7 Best Solar Heater For Above Ground Pool Reviews 2021

The sun has been serving us since the existence of this universe. New technology has made our lives simpler than before through solar products. Now, we can enjoy swimming with solar heaters for above ground pools. It wasn’t possible a few years back.

These heaters work through pool pumps and filters which send water back to the pool after passing it through the panels. The entire process raises water temperature like from 6 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Most solar heaters for above ground pools have two solar panels but you can also buy more if your pool is large. These heaters are suitable for different pools and people of all age groups find them useful.

Buying Guide

Only the swimmers would understand the importance of the solar heaters for above ground pools because they miss when they can’t swim due to cold water. The heaters can also work for in-ground pools depending on the manufacturing. But, special heaters are also available only for in-ground pools.

The heaters have solar panels of up to 20 feet to 50 feet long and even more than that. Some heaters are only good for square or rectangular pools, but some are suitable for both round and linear pools. These heaters work through built-in hoses and the users can connect them with a pool pump.

The entire heating unit functions by cycling the water from the pool to the solar panel and to the pool again. The better is the header and the pump better would be the function of the heater. Generally, it heats up water from 10 to 15 degrees F, however, the panel’s sun exposure is the most important factor for heating.

Now, the issue is that so many products in the market are overwhelming us so how to have an effective heater. We are giving you some features for a wise investment in a long-term solar heating unit.

The Material

Solar panels are generally made of polypropylene which is high-grade in its function. These panels are waterproof and the rain can’t affect them so they would last for long. If you see other materials, explore their qualities before buying that product.

Purpose of Heater

The basic purpose of the heater is to give you warm water during spring or fall or even in winter. It should increase the water temperature up to 10 degrees that is the minimum level as some heaters also provide 15 degrees F temperature. Read the specs to see what temperature heater offers.

Solar Heater Size

Buy a heater that is suitable for your pool size. Also, look at its shape to see if it’s good for a round pool or for an oval and rectangular pool. Some heaters suit all shapes but some are for specific pools. Also, see if there is enough space around the pool to keep a long panel.

Conversion Rate

Solar products’ basic function is to convert the solar heat to the power that can light up a fixture or can heat water. So, the conversion rate of the solar heater should be high to get the desired results.

Check for Pump

Ensure that the heater would be compatible with an existing pool pump. As if it is not so, you will have to buy another pump that would be an added cost. The pump should also be powerful enough for water flow and should work fast.

Check for Hose

In general, the heaters have built-in hoses so check their quality. Make sure that leaks don’t happen in the unit as it would become a waste product. Certain companies make poor solar heaters that develop leaks after a year or even before that.

 Right Installation

Almost all the products have an instruction manual with them, so read it before installing a heater on your own. If you can’t install it, get a professional installer. A wrong installation would not bring the right outcome. Make sure, all accessories are there with the product or you will have to buy an installation kit.

Suitable Area

A solar product can’t work if it is not exposed to the sun. You can’t put the solar heater near a covered pool. The panel must face the sun directly so it can absorb the maximum sunlight and convert it to the power that gives us hot water. It won’t work in the clouds or areas where the sun appears only for a short time.

Find the Warranty

Only a few companies offer a refund upon an issue with the heater. Read all the details of the product including its warranty time. Some products offer only a one year warranty, but some offer five years warranty. Spending some money today would prevent the maintenance cost that is likely to happen in the future.

Affordable Price

You must know the price that you can pay easily for an effective solar heater. If you have an open budget, don’t just throw money on unreliable products. Read our reviews to find a cost-effective heater. If the company is offering a discount, check its motive as it should not sell you the poor quality.

7 Best Solar Heaters for Above Ground Pools Reviewed & Rated

1. SunHeater S120U Universal Solar Pool Heater 2 by 20-Feet- Black

Top brands like SunHeater are always creating something new with upgrade qualities. Such as, the solar heaters for above-ground pools have a new version of the latest technology. This product has made swimming so comfortable than before.

Bearable temperature: The product works fast and heats up water up to 6 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The swimmer feels calm when dives in the pool in the evening or on a cold day.

Multipurpose heater: This is ideal for both in-ground and above-ground pools. It would help you increase your pool season up to a week.

Effective design: The company designed this heater to convert solar energy to heat at a maximum rate. The entire body of the heater becomes exposed to the sun when you place it near the pool.

Easy to mount: Installation of this solar heater is entirely DIY. Like you can install it on some fence, on a rock, on the roof, or simply on the ground.

Cost-effective: You can connect it with the pool pump, hence, you don’t need to buy a new pump. Besides, the cost of the unit is also affordable. Its maintenance cost can be minimum, depending on how you take care of it.

