10 Best Solar Ground Lights (Review 2020)

10 Best Solar Ground Lights (Review 2020)

In this polluted environment, solar lights have become everyone’s need today because they are green lights. Before going through the best solar ground lights, we must understand the purpose. Solar lights vary, like they are either for gardens, for streets, or camping, etc. Generally, these lights are for outdoors, especially those with built-in solar panels.

On the other hand, the indoor solar lights have an outdoor solar panel of huge capacity. The panel has to be under the direct sun with enough conversion rate to turn solar energy into electricity. Read below the guide and 10 examples of the best solar ground lights. These lights are for yards, landscapes, and pathways or pools, etc.

Buying Guide

Before you get confused after reading the below reviews, we will explain a few factors that would help you select the right light. Each light has some characteristics that determine its effectiveness. You can compare different lights before reaching some conclusion. Look at the below features for better guidance.


The material of solar lights should be waterproof. Generally, such lights are a combination of plastic and metal. Make sure that the metal is stainless steel because other metals catch rust and the body of light gets corrosion after a while. Only waterproof lights are long-lasting.

Also, make sure that the light resists intense weather like rains, snow, heat, and storm, etc. The material of light with IP67 is better in terms of resisting water than the light with IP64 or IP65.

Solar Panel

The best solar ground lights have built-in solar panels that must have new technology. Old solar panels are less effective. You can read the specs to see the conversion rate of the panel.

Installation System

These lights mostly have the stakes, so you can install them with ease. The stakes keep the lights intact and pets cannot damage them. Even the small kids won’t play with them. Lights without spikes are also good but they are vulnerable to theft.


Though these lights are decorative, they should provide enough illumination if you want them for the pathways or steps. A well-illuminated place will keep your kids safe when they are playing on the lawn. The pets would also feel secure and won’t create noise in the dark. Feeding your pets at night would also become easy.

Charging Time

Make sure the battery has a huge capacity to store more sunlight. But, it should not prolong the charging time. A battery with less charging hours and more lighting hours seems a good solution.

Explore A Few Products

Don’t buy something in a hurry because there is a huge variety of solar lights. Read our reviews and compare the qualities of all the lights. You can also explore more products for more comparison, especially if you are buying online.

Lighting Sensors

Also, make sure that the lighting sensors work well, otherwise, the product would go in the dustbin. The automatic function should be effective and long-lasting.


The light should not be so expensive and the solar panel must have a high conversion rate. Several lights in one pack also reduce the overall cost. The product must work for long so you can save power.

Other Benefits

The product must have some warranty to ensure a safe purchase. Some companies offer a full refund upon some damage. Also, check for shipping to see if it would be safe and quick. People often complain about damaged lights, so be clear in this regard.

WdtPro Solar Ground Lights Outdoor, 10 LED Solar Disk Lights, IP67 Waterproof Solar Garden Lights for Pathway Garden Yard Walkway Pool

People prefer WdtPro because of the variety of functions it produces. The main thing is to light up the area of your garden. However, these lights can also enhance certain parts of plants. The best solar ground lights are also good for parks and farmhouses.

Functional for long: The battery is large and saves enough energy to power up the bulb. It takes 4 to 6 hours in charging and it is effective for more than 10 hours depending on the usage.

Good illumination: The light has 10 LEDs of high power so it is good for large outdoors. You can even use it for events being arranged in a marque. The product is also automatic just like any solar light.

Good waterproof material: The IP67 grade material protects the light from water and snow as well. The sun can’t destroy the ABS due to its high strength, besides the material is also approved.

Spike installation: No need for screws or nails and wires. Just insert the spike in the ground and you are done with installation. You can also use it without spikes by placing it on the deck or paved patio.


  • Environment-friendly light
  • Longer battery life
  • High strength solar system
  • Money-back guarantee for 90 days
  • 1-year free replacement


  • Need care as metal can get scratches

Solar Ground Lights, Newest Design Solar Disk Lights Outdoor, Waterproof Patio Garden Pathway In-Ground Lights – Warm White

This is another type of effective light that would never disappoint its users. The disk design is unique among all other best solar ground lights. The paths, patios, decks, waterfalls, all can become bright with a warm yellow light.

High-tech panel: The light has an inner solar panel of high technology. This panel can absorb as much light as you can imagine.

What about the battery: It has a 1800mAh Ni-MH battery that ensures high storage and power, unlike smaller batteries. The battery is enough for 8LEDs. Due to high capacity, you will have to charge it for up to 12 hours in the beginning.

Lovely appearance: The light seems simple in the day but when it’s dark, yellow warm light looks stunning among green elements. The black center further enhances warm yellow. However, white light is also available.

High-end protection: ABS comes up with IP 65 strength and fully protects the fixture from rainwater and snow, etc. A year of usage can’t damage this light.

Simple to use: You can just place it on the ground due to its disk design. However, spikes are also there.

