7 Best Solar Outdoor Chandeliers For Gazebos Reviews [2022]

If you don’t like a dull gazebo, give it a decorative touch with lights. You would love the solar outdoor chandeliers for gazebos because they come in interesting colors. They are cost-saving and eco-friendly, and affordable. You can easily hang them with a chain and hook on a suitable place in the yard, garden, balcony, patio, etc. They give different lighting effects including cool, bright, warm, and colorful lights.

Some brands design solar lights with wind chimes which give a magical look to the place. The solar panel is often on the top of the chandelier and receives solar energy from the sun. The solar lights are also long-lasting because of replaceable batteries and a waterproof finish. We have reviews of the 7 best solar outdoor chandeliers for all of you, so stay with us.

7 Best Solar Outdoor Chandeliers Reviewed & Rated

1. Collections Etc Solar Outdoor Chandeliers

A beautiful chandelier has acrylic beads and a stainless steel dangle. You can hang it outdoor where it gets the sun and glows at night. The best solar outdoor chandeliers by collections Etc include rechargeable batteries.


  • The light comes with a chain and a hook to install it firmly. You don’t need another person for installation as you can do it yourself easily with available tools.
  • A party would glow with these chandeliers because of their colorful beads. Acrylic stays safe under the sun and doesn’t melt like cheap lights.
  • The rechargeable 1AA battery enhances this solar chandelier and makes it more reliable. You can replace the battery when you need to.
  • Different rows of beads are in perfect harmony, surrounding the central solar lamp. Whereas the hook helps in durable installation.
  • It is an ideal solar light to decorate the outdoor, besides it can enhance a dull and boring gazebo. It is also suitable for pergola beams, so you can use it in different ways.


  • Attractive and stylish
  • Durable beads and frame
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Easy installation
  • 60-day return


  • It is only for outdoors

2. Wind & Weather Outdoor Solar Chandelier for Gazebo

Another attractive solar chandelier is though small, it can add charisma to any space. You can hang it in the garden gazebo or on the patio beams. The chain helps install it in a few minutes. The faux crystals glow at night and the LEDs produce a romantic light.


  • Solar outdoor chandeliers need direct sunlight so they can work at night. Solar panel sends power to the LED light that turns on its own.
  • The faux crystals give an elegant look to the chandelier, making it ideal for a night event. Just hang it on a gazebo or canopy to enrich the surroundings and entertain your guests.
  • The chandelier has metal rings to hold crystals and jewels that glow at night due to a lamp charged by solar energy.
  • The chain and a hook help hang this light in a few minutes. Make sure you direct it towards the sun. Some people charge it under the sun then hang it later on somewhere else to get light.
  • You can hang several mini chandeliers outdoor to give an exotic bazaar look to the exterior. It is also a good thing to gift to someone you love.


  • Beautiful design
  • Hanging light
  • Includes installation chain
  • Durable solar light
  • Decorative item


  • Some customers consider it delicate

3. Wind & Weather Solar Powered Hanging Chandelier

Wind & weather always creates innovative products, including solar outdoor chandeliers. This time it brings something in silver with an exotic appearance. You can install it in the patio, porch, deck, yard, or garden gazebo. They are waterproof, durable, and portable.


  • It is a small solar hanging and decorative light with a glittering effect. The light stays equally attractive in the day and night.
  • Those who want to give a retro look to their outdoor should have this chandelier. It will remind you of the disco days, refreshing your memories.
  • This product is a beautiful combination of several mini squares that reflect light, creating a dazzling effect.
  • The benefit of silver is that you will see the surrounding colors in it. Though the chandelier seems boring, it becomes interesting when the landscape reflects from its squares.
  • There is an effective solar panel on its top that absorbs the sunlight to power up the LED light at night.


  • Cool silver chandelier
  • Classic style
  • Multipurpose solar light
  • Decorative light


  • It does not charge under the shade

4. ORYX Solar Chandeliers

The product is a Moroccan-style solar lamp and a chandelier that you can hang in a patio, garden, or yard other than just a gazebo. Lots of campers also hang it on the camp wall because they don’t have electric lamps. The product includes 2 packs and two stands.


  • You can create a vintage effect with Oryx hanging lamps and solar chandeliers. Whether day or night, the light will stay compatible with its surroundings.
  • The chandelier has an iron structure with IP 55 coating to resist water and other outdoor elements. It is durable and hard enough to withstand the wear and tear of harsh weather.
  • The poly-silicon panel has a 100 mA capacity whereas the built-in battery can store 600 mAh energy to power off the lamp. Let the panel charge for a whole day for an effective function at night.
  • Unlike the typical chandeliers, it comes with a handle to help users carry it easily or to place it on the stand. Secondly, you can also hang it anywhere outside.
  • The 1w lamp with a warm light creates a romantic effect, illuminating the outdoor at the same time. Place this solar light considering the orientation of the sun, and the light will not disappoint you.