Compatible with multiple shaped pools: The heater is ideal for a round and oval pool. You can check your pool size before buying this heater.

Suitable to all: People with any age group and gender can swim happily when the water is bearable. Elderly people don’t need to stop swimming in the fall because they have this heater.

Good for a pool party: You can arrange a pool party in spring and all the participants can enjoy the longer swimming hours. Schools also install this heater for the kids, hence it is a valuable product.


  • Cost-effective
  • Goes well with a round and oval pool
  • Maximum exposure to the sun
  • Excellent material
  • Durable solar panel
  • Compatible with any regular pool pump


  • Not ideal for a rectangular pool

2. SmartPool S240U Pool Solar Heaters

This is another version of universal solar heaters. Whether your pool is over the ground or in the ground, S240U will be effective for you. If you are looking for useful solar heaters for above ground pools, do try this product.

Though its shape is rectangular, you can also use it for a round pool as you can curve the panels. It will increase the water temperature up to 10 degrees F.

Polypropylene solar panel: A solar product depends on its material that can perfectly convert the solar energy to heat that we require for the water. This heater has a polypropylene structure, which is famous as durable material.

Dual adapters: The heater has dual threaded elbow adapters that make it work for a long. The unit also becomes reliable due to this component.

Easy installation method: You can install it by yourself and according to your comfort. You can also remove it by using a reel system provided by the same company.

Supports a direct flow: The S240U supports a direct flow through a header hole. Besides, the flow would be fast and uninterrupted.

Clean heating: There won’t be any smoke or other pollution because the function happens due to solar power. The swimmer can enjoy the flow of water with calm breathing.

Waterproof panel: The weather won’t affect the panel because of its waterproof material. Since the unit works through water so it has to be durable and effective.

The product: It includes four S.S clamps, 4end caps, one roll of Teflon tape, one rubber connector hose, and a bonus solar pill.


  • English, Spanish, and French Manual Guide
  • Supports a DIY installation
  • High-end conversion
  • Ideal for a rectangular pool
  • Includes all pool accessories
  • Portable
  • Dual adapters


  • A bit costly

3. XtremepowerUS Inground/Above Ground Swimming Pool Solar Panel Heating System 28″ X 20′

The solar heaters for above ground pools include another item by XtremepowerUS, but you can also use it for in-ground pools. It has a durable making and the function is also of high quality.

Fast function: The heater works through a pump along with a filter and both circulate the pool water through the solar panel, making water warm and sending it back to the pool.

Low future costs: Though initially, you have to spend some money, the heater will prove cost-effective because it would hardly need any maintenance. The swimmer can enjoy the water flow for a longer period.

Suitable size: It has enough size to cover a large pool as its dimension is 2’x20’. The panels are so large that they can absorb enough solar energy. However, the size of your pool will determine the number of panels you require.

Budget-friendly: You will not have to spend more to have a reliable heater like XtremePowerUS. It has a minimum maintenance cost that further reduces the expenses.

Lightweight panel: The panel is though big, its weight is less. It is made of black polypropylene and we all know that the black absorbs heat more than other colors. You can transport it easily and can handle it while installing. You don’t need extra labor to move this heating unit.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Effective and large solar panels
  • Ideal for above-ground and in-ground pool
  • Compatible with average pool pumps
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Extended swimming season
  • Easy to roll
  • Lockable panels
  • Simple installation


  • A 1.5hp pump needs a diverter kit
  • Sometimes the panel sizes vary

4. Doheny’s Above Ground Solar Heating Systems – 2.5 x 20 Solar Heating 1 Collector, All Hardware

Most brands are making heaters, which are effective for both in-ground and over ground pools, but Doheny is different. This brand makes exclusively the solar heaters for above ground pools so you will get a special product. Such green heating keeps the surrounding atmosphere clean.

Good size: The size of this heater is 2.5x 20 feet that can heat any large size pool. It can increase the water temperature up to 10 or 15 degrees F that is more than several solar heaters available in the market.

Durable material: The solar panel can last for several years because it is made of polypropylene that is a fast converter.

Clean energy: Since everything is solar in this case, hence there won’t be any pollution. You will get clean heating and won’t get any breathing issues.

Money-saving: You will not have to spend on electricity as you only spend money once on the solar panels and then use it as long as it is working.

Simple to install: The installation kit is essential for this heater. You just need to place the solar panel near a pool and under the sun and connect it to the pool pump. The rest will happen through the filter system that passes water from the panel where it gets hot and goes back to the pool.

Flexible function: Unlike other solar heaters, it can also work with a rigid pool pump. So, it is also ideal for commercial buildings.


