs and you can make different arrangements with it. The string with warm white LEDs can decorate a yard, patio, garden, tree, or bedroom.


  • The lights produce equal illumination to all sides due to their wider angle. Eight lighting modes allow you to enjoy the soft romantic to festive effect.
  • The customers can save money by buying a single product that has 2 lights and 33 feet long wire.
  • The LED bulbs come with a minimum heat emission, so a whole night’s use does not cause overheating.
  • Solar patio lights string is convenient, and its storage and carrying are also easy. Install it wherever you want or mold around anything.
  • It has an adjustable panel that allows you to set it according to the sun. Whereas the rechargeable battery keeps it active.


  • Durable string
  • Many uses
  • Lights with many modes
  • Flexible copper wire
  • Non-plug-in lights
  • IP65 material


  • They are not security lights

6. Suplit Solar Patio Umbrella Lights

A brand like Suplit introduces beautiful umbrella lights. You can hang an umbrella with string lights in the garden, patio, deck, yard, or even on some beach. They are excellent waterproof lights.


  • The lights are suitable for any 7 to 9 feet canopy or umbrella. The product includes 8 ribs to suit an umbrella, however, you have to buy an umbrella separately.
  • The lights include sensors for turn-on and off features depending on the night and day.
  • They are solar-powered lights and don’t need any current as a solar panel charges them. You don’t need an additional battery to charge the LEDs.
  • The solar panel is not only large but 30% effective than other brands of patio lights.
  • These solar fairy lights can enrich your home exterior by running for 8 hours without interruption. But, solar charging has to be perfect.
  • These solar patio umbrella lights are good to gift to your sweetheart. Besides, kids also adore them.


  • Cool umbrella lights
  • Waterproof String
  • Upgraded solar panel
  • Fast charging
  • One-year warranty
  • 100% customer satisfaction


  • They are only for decor

7. Gigalumi Outdoor Solar Wall Lights

By creating a cold white effect through solar patio lights, you can also enhance the yard, garden, or pathway. These are wall lights with waterproof making. The lights also look good on the fences and pillars.


  • Gigalumi provides a product with 8 lights. There is also a 600 mAh battery, whereas the solar panel has 120 mA capacity, and it produces more light.
  • Like other standard solar lights, Gigalumi patio lights also stay active for up to 10 hours if you charge them for 8 hours.
  • These solar-powered lights are ideal for outdoor decoration. You can enjoy a barbecue party or some festival with solar lights around.
  • They are easy to install with screws. But, you can also stick them to the wall with adhesive tape. Make sure the place is sunny and the lamps receive good sunlight.
  • The product comes with a certain warranty, and the company ensures its waterproof.


  • Decorative wall lights
  • Weather-friendly
  • Multiple uses
  • Produces maximum light
  • Includes a refund
  • Two-months replacement


  • Needs a durable installation, unlike the string lights

8. Tomcare Solar Patio Lights

Some stunningly beautiful lights are there by TomCare. They are lanterns with LEDs that cause a flickering flame effect. You can hang them on a canopy ceiling, umbrella, or on a wall with brackets.


  • The best solar outdoor lights hanging option can create an attractive ambiance. It has a warm yellow dancing flame that looks so real.
  • You can use it as an alternative to any traditional candle lantern. Besides, it gives a warm feeling during winter when you are grilling outside.
  • The waterproof LEDs are durable and increase a product’s life. Besides, the solar panel is large and powerful.
  • It is a wireless product that needs no plug to get electricity. Hang it under the sunlight and here it is ready to burn.
  • The hanging clamp makes installation easy and flexible. You can clip it wherever you want through its hook.
  • All functions are excellent, including the auto on-off.


  • Attractive patio lights
  • Large solar panel
  • Less consumption
  • Fast charging
  • One-year warranty
  • 45-days money-back


  • Expensive than other models

9. Solpex Solar Ground Lights

The disk lights by Solpex are super easy to install and get power from the sun. You can use them on your lawn, deck, or walkway. They are environmental-friendly and efficient.


  • The lights can get the best solar patio lights if you place them wisely under direct sun. However, you can also charge them in a sunny place and install them where you need so in the outdoor.
  • It has a 600 mAh battery that is better than ordinary batteries.
  • The product includes 8 discs that produce white light, accenting the landscape around them.
  • The polycrystalline panel is wide enough to receive the maximum sunlight, besides it charges fast like within 4 to 6 hours.
  • The disk lights are waterproof having a silicon ring of IP44 grade. Besides, the disk has a split circuit board that gives stability to the chip.
  • The seller also offers a full refund within 90 days if you get a faulty product.


  • Installation with stakes
  • White light
  • Waterproof disk
  • Wide solar panel
  • Suitable for different outdoors
  • 90-days refund


  • Not rust-free
  • They are only decorative lights

Buying Guide

To get more benefits from the solar patio lights, you will have to concentrate on their qualities while buying. We have a guide with some important factors in this regard.

  • Consider your place and reason for buying solar lights. Like, do you want a decorative effect or need a bright outdoor and secure house. From the above type, you can choose string lights and lanterns for decor and Sezac lights for security.
  • In the case of security lights, the motion sensors can add more benefits, especially, if the distance range is more.
  • The lights should be waterproof and resist intense temperature or weather. Small lights often come with an IP44, and large lights are up to IP65 waterproof.
  • If you need solar lights that also go well indoors, you can have string lights or some other with a USB port charging.
  • The warranty time and a refund upon replacement are also essential, especially if it’s an online product.


The best solar patio lights can change the outdoor areas. They are good for decor and security depending on what you buy. You need bright lights for security, but the disc or string lights are good for decoration. Users can mold the string lights as they want without affecting the bulbs.

Solar lamps with large panels are quite useful like lantern lights or security lights. Solar lights with a large storage capacity are better, and the panel’s absorption capacity also matters.

What Are The Best Outdoor Solar Lights?

Brightech solar lights are the best lights because they are waterproof and shatterproof bulbs. The lights have a commercial-grade construction.

What Are The Brightest Outdoor Solar Lights?

Sezac outdoor solar lights are the brightest because of their large panel, fast charging, and high-capacity battery with up to 2000 mAh. It has three modes and 42 LEDs.


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