7 Best Solar Lights for Outdoor Wall (Review 2020)

7 Best Solar Lights for Outdoor Wall (Review 2020)

Solar lights are specifically for outdoors like for landscape areas of a house, for a park, industrial buildings, or any commercial area. Solar lights for outdoor wall are as effective just like the ground or tree solar lights. You can install these lights on fences, garage walls, pillars, or even the backyard walls. These lights are also good at creating different effects.

Most solar wall lights have a classical look and they remind us of the 18th-century buildings. The black color is common, but white and copper light fixtures are also available in online and local stores. The user can take help from the instruction manual to understand the installation process of solar lights for outdoor wall.

Buying Guide

Whether you are buying the solar lights from online shops or your nearby store, you will see a huge variety. Apparently, all the lights seem good and customers often get attracted by beautiful fixtures but they don’t know if they are effective or not. Though you can read product specifications, you are not sure if the product is reliable as some manufacturers make false claims.

We are describing some important things to make you aware of the good and bad points of solar wall lights. Like, you will have to study deeply the material, bulb quality, lumens, size, installation method, sensor types, and the number of modes, price, and other features. We will discuss all these things in detail so read this article with interest.

Solar Wall Light Material

Generally, ABS plastic is the first choice of manufactures because this is a waterproof material. But, ABS resists water depending on its properties. Like, with IP55, it would not be so effective, but with IP 65 to IP67, it would be highly effective. People living in snowfall or hilly areas would find these lights very useful.

The rain and heavy storms won’t affect the material if it is of high quality. Likewise, the material of the bulb, solar panel, and battery also matters, so focus on these qualities.

Light Size

The size of solar wall light is either small or large depending on its design and shape. In general, such light has a traditional design with glass on 3 to 6 sides. But, some modern lights have only one glass as you will see it in our reviews of different products.

A hexagonal light fixture has a better sun exposure than the light with a single glass. Choose lights’ quantity according to your wall. A small wall should not have several large lights.

Installation Angle

The solar lights for outdoor wall should face the sun directly or if it is not possible, make sure that the maximum surface is towards the sun. A light with a heavy structure needs more care than the one with a lightweight body. A wide glass area is better than a small glass area.

Solar Panels

Generally, monocrystalline silicon panels are common because they are very effective in capturing the sunlight. Make sure, the panel absorbs more sunlight in less time because it will increase battery life. The panel should also resist water to enhance its life.

Storage System

The battery of the solar light is already installed. Read the specs to find battery size. A battery with 4000 mAh is better than the one with a less capacity. It should charge in 4 to 6 hours and should function for at least 8 hours. However, most solar lights take 8 hours to charge.

Number of Modes

Make sure you get different lighting modes. Such as the bright mode, dim mode, and a medium mode. The color of the light also affects the ambiance, like the warm yellow light has a different effect than a cool white light.


If you live in a region where there are clouds all the time, solar lights would be useless. These lights are ideal in the regions that have sunlight for long hours. Also, see the orientation of your home or any other building where you want to install these lights.

Some buildings are so faced that they get less UV rays, so in such cases, the lights charging time would increase.


Light sensors are common but only some lights have motion sensors, so try to explore this feature. Make sure that the motion sensors have a good response from a long distance. This feature also keeps us secure at night and prevents us from thieves.


The solar light is either too expensive or too cheap or it falls in between. The customers can save money through a product that includes several lights in one pack. Compare a few products and their costs to see which price suits you. A budget-friendly light with a long life would be suitable for all of you.

Why Do You Need Solar Lights?

This is another important thing to consider. Like, you will have to see if you want to use it as a spotlight or you want to spread light in the entire yard or porch. Some bulbs produce a bright light, but some only give a dim light. Buy a solar light with motion sensors if the area is wide and deserted because such a place is vulnerable to theft.

We have selected 7 best lights for outdoor use that you can install on the walls or fences as well. These reviews would help you in decision making, so read them carefully.

Solar Wall Lamp with Light Sensor-Waterproof Wall Light-Outdoor Wall Sconce-Led-Hexagonal Light Fixture

The variety of solar lights for outdoor wall is a good thing as it allows us to choose the best product that suits our purpose. This wall lamp is so useful because it adds décor to the outdoor area and also produces a bright light.

Automatic brightness: The light has built-in sensors that adjust the brightness, like it turns off in the day but turns on at night. Likewise, the lamp automatically gives light on a cloudy day, depending on its charging.

Rechargeable battery: This light has a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery has 2600mAh capacity, giving us 10 hours of light without interruption.

Functional panel: The solar panel of the light is made of monocrystalline silicon that has a good conversion rate. Besides, the panel is waterproof so it will not destroy easily.

Attractive design: The lamp has a hexagonal shape and the rest of the structure reminds us of 18th-century lights. Consider it a piece of classical art for your home. The shape increases its exposure to the sun. Faded rust paint also gives it a classic look.

Mount anywhere: The light has two screws so you can mount it anywhere on some support like wall, fence or even the tree. People also love to install it on the poolside walls.


  • ROHS approval
  • IP44 ABS keeps water away
  • Heatproof and waterproof
  • Eco-friendly
  • 8 hour charging time
  • Wireless fixture
  • Warm romantic light
  • Includes mounting accessories


  • Works only when exposed to the sun

BeiDelt Solar Wall Light Outdoor-Decorative- Security Torch Light -16 LED Solar White Lights-Outdoor Wireless

The effectiveness of solar lights for outdoor wall is essential or they will be useless. You must spend your hard-earned money only on the best products like BeiDelt solar light. This light is decorative, as well as functional. The sensors of this light were developed by qualified engineers.

Great invention: Solar wall light is a great invention because it makes exteriors bright. Your home will stay safe from burglars because of the outdoor wall lights. White light creates a day-like effect even when it is night, so enjoy it.

Install and relax: Install BeiDelt solar wall lights, turn on the switch once, and relax forever. The light will turn to a charging mode in the day and will turn on at night by itself. You don’t need to leave an important task to go outside and turn on the light.

Effective bulb: The light has 16 LEDs that produce great light. Charge this light for 8 or 10 hours and have illumination for long.

Where to have it: The fences in your garden, or the patio, yard, porch walls can take benefit from this light. It would give you a warm romantic light so sit in the patio with your partner.

Classical design: You would love a transparent lamp with an embossed pattern. The black hat like top enhances the classical look of the lamp. It is suitable for both modern and traditional homes.

The product: It includes a solar lamp, a set of screws, and the instruction manual.


  • Energy-saving solar lights
  • Durable high-capacity battery
  • Effective charging time
  • Easy installation
  • Weatherproof bulb and fixture
  • Built-in light sensors


  • Fewer color options

Solar Wall Lantern Outdoor Lamp, Waterproof-Solar Wall Light, LED Wall Mount Light Fixture-21” Large-Aluminum Frame with Glass-Cool and Warm White

Most solar wall lamps have traditional designs like the current product. When you shop online for solar lights for outdoor wall, you will come across their benefits. It has built-in sensors and a battery that keep it functional.

No more electricity bills: The light is solar and works through sensors automatically so you don’t need any electricity. Just spend once and enjoy the rest of the time with a free light. Make sure to charge it well in the sun.

Two lighting options: Unlike other solar wall lights, this one enables the bulb to change its color. Like, you can have warm white or cool white light according to the atmosphere you want to create.

High-capacity battery: The battery of the fixture has a huge capacity with 4000mAh that produces 200 lumens. You can recharge it whenever you feel like doing so.

Traditional looks: The light is so beautiful with classical looks. Black enhances the design, especially when it is in a warm light mode. The greenery along with classical light fixtures would create a natural effect.

Suitable for: You can mount this solar lamp in several areas, including the doorway, garage, outdoor fence, walkway, pathway, driveway, front and backyard, as well as the patio, so there is no limit.

The product: It includes a solar lamp, one mounting bracket, one decorative arm, one back plate, and the instruction manual.


  • Auto-turn on and off operation
  • Wireless lamp
  • High-grade battery
  • Less charging hours more lighting
  • Eco-friendly
  • 6 to 8 hours charging time


  • Less working hours
  • The brightness reduces due to embossed design

Solar Lights Outdoor, 2 in 1 Sconce Decorative Flickering Flame Wall Lights Dusk to Dawn

Those who love the effect of the flickering flame should go for these solar lights for outdoor wall. They would brighten up your yard or garage wall from night till the sunrise. The light is also suitable for the main door, garden fences, and the backdoor.

Black and bronze: The light is available in two colors, the black lamp with the white light gives a cool effect and a bronze lamp with yellow light creates a flickering flame. In fact, the light changes its modes according to your distance from it.

Great product for an outdoor party: If you are planning to arrange a party in your garden or patio, be sure that this light would make it memorable. Your guests would love the ambiance it creates. It has 3 glasses around it that enable a wide exposure to the sun.

Perfect installation: Any user can install it perfectly. You only need to drill the holes and then install the lights with screws. Make it tight and it will stay on the wall forever. But, install it where it can receive the sunlight.

Motion and light sensors: Unlike the above lights, this one has motion sensors that create a flicker with movement. The flickering flame is there when nobody is around it. The light works automatically through lighting sensors.

Weatherproof lamp: The product is made of high-quality waterproof material. The rain, snow, and heat won’t damage it. People also install the lamp on the walls around a pool. Public areas can also get benefit from this wall light.


  • Good battery capacity
  • 6 or 8 hours charging
  • Long time functional
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Energy-saving
  • Full refund upon an issue
  • Excellent motion sensors
  • 120-degrees sensor angle


  • Lacks a modern look

Lemontec Solar Lights, 62 LED Wall Solar Light Outdoor Security Lighting Nightlight with Motion Sensor Detector

Solar lights have many advantages with a few drawbacks that they are only functional in sunny regions. The same is true about Lemontec solar lights for outdoor wall.  If you live somewhere where the sun is at its fullest, better go for this light.

Resists weather: The light has weatherproof ABS that keeps it free from damage. Be it water or snow, nothing would cause deterioration.

Different options: With Lemontec, you can have bright light, dim light or even the short-term strong light. With all these modes, you can add charisma to the home exterior. Even you can use these lights outside the boundary wall.

High-grade battery: The battery has 3400mAh capacity that can store a desirable amount of the sun and the panel converts it to electricity that produces light.

Powerful LEDs: The light has 62 LEDs that would give you power for a wide area be it a patio, garage, garden, or a long yard.

Motion and light sensors: The light includes motion sensors that can detect your steps from 10 or 26 feet. Other sensors work on the basis of the day and night. Motion sensors can keep your home safe.

Modern design: The light has a modern design, unlike traditional lamp styles. The main body of the fixture is black and the glass is transparent with beads over it. You can also use it as a spotlight to enhance the plants or some shelter or a pond in the garden.


  • Waterproof and secure lights
  • 7 hours of charging gives 12 hours of light
  • Eco-friendly and clean light
  • Waterproof material
  • High storage


  • Less lighting effects

Greluna Solar Wall Lights Outdoor-2 Modes Solar Led-Waterproof Lighting Warm White/Color Changing

Various companies including Greluna are selling the solar lights for outdoor wall, but see their features before buying them. You can install these solar fence lights easily as they don’t need the wiring of any kind. The product has 8 lights of superb quality.

Weather-resistant: These lights are made of high-grade ABS, so they are water-resistant. If you live in an area where rains often happen or snowfall occurs in winter, buy these lights immediately. Even the dust can’t make it dirty, so white color will remain pure.

High-tech product: The product is based on new technology. You can select two modes, like set it with changing colors or use a warm white light. You can use colorful lights at special events. White light is good for regular use.

Good charging: The light requires 6 hours to charge the battery completely so the light can work for non-stop 8 hours depending on if you charged it properly.

The product: It includes 8 solar wall lights with 16 screw plastic grooves and 16 screws.

All-area light: The user can have Greluna solar lights for several areas, especially, for walls and fences in the driveways, gardens, patios, decks, and stairs. You can also install it on the wall near a planter to give it the spotlight effect.


  • Eco-friendly and weather-resistant
  • Cool affect
  • Good customer service
  • High-quality product with 8 lights
  • Easy installation
  • Waterproof and snow proof


  • Different modes need a powerful battery

InnoGear 24 LED Solar Lights-Dim to Bright-Motion Sensor-Outdoor Wall Light Security Light Night

We can stay safe and brighten up the exterior with the solar lights for outdoor wall made by InnoGera. The product has 24 LEDs that produce excellent illumination. The light has motion sensors, so it will turn on and off automatically when you are getting close to it.

Great function: The top features make this light highly effective. The users can turn it on by just pressing the button before charging. After that, it will work automatically without your effort to step out and switch it on.

New design: The company has added new features to this product so consider it a new version. It is effective and durable than before. The current technology prevents the light from overcharging. Besides, it also prevents the back-flow current.

Effective motion sensors: The motion sensors make this solar light more useful than the lights without them.  InnoGera 24 LED lamp can detect the movement from about 16 feet.

Quick installation: The user can install this light easily through instructions. It has two keyholes for the screws to mount on the wall. Make sure to fix it tightly.

Monochromatic tone: The entire fixture is white with a white lamp that makes it stand among the black lights.

The product: It has four InnoGear 24 LEDs solar lights, 8 screws, and 8 expansion pillar-hinges, and a user guide.


  • Low-key frosted plastic
  • Weather-resistant-IP65
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Effective solar panel
  • Prevents over-charging
  • Back-flow current protection
  • Bright light with 150 lumens
  • Easy installation
  • 12-hour charging time
  • 24 strong LEDs


  • Delicate light


The above solar lights for outdoor wall are also suitable for fences, so one can install them according to the need. These lights have built-in light sensors. Some lights also have motion sensors and they start when they detect someone coming to them. Motion sensors also work when the vehicles are there.

All outdoor solar lights are waterproof so one can enjoy the lights even in the rain. The user has to install these lights where they face the sun. Most lights are rechargeable as they include a battery. The products vary like some have only 2 lights, some have 4 to 8 and even 12 lights.

The installation of such lights involves screws and the user has to first drill the holes in the walls. Some wall lights need a bracket for installation. The price of these lights varies depending on their quality and number of features. Lights with motion sensors are expensive than those without them.

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