The product: It includes 4 solar ground light, 4 spikes, and a user guide.


  • Greta illumination
  • Water, heat, and snow-resistant
  • 30-days full refund
  • Quick customer support
  • Also available in white light


  • Easy to steal

Karvipark Solar Ground Lights, 12 LED Garden Lights Solar Powered Patio Outdoor Lights Waterproof In-ground

This is also a pack of 4 lights that can brighten up a large area. Use it anywhere outside because it has a great strength to resist water, snow, and intense heat. The best solar ground lights are not complete without Karvipark. One light has 12 LEDs so the brightness would be awesome.

Built-in spikes: The light has spikes already behind it, so just buy it, charge for a few hours, and insert it in the soil near stones or grass, etc.

Environment-friendly: Let’s take advantage of high level IP65 ABS and PC. It is not only waterproof but also rustproof so it will not corrode. Even the grass mowing can make cracks on the light. Also, the button and the ring is waterproof.

Automatic: It turns on at night and gets off in the day due to the built-in sensors. But, make sure the panel is clean as an unclean solar panel will absorb less power.

Safe for eyes: The light does not produce a harmful glare for the eyes. It also keeps the surrounding place safe, protecting it from pollution.

Stylish hexagon shape: Unlike typical round lights, this product has a hexagon shape. Black edges enhance the star-like illumination, especially among the grass and green plants.


  • 600 mAh capacity
  • 10-hours battery time
  • Quick charging
  • Safe illumination
  • User-friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Dustproof and weather-resistant


  • An unclean solar panel does not work

Tysonir Solar Ground Lights Disk Lights Solar Powered 8 LED Outdoor in-ground Solar Lights

The reason for using the best solar ground lights is their innovative qualities as presented by Tysonir. This is another form of disk light with 8 LEDs of high power. Read below for more info about this product.

Zero installation hassle: The disk has rivets on the back to insert in the ground. Within a few seconds, you can light up your place.

Multipurpose light: Now, it’s so easy to design your garden with ground lights like Tysonir. Imagine the park, street, patio, poolside, and small areas with this light.

No more damage with water: The light has IP65 waterproof rate that prevents it from water. Nothing can damage the glass, the battery, the solar panel. It will also work well in the snow.

Energy-saving: The light saves energy with a balanced function. Built-in lighting sensors function according to the sun.

Warm white: You would get warm white from this fixture that creates a unique environment all around it. Besides, it also protects us from polluted energy.

Long battery life: The battery will be with you for years. Charge it once and use it for 8 hours without stopping. No more electricity bills because you have solar energy stored by this battery.


  • 14% energy conversion rate
  • 24-hour customer support
  • Compact design
  • Simple installation with rivets
  • High-grade ABS
  • Warm white enhances the greenery


  • Disk shape looks to flat

Otdair Solar Ground Lights, 8 LED Warm Light Outdoor Solar Disk Lights, Waterproof In-Ground Lights, Solar

This one spike disk light is unique in its own way. Most of the best solar ground lights are flat and simple with a disk shape. The light is suitable for several places like gardens, patios, decks, poolside, and pathways.

Good illumination: If you need bright light all around the plant, use warm light. With 8LEDs, your garden and walkways would get bright.

Effective function: Another good feature is the 600mAh battery that is good enough for a longer period. With this capacity, you will have to charge it from 6 to 8 hours to get 10-hours illumination.

Nice color combination: A combination of white and black creates a charisma to the landscape.

Other features: Install it with a spike on its back within a few seconds. The material has waterproof properties that ensure safe function in any season.


  • Excellent function
  • Easy mounting
  • 8 LEDs create warm white
  • Stainless steel and ABS structure
  • IP65 waterproof
  • 24-hour customer service


  • Too simple design

GigaLumi Solar Ground Lights, 8 LED Solar Powered Disk Lights Outdoor Waterproof Garden Landscape Lighting -White

Gigalumi is famous for making high-quality solar lights, including the best solar ground lights. The user can just go online, buy this light, and get fast and safe shipping.

An easy way to install: There is one spike on the back of the disk. Unpack all lights and insert the spike in the ground according to your desire.

Effective panel and battery: Solar panels absorb the sunlight and convert it into power in a short possible time. Charging would take 4 or 6 hours depending on the sun. The user would enjoy the illumination for up to 10 hours.

Strong structure: The light has a durable structure like S.S that can withstand all types of weather. A rainy day won’t affect the light, likewise, the snow will not harm it.

Cool decor: The light would give a nice decor to the courtyard, gardens, sidewalks, patios, corridors, and pathways.


  • All-purpose solar light
  • Longer battery time
  • Excellent 8LEDs
  • 90-days refund
  • Good customer service


  • The small size needs more care

Incx Solar Ground Lights, 12 Packs 8 LED Solar Garden Lamp Waterproof In-Ground Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Patio Pathway Lawn Yard Deck Driveway Walkway White

Incx produces a product with 12 best solar ground lights which are famous among lots of customers. With the help of cool white light, you can enhance the walkway, patio, pool, plants, and lots of other places.