  • Durable and large panel
  • Long-lasting unit
  • Good conversion rate
  • 5-years warranty
  • Lightweight polypropylene


  • Installation needs a mounting kit

5. Fafco Solar Pool Heater for Above-Ground Swimming Pools

This is another large solar heater that can give you comfortable hot water in the evening. You can also swim in winter, provided you live in a sunny area. Fafco makes high-quality solar heaters for above ground pools and people can’t wait to buy them. It heats the water up to 10 degrees F.

More effective: It is the latest product and efficient than several heaters in the market. Imagine clean heating without any gas emitting and without monthly bills. A device without pollution will help you breathe in a clean atmosphere. For good performance tilt 10 to 30 degrees to the south.

Goes well with any pool:  Fafco solar heater is compatible with any existing pool. You don’t need to buy extra panels for a pool with more than 20 feet. However, the temperature depends on the area as well because it should have an intense sun.

Reliable unit: This heating unit is reliable because the panel has several tubes compared to other heaters. However, if you want perfect heating, make sure that the square footage value of the panel should be close to 50% of the pool area.

Ideal for all: Whether young or old, men or women, kids or adults, the heater will suit everyone in the family. You can also arrange a pool party in the evening. Call your friends and have a swimming competition with warm water.

DIY placement: You can bring the heater and place it on the ground. The entire process of connecting the solar panel with the pump is given in the instruction manual.


  • Long-lasting panel and accessories
  • Effective heating
  • 100% reliable
  • DIY installation
  • Instruction manual
  • Stabilized polyethylene


  • Lacks the installation kit

6. SunQuest 2-2’X20′ Solar Swimming Pool Heater

Some solar heaters are also for in-ground pools, so they would help you to reduce your search for only the solar heaters for above ground pools. SunQuest is such a brand that has reduced our effort to buy a separate heater for different types of pools.

Good size: The solar panel has a large size that can warm the water of a large pool. The heater comes up with hoses that enhance water circulation. The 2” OD headers prevent extra pressure on the pump.

No more new pumps: The heater goes well with an existing pool pump, so you don’t have to go out and buy another pump. Make sure to connect the pump properly. You can read the guide that comes up with this product.

Prevents pollution: With green heating, there is no chance of pollution. The swimmer would not have any breathing issues. Even your kids can swim without getting hurt. You will not have any worry of getting sick due to cold water.

Excellent heating: The heater can increase the water temperature up to 10 degrees like several other solar heaters. You can extend your swimming period by using this effective unit.

Professional grade quality: Like several expensive heaters, SunQuest also brings high-end quality. So, don’t consider it an ordinary product.


  • DIY installation
  • Effective solar panel
  • Pool accessories
  • Well-built header
  • Most reliable and high performance
  • Allows an early spring to late fall swimming
  • 1-1/4” and 1-1/2” hose


  • Vulnerable to leak, so it needs extensive care

7. Blue Wave NS6028 SolarPRO Curve Solar Heater for Above Ground Pools

It is a unique and lightweight product that works fast. The solar heaters for above ground pools like Blue Wave will give you the swimming opportunity for several months. Don’t sit inside if you feel cold in the evening or if it is fall. Get this heater and install near your pool to get hot water.

Curved panel: The company made it curved just because such a shape enables more exposure to the sun. More heat absorption means increased water temperature for long.

Too long: The length of this heater is 51 feet which is larger than the ordinary solar heaters. Imagine how many pools can take benefit from this heater.

Supports different pools: You can also use it for a round pool of 30 feet with 1200 gallon water.

No more pollution: With green heating, there is no chance of pollution. Swim happily without having any breathing difficulty.

Reduced cost: A one-time purchase will save you from high electricity or gas bills that we get against heating. You will also feel relaxed with such a reliable and cost-effective heater.

Easy to install: You can install it after reading the instructions. Make sure to use a 1.25-in or 1.5-in hose which is there with it. You can install it by using the stainless steel hose clamps. It also allows us to connect it with various pools due to a variety of hoses.


  • Large enough for larger pools
  • Heating capacity is higher than the older brands
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Also, suits the round pool
  • More exposure to the sun
  • Built-in hoses reduce the cost
  • Green heating prevents pollution


  • Vulnerable to leaks


After going through all reviews, we discovered that different companies make solar heaters for above ground pools with different lengths. The length of the pool determines the length of the solar heater. These heaters either have the installation kit or you will have to buy it separately. Lightweight panels are easy to install, especially for new users. The size of the hose and the pump also play an important role so one should consider it. The entire water circulation system must be foolproof that depends on the quality of the components and the right installation. In general, the users can easily install the heater, but professionals are also available in the market.

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