  • Hanging and portable
  • Durable iron frame
  • Waterproof material
  • Many applications
  • A nice gift


  • Not so attractive
  • Lacks colors

5. Ousam Solar Outdoor Chandeliers

Ousam produces solar light chandeliers for the outdoors with a warm white light. It has an auto ON and OFF lamp and a solar panel with a long cable. The preset battery makes it working and it’s easy to replace.


  • The retro design can give a traditional look to the exterior. Hang this chandelier cum lamp on the gazebo, using the installation tools like screws. It is also ideal for porch ceiling, tree, tent, etc.
  • The product comes with a 3-meter long cable to connect the chandelier to its solar panel. Such a long cable helps you install the light wherever you want.
  • A lithium battery comes with 2 years working life that adds more value to this solar light. The E27 incandescent light is replaceable; however, it has a good working life.
  • The panel is easy to adjust within 180 degrees according to the sun. The light will function for 20 hours after full charging.
  • It comes with an IP65 waterproof finish; hence, it’s highly recommended for outdoor lighting. The warm white lantern enhances the greenery around it.


  • A traditional style lantern
  • Durable panel and battery
  • Cool effect
  • Many uses
  • Weatherproof light


  • Less attractive than colorful chandeliers

6. Exhart Outdoor Solar Chandelier

Those who love a clear solar gazebo chandelier should have Exhart. It is a hanging lantern in a tear-shaped glass. The metal cage further gives it a classic look. The panel and battery work together to keep the chandelier going at night.


  • Cool lights in blue will intensify the earthy gazebo and lush green lawn. You can install it on the porch ceiling, patio pergola, or elsewhere.
  • The firefly string lights are also ideal for outdoors if you install them under direct sun.
  • You can choose a lantern from 4 colors such as green, blue, amber, and clear. The metal chain and a leaf-shaped frame hold LEDs and prevent them from any hazards. Besides, the glass has industry-grade strength so it can bear any shocks.
  • The lantern includes 12 LEDs which get their energy from the solar panel. You can also use it in the room as a decorative item. The lights also look attractive on a balcony or a stair hall’s wall.
  • They are excellent lights to gift to loved ones or friends. You can buy one or several lights depending on your needs and the effect you want to create.


  • Cool firefly effect
  • Durable glass
  • Easy to hang
  • Multiple colors available


  • Not ideal for a contemporary home

7. AceList Solar Chandelier Outdoor Color Changing lights

You would instantly fall in love with colored crystal balls which can be perfect solar chandeliers for gazebos. At the same time, you will enjoy the wind chimes. The chandeliers are ideal for patios, yards, gardens, balconies, etc.


  • The chandelier and its shade are made of waterproof plastic and also can bear a high temperature. It does not deform under heat like poor lights.
  • The lights have color-changing LEDs that give a glow to the crystal balls and the wind chimes create a rhythmic sound.
  • The balls look beautiful not only at night but also in the day. You can use them to enhance an event or to add decor to the landscape.
  • AceList brings lightweight chandeliers that anyone can easily hang with the given accessories.
  • The solar-powered light is eco-friendly and energy-saving. You can create a romantic environment with beautiful and colorful wind chimes and lights.


  • Cool lighting effect
  • Easy to manage
  • Money-saving
  • Nice to gift
  • 100 % customer satisfaction


  • Delicate than other chandeliers

Buying Guide

Among so many brands of solar outdoor chandeliers, you won’t be able to identify the most functional product. We want to resolve this issue with a guide that we prepared through our experiences and customer reviews.

Choose Colors

Though one-tone and clear chandeliers are also good, colorful LEDs and changing lights make them more interesting. The colors can bring a festive look to your garden and an outdoor party.

Durable Frame

The material of the frame and light should be durable. In general, you will see such lights in glass or plastic with a metal frame. The waterproof coating is essential because you are buying them for an outdoor.

Solar Panels

Solar chandeliers often come with polysilicon solar panels which have a good conversion and they are durable too. Make sure the panel is compatible with the built-in battery, and you can find such info from product specs.

Replaceable Battery

The battery should be easy to replace when its time is over. It should have strong material and a maximum storage limit. Both panel and battery should go well with each other, or the chandelier won’t work properly.


Solar chandeliers are often hanging and you can install them with a hook and chain. However, some products offer screws and brackets for this purpose. Ensure you get all installation tools with the product you choose.

Price of Solar Chandeliers

The price varies from product to product so it is either low, moderate, or high. Generally, you can find solar-hanging chandeliers at an affordable cost. Whereas some brands also offer free shipping for local customers that also saves cost.


If you deeply reviewed the above solar outdoor chandeliers, you would see how each of them is useful. The Collections Etc is beautiful due to its colorful beads and gives a crystal look. Whereas Exhart has clear glass lamps which are ideal for a place that already has so many colors. On the other hand, AceList brings wind chime balls of different colors and the light also changes colors one after another. So all the above solar lights are attractive and suitable for gazebos. Likewise, every type of customer can get light within his or her budget.


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