The material: The company ensures high-grade waterproof plastic, hence the fixture would last for long. The body of the light is of stainless steel that resists the rust. The dust, the fog, and the snow will stay away from the light.

Battery capacity: A battery with 600 mAh is good to go for 10 hours if you charge the light for about 8 hours. However, sometimes, the hot sun can charge it in just 4 or 6 hours. So, once you get the product, you will have to focus on the sun’s intensity for the effective function of a solar panel.

High-tech sensors: The product has high-level sensors that give it an automatic feature. Install the lights and relax because it will work independently instead of a manual switch on and off function.

Attractive product: Incx makes attractive solar lights. This product is a good combination of blue and white, besides the star-like illumination further enhances this light.

Pet-friendly: Don’t get in tension if you have pets in the garden or patio. The light will stay safe because it is so strong.


  • Durable battery
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Good brightness
  • Waterproof, dustproof, and rust-proof
  • 24-hour customer support


  • Small lights need more care

Kdorrku Solar Garden Lights, Solar Ground Lights Outdoor Solar Landscape Lights with 8 LED, Waterproof Garden Lights

What an attractive solar light to enrich the landscape elements. The S.S body with a blue center and yellow light look so striking. The best solar ground lights have such a huge variety, including the Kdorrku.

Let’s charge it: Just place the light on the ground or insert it in the soil with its back spike. The sun will charge it within a few hours and will give you the light for 10 plus hours. Make sure the light is facing the sun.

Durable stakes: The stakes don’t get corrosion due to high-strength material. It feels so good to have a light without any wires.

User-friendly: The product is so simple to operate and install and even a child can handle it. It gives us clean energy, protecting us from any kind of pollution.

Economical solution: The company does not only produces cheap lights, but the way it helps us cut down the power expenses is also unbelievable.

Use it for a lifetime: Since the material resists water, snow, rust, and dust, so you will have it for years until you want to get rid of it. Besides, the manufacturer added 6 screws on the front to secure the glass.

Warning lights: If you place these lights on the steps, your kids would stay alert while playing. The same is true about elderly people.


  • Increased illumination
  • IP65 grade material
  • S.S repels rust and dust
  • User-friendly light
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable and bright 8LEDs
  • Marking lights
  • Good for a pet house


  • Vulnerable to theft

Dekugaa Solar Ground Lights, Upgraded Outdoor Garden Waterproof Bright in-Ground Lights for Lawn Pathway Yard

Like other solar lights, we must buy the best solar ground lights for outdoor use. The light creates white color and the place around it becomes even greener.

Natural feeling: If you place it near plants, you would feel so calm around the greenery, waterfall, birds, and flowers.

Environment-friendly: As it is a solar light so there won’t be a waste of energy nor any pollution. Green products are always good for all places and all age groups.

Good battery life: The battery would illuminate the LED for 12 plus hours after getting charged for 8 hours.

Flushed lights: The light has such a shape that you can just place it on the ground, hence no hassle of installation.


  • No more water or dust
  • IP65 ABS
  • Great brightness
  • Zero installation effort
  • Effective light sensors
  • Safe shipping
  • Fast customer service


  • Vulnerable to theft

Leknes Solar Ground Lights,Upgrade Solar Powered Solar Garden Lights Solar Disk Lights Outdoor Waterproof Solar

High capacity: among all other best solar ground lights, Leknes has a bigger battery with 1200mAh that can give us light for several hours. The light is suitable for various external areas as it will be equally good.

Disk light: The disk shape enables Leknes light to stay intact on the ground. Just take the lights out, switch them on and place them wherever you want.

More charging more light: High-level battery would help LEDs light up for 10 plus hours. More charging will also produce brighter light.

Safe for pets: You can install the light near a pet house to keep the pets secure. Besides, the pets would also stay calm at night with this soft light.

Auto switch on and off: An automated product saves our time because we don’t have to go out every time we need light. The light stays on until the sun rises and then it automatically gets on charging.

Quick mounting: Each light has two spikes to insert in the ground. The x-stake needs soft soil so if the ground is hard, sprinkle some water over it. Install it so that it can absorb as much light as it can during sunny hours. Some companies also sell already charged lights.


  • Compact disk design
  • High-capacity battery
  • IP64 waterproof grade
  • Environment-friendly
  • Installs within a few seconds


  • Only 4 lights in a pack
  • IP64 is a lower level than other lights


All the above lights are the best solar ground lights with a little difference. These lights are waterproof, rustproof, and also resist the snow. Some products have a pack of 4 lights but some have 6, 8, and 12 lights. The quality of the solar panel and the battery capacity determine the lighting hours. These lights help us in saving the power expenses, besides they are also safe for pets and kids.

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