5 Best Solar Gazing Balls With Stand Reviews [2022]

There are various ways to decorate an outdoor or landscape area, including decorative lights which are very important. You must use solar lights for this purpose that come in different categories, including the solar gazing balls. They are of glass and often have mosaic-type designs in multiple colors. These lights look stunning and increase the overall effect of an outdoor.

Solar globe lights are either hanging or you can place them on the stand or some other support like pillars, steps, garden table, etc. You can simply buy a solar gazing ball and place it wherever you want or hang it somewhere. Their features vary depending on the brand. We have the 5 best gazing balls, so let’s review them together.

5 Best Solar Gazing Balls Reviewed & Rated


1. Artisan Crafts Solar Hanging Glass Gazing Ball

If you want to add an attractive item to your landscape, Artisan Crafts solar gazing ball would be ideal. It comes with a rechargeable battery and resists intense weather. You can easily hang it with a hook and chain as you want.


  • A combination of yellow and red gives us a stunning glass ball. It is ideal for outdoor areas with green trees and plants.
  • It does not need any assembly because you can just buy it and place it outdoor where it can get bright sunlight.
  • The built-in solar panel has a good conversion if you place the globe in an ideal location. The ball will automatically illuminate at night after a whole day’s charging.
  • The ball consists of hand-blown glass that enhances its uniqueness. It stands out among other products due to its material and colors.
  • It is ideal for outdoor events or you can just decorate the garden in different ways. Be sure it gets the direct sunlight, or the solar panel won’t work.
  • The company delivers this solar ball well-covered with Styrofoam to protect the damage, and secure packaging makes it a good gift item.


  • Automatic function
  • Built-in panel
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Outdoor decor


  • Light is not that clear

2. Sunnydaze Gazing Globe with Solar Light

A beautiful mosaic gaze ball by Sunnydaze will decorate the lawn and cost nothing because it uses free solar energy. It has a 300mAh rechargeable battery and ideal for the landscape decor. You can also use it in the patio or yard of a house or some outdoor restaurant.


  • The solar gazing ball is environmental-friendly and cheap, besides, it does not need a professional installer.
  • A mixture of various blue tones feels soothing and calm to the mind and also gives strength to the surrounding nature.
  • The 10 inches size is ideal to handle, besides, you can’t hang a very large globe that seems misfit in your garden or patio.
  • The glass is durable and illuminated better than plastic. Besides, it is weather-friendly.
  • The built-in rechargeable battery and solar panel work together to store and provide energy to the globe. The solar panel can absorb the sunlight within 6 to 8 hours and convert it to power.
  • The Stemmed bottom of the globe has a rubber cap that helps it get stable on the support. You can place it on a special solar gazing ball stand or some pillar, garden table, step, etc.


  • 300mAh rechargeable battery
  • High-end panel
  • One-year warranty
  • Attractive mosaic design
  • Cool color tones


  • Excludes a stand


3. Sunnydaze Outdoor Hanging Gazing Globe

 Another Sunnydaze creation is a hanging solar gazing globe having just 6 inches diameter and 5.5 inches in height. It weighs just 1.8 pounds and ideal for small patios, lawns, or pillars. You can increase your home’s beauty with this globe light that needs no electricity.


  • You can hang it with a metal chain and hook it on a tree, patio beam, or other outdoor elements. It also looks stunning around a pool when you hang it on a post.
  • A blend of glass mosaic and light creates a unique style in the exterior. You can use one or two globes depending on the area and your choice.
  • The built-in solar panel charges the Ni-CD AA battery having a 300 mAh storage capacity. Both elements power up the LED light that illuminates for straight 8 hours.
  • The product comes with a glass globe and a metal chain. It’s easy to install in just a few minutes. The company also provides a warranty, so it’s a trustworthy product.
  • The gazing ball is also ideal for parties or festivals, provided they happen on sunny days. The glass is durable and weather-friendly, so install it without any worries.
  • If you want to give something special to your friend, this gazing ball would be ideal.


  • Attractive design
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Easy to hang
  • Smart size
  • Weather-friendly
  • One-year warranty


  • It is not compatible with a stand


4. Sunnydaze Solar Gazing Ball

Larger than the previous model, this solar powered gazing ball has a cracked glass concept. Blue and green tones stay cool in the intense sunlight and the lighting effect goes well with the surrounding. The LED light and the globe glass are durable and can cope with any weather.


  • The globe weighs only 4.6 pounds and it’s easy to install. You can place it wherever you want in direct sunlight.
  • You can install it in the garden, patio, terrace, or even on a roof garden. The globe will increase the ambiance of an outdoor event. Try it around white or yellow flowers and see how the globe stands out.
  • Like other gazing globes, it has a 300mAh rechargeable 1AA battery. The battery gets charged by a solar panel if it receives sunlight for 8 hours.
  • Various tones of blue and green with a mosaic design create a bright look in a boring outdoor. It also looks great around a pool, enhancing the blue pool tiles and water. You can also place it around a small pond or waterfall.
  • The bottom of the ball has a rubber cap to stay intact on the stand. You can also place it on an outdoor step, pillar, outdoor table, or garden bed.
  • Buy it for your home or gift it to your daughter or friend at her wedding. It’s a one-pack product, but you can buy more than one for a more decorative effect.


  • Cool mosaic patterns
  • Durable glass
  • Worry-free purchase
  • Charges fast
  • One-year warranty


  • It is not hanging

5. Alpine Corporation Solar Powered Gazing Ball

An advanced globe with multiple tones of violet and pink creates a soft outdoor. Unlike the above products, it is a solar gazing ball with stand, so you can save some good money. It has durable glass and a stand that will last for longer. Violet is a very soft color and leaves a good effect on one’s mood.


  • The globe has 10 LED lights that run with solar energy provided by a solar panel. You need to charge it under the sun, so install it carefully avoiding a shade.
  • You will get light for a whole night if you fully charge this solar ball. An outdoor party will glow with such cheap light. You can also use it in an outdoor wedding or some corporate event.
  • The metal stand can perfectly hold the globe, and you can place it around the planters for a creative effect. If you don’t like the stand, place it on the pillar or garden bed or some table.
  • If you place it around a pond, the water will reflect cool colors, soothing your nerves. Hence, you can play with your creativity through this solar ball. But make sure there is no shade over it or it will not capture the sunlight.
  • The built-in solar panel and battery give you free energy to illuminate an exterior. A globe with 10 inches width seems compatible with its surrounding items.
  • Alpine ensures you get a weather-friendly and decorative mosaic light that stays with you for years.


  • Multiple colors
  • Cheap product
  • Durable stand
  • Multiple applications
  • One-year warranty 


  • You cannot hang it
  • Solar panel loses its strength under a shade


Buying Guide

If you are looking for a top brand of solar gazing ball, you must know its basic features as not all globes are worth buying. We can help you in finding what you need if you follow our guidelines. So, don’t go anywhere and spare some time to read the below steps.

What Is The Material?

A gazing ball can’t be dull, especially, if you want it for decoration. In general, you can find gazing balls with mosaic and colorful patterns. Many designers take one color and add its tones to the design. You can choose it according to your taste, but make sure you can clean it easily as some designs capture dust and are hard to clean. Also, the glass should be of very high quality and resist weather and heat.

Gazing Ball Size

It varies in size that is up to 10 inches in diameter which go well and easy to handle. It should not be very big or it will look odd. Besides, you can use more than one gazing ball if they have a medium or small size. Such globes also look compatible with the entrance or porch pillars.

Solar Panel and Battery

The gazing globe has a built-in battery and solar panel. The quality of both elements should be high. Generally, it has a 300mAh battery that helps light to function for 8 hours if the solar panel works perfectly. The panel should have a good conversion rate.

LED light

Each globe has one or more LED lights inside it. The lamp should be long-lasting and easy to replace. Ensure that you get the LED light as some fake sellers skip it and you happen to know it when you get the package.


As we already said, a solar-powered gazing ball has no complex installation. Like, you can place it somewhere or hang it, depending on the brand. Some brands offer a stand but some don’t, and you have to buy it separately. A globe with a stand is better, whereas the hanging one should include a hook and wire or chain so you can manage it easily. Be sure you hang it firmly or it will fall and break.


The warranty is an important factor in whatever you buy especially from online stores. Solar gazing orbs often come with a one-year warranty. But ask your seller before purchasing it because some products don’t come with a warranty.


The solar gazing ball ranges from $24 to $94, which is quite affordable. However, the quality of the ball determines its cost. But you can save the electricity cost forever if you buy such solar decorative light. Do consider the delivery cