10 Best Solar Lamp Posts Lights Outdoor Reviews 2021

Solar lights have given a new version to the industry with a huge variety. Solar lamp post lights are not new but now, we have more powerful products than before. These lights have built-in solar panels of different types. The built-in battery makes this light always working as you can recharge it.

The user can install the post light in a planter to enhance the flowers or can mount it in the yard, front door, patio, or around the street. Large lights are suitable for the roads, but small lamps are good for small pathways, etc. You won’t find solar lamp post lights without a waterproof material.

Buying Guide

People are always curious to know about products they are going to buy so this article is for them. The quality of the solar post lights is important and various factors determine it. So, let’s have a look at them.

Solar Panels

This is not amazing that we should look at the quality of the solar panels. The panels must be waterproof and should have the ability to absorb maximum solar power because this is what we need in this case.

Quality of Battery

Battery life depends on its capacity to store the power being captured by solar panels. Battery should be rechargeable to prevent a frequent replacement. But, the solar post lights also have replaceable batteries.

Choose solar lamp post lights with more batteries as that can cost you less. But, the lights with rechargeable batteries are the best as they are economical.


The fixture and lights should have the ability to keep water and snow away. Likewise, the UV rays must not affect any material like plastic. The lamps having a resistance against the rust and dust are better, so focus on these features.

Warranty and Customer Service

Ensure before buying that the company is offering a certain warranty. The product should also include an after-sales service. You can ask these features from the salesperson or through making a call to the manufacturer.

10 Best Solar Lamp Post Lights Reviewed & Rated

1. Westinghouse Intelligent Solar Post Light Outdoor

Post lights though come up with new technology, their design is mostly traditional like the old English styles. If you look at solar lamp post lights, they would remind you of classical movies with people walking around the road with a hat over and these lights around them. Let’s start with the first light known as Westinghouse solar light.

Various functions: This light is not only good for roads but you can also install it in the yard, garden, pathway, patio, and driveway. This light has a double head that makes it so durable.

Detectable battery: The light has sensors inside it that place the battery on charging after detecting its capacity. However, make sure to charge it for 10 to 12 hours for the first time before installation.

Multiple modes: It has two lighting modes, including the high and low mode. You can use any mode that suits you.

Multiple panels: There are solar panels of two different materials in this light, including polycrystalline and amorphous solar panels. In total, the lamp has 8 solar panels of both materials.

Weather-resistance light: This post light has an aluminum base and glass lenses that resist extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, etc. Besides, the pole is of stainless steel.

The product: It includes 2 solar post lights, 3 poles, one lamp base, one crossbar, 6 screws, 5 nuts, an instruction manual, and a warranty card.


  • Multiple solar panel materials
  • Two modes, including 100 and 1200 lumens
  • 8 hours of light
  • 2000mAh rechargeable battery
  • LED with automatic function
  • Weather-resistant
  • DIY installation


  • Won’t work under the shade
  • Humidity makes it less effective

2. Greluna Solar Lamp Post Lights

Greluna is never behind in giving us functional products. You will get the same illumination as much as you charge. You can save energy by using the solar lamp post lights for small homes and streets.

Let’s install it: Just use the screws to install it as it has no wires. Install it on the lawn, in a planter, or in some wooden deck. It is not ideal for a concrete surface. The front and backdoors can also become secure.

Excellent battery: charge Greluna lights for 8 hours and illuminate your home for 8 hours without interruption. Make sure to install it under the direct sun or it won’t work.

Two lighting levels: you can select the low bright light or high bright mode as you require. A low mode gives a dramatic effect to the place, whereas the bright mode fully illuminates the backyard, front door, garden, or pool area. The high mode is also good for the streets to keep burglars away.

Effective lighting sensors: only good lighting sensors give it an effective feature that automatically turns on and off. Besides, the waterproof feature further enhances its function and keeps it safe from the weather affects.

Better battery: It has a built-in battery with an average capacity of up to 600 mAh. The user can recharge it when its storage is over.


  • IP45 rating
  • Approved product
  • A cheap solar post light
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Decorative item
  • Customer-friendly
  • Low and high mode
  • Secure product
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Normal waterproof rating

3. Gama Sonic GS-106S-G Baytown Lamp Post

You would see a variety of colors in Gama Sonic fixtures like grey, black, and brown. This is a high-quality solar lamp post light with a built-in battery. It starts to charge on its own in the day and functions at night.

Easy to mount: The light includes the EZ anchor that allows us to install it anywhere. However, don’t mount it on a concrete surface. Unlike other post lights, it has a built-in indicator that tells us that the installation is complete.

Two modes: It has two lighting modes including the bright white and warm white and both give a different effect.  Choose a mode according to the lighting effect you want to create in the yard or patio or a pathway.

Wire-free lamp: You don’t need wires to install and run these lights. The solar panels will light it up through the sun absorption, and the battery stores energy that turns to light when there is no sun.

Use anywhere: It is not only for pathways or roads, but buy this light for a garage, house exterior, or around the pool and a patio. Even you can place it in the planter.

Waterproof panels: The solar panels resist the water and snow, making them durable because they are made of monocrystalline material.


  • High-grade solar panel
  • Two lighting modes
  • Secure installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Strong battery
  • Long lighting hours
  • Weather-resistant
  • Energy-saving
  • Cost-effective


  • Won’t work in the clouds

4. Greluna 40 Inches Mini Solar Lamp Post Lights Outdoor

This is a beautiful light by Greluna with a new version that needs less time to charge. You can have a bright patio with the help of effective solar lamp post lights. Get secure with this light on your front door. If there is a door in the backyard, the light would keep it bright.

Great illumination: After 6 and 8 hours of charging, you will get the light for ten hours by keeping the mode low. However, a high mode would be effective for either six or eight hours.

Wireless mounting: It is so hard to handle a post light with wires, besides they can make us vulnerable to an electric shock in the rain. But, this post light does not need any cable. Just mount it under the direct sun and get the power at night.

IP44 rating: The light is waterproof so install it anywhere outside. IP44 gives it strength to resist the rain and snow in the same way. It will also remain safe from the dust.

Add décor: This newer version of Greluna solar post light would enhance the landscape, giving a décor to your home. Even the boundary wall would become attractive. The main entrance with the pillars would also become secure and beautiful.

The product: It includes two solar lights, six screws, six plastic grooves, two plastic sockets, and a manual.


  • Weatherproof post lights
  • Good customer service
  • Includes low and high mode
  • 600mAh rechargeable battery
  • Good for planters


  • The high mode reduces the power faster

5. Greluna 67″ Solar Lamp Post Lights Outdoor

This is another ideal product from Greluna that is popular for creating the top solar lights. The benefit of vintage light is that it gives a classic look to your place, be it home or small outdoor restaurants or some other areas.

Multipurpose light: The pathway, the garden, the streets, small lawns, yards, and the front doors, all can get light if you install the solar post fixture around them.

Upgrade version: This fixture was upgraded so it is better than the previous model. With two modes, you can make it high or low with more bright and less bright light. The low light mode can give you a spotlight effect.

Place it in the planter: People love these solar lamps because they install it in the planter. The lights make flowers beautiful when the rest of the garden is dark.

Premium battery: It has an 800mAh battery that allows you to recharge it when possible.

IP45 rating: The waterproof rating is IP45 that is good at resisting water. However, it is less effective than plastic with an IP65 rating. However, the light remains neat as the dust can’t stay on it. Metal, glass, and plastic, all are waterproof.


  • Effective battery life
  • Decorative and functional light
  • Provides security
  • Energy-saving
  • Weather-resistant
  • Two modes ( 25 and 50 lumens)
  • Produces light for 6 to 8 hours
  • A nice gift item


  • Low waterproof rating

6. Greluna 72″ Solar Lamp Post Lights Outdoor

This is a new version of solar light with newer qualities, such as high-grade plastic. It is also known as a triple head solar lamp, hence it is huge. Besides, it is a long post light compared to others.  It is ideal for the outdoor purposes because of its style and size.

Easy to assemble: You can assemble all parts of the light in a better way. Besides, the instruction manual will help you in assembling.

Easy mounting: The mounting is also simple as the light has different screws with it. You can even remove it easily if you want to place it somewhere else. Since there are no wires, so the chances of the accident are zero.

Bright light: These are the best solar lamp post lights that produce excellent brightness. The battery is replaceable and takes less time to charge it, giving 8 hours of light at night.

Multipurpose lights: You can use these lights in the yard, patio, front door, and all such outdoor areas. The classical design adds an ambiance to the outdoor.


  • Heat-resistance
  • Waterproof lamps
  • Frost-resistance
  • High-grade plastic
  • Bright lights
  • Cost-effective
  • Top class light sensors
  • A 600mAh replaceable battery


  • It is heavier than other solar post lamps

7. Kemeco ST4221SSP4 LED Cast Aluminum Solar Lamp Post Light with Planter-Arm Hook

This is an attractive aluminum lamp with excellent qualities. It comes up with a planter that increases its importance among other lights. You can use it in a patio, backyard, garden, or can place it in the pathway to make it bright with white light.

Upgraded design: The light is designed with four solar panels of large size, hence it is very effective. The monocrystalline solar panels ensure maximum absorption. The design includes a top-quality LED that gives 75 lumens.

Rechargeable battery: The battery is inside the light so you can recharge it when it is out of power. Only the solar power and panels can recharge the battery, but its capacity also matters. Kemeco has inserted 1000mAh battery so it can store the maximum sunlight, besides the product has 3 batteries.

Decorative item: Other than getting illumination, you can add décor to the exterior. It is a combination of a stainless steel post, aluminum head, and tiffany-glass. Whereas the planter is also attractive with a square shape and grooves over it. On the other hand, the arm hooks give it a vintage look, making it prominent.

Warm white: You will get the warm white effect with 12 LEDs.

The product: It includes one solar post light, 3 rechargeable batteries, and one instruction manual.


  • Four powerful solar panels
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Stylish design
  • One-year warranty
  • Effective LED
  • 8-hours long performance


  • Needs 24 hours charging in the beginning

8. Chason Solar Post Lights Outdoor

The shape of this light is though typical, but you would find it effective. It is a cap light for the posts and fences that have a compatible size. It includes 15 Lumen LED that is suitable for any outdoor purpose.

How to install: You don’t always need to fix them with screws as you can place them on the pillars, posts, or fences. Remove it whenever you want and it won’t hurt you. The user can place it on the 4×4 and 6×6 inch posts or pillars.

Replaceable battery: The battery is rechargeable and replaceable too. When the battery life is over, get another one, and start to charge it. Both the solar panel and the battery go well with each other.

Good lighting hours: You will get 8 hours of light, but charge it well. Initially, you need to charge a battery for several hours.

A durable fixture: From fixture to glass, all materials are waterproof. Besides, the light is also dustproof and the rust would never develop on it. Zero maintenance gives it another quality and makes it cost-effective.

The product: It includes 2 solar post lamps, installation accessories, and a manual.


  • Economical solar lamp
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Eco-friendly
  • Wide function
  • Automatic charging
  • A wire-free post lamp
  • Built with IP44 plastic


  • The size is suitable for specific post heads

9. Sterno Home GL23716BK Outdoor Solar LED Street Light-80” High-Black

It is easy to assemble street light with effective solar panels. The sensors work for long but they respond well with the intensity of the sunlight. After assembling, you will get the 80 inches high pole light that is good for streets and pathways. But, many people also install these solar lamp post lights inside the garden.

Attractive light: The classical design makes this light very attractive. You can also place it in the pot plant to enhance the flowers. This is the first generation light, hence expect a new version the next time.

All-purpose light: If you have a huge space around the pool, install these post lights there to make the pool area bright. The patio would also welcome these lights. Sterno Home ensures a great outdoor product for different areas.

High-function LEDs:  The light has 12 powerful LEDs giving a nice glow to the exterior. The bulbs are also durable and would stand by the fixture for many years.

Water-resistant structure: The entire structure is waterproof that’s why we install it outside. Whether it is raining or there is a snowfall, nothing would harm this post light. You don’t need to remove and reinstall it during cloudy days.

A cool white light: The lamp produces a cool white light with the help of 4 solar panels of premium quality. The panels have built-in light sensors that work automatically.

Cast aluminum manufacturing: Aluminum gives this post light so much strength. Besides, it prevents the light from rust, further enhancing the durability. The entire structure needs zero maintenance.

The product: It includes one solar light, three rechargeable batteries, and a manual.


  • Easy assembly
  • 50 lumens produce an excellent glow
  • A cheap light
  • Stylish design
  • Produces cool white light
  • One-year warranty
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Economical solar lamps


  • Initially, it needs long charging hours

10. Chason Solar Post Lights Outdoor

This retro lamp is ideal for placing over the posts, pillars, or fences. But, there is no lack of innovation so you can also place these lights on the ground where the pets can’t harm them.

New technology: Though the design of the post light is classical, it has a new technology inside it in the form of solar panels. The light ensures a secure area and no one would dare to enter your premises.

Accident-free installation: The absence of the wires provides a hassle-free installation, besides, the accidents can’t happen. Read instructions to know its battery better as well as the other specification.

Other protective features: The material of the light can resist water and frost or snow, etc. Even the sun heat cannot damage this product. Install it in the patio or a pathway or your backyard. The front door and the boundary wall would also remain safe with this solar post lamp.

Soft light: If you want to create a soft impact on the outdoor, this lamp would serve you. You don’t need to bear the sharp glare as this light has a cool effect.


  • High-quality 15 Lumen bulb
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Portable lamp
  • Energy-saving and economical
  • Produces 8 hours of light
  • Variety of function
  • Zero maintenance
  • Sunscreen light


  • It is not for the posts less than 4×4 inch size


In the above section, we described the best solar lamp post lights with various qualities. Some lights include posts, whereas some only have lamps without the posts. The assembly of the light is easy and so is the installation. The lamps without the posts are portable, but those with the posts have a secure installation.

The material of all the lights are waterproof and also resist dust, and the UV rays can’t damage plastic or metal. Generally, these lights have an aluminum structure so they keep the rust away. They have built-in rechargeable batteries. However, some solar lamps have replaceable batteries. Most lamps need zero maintenance, so consider them economical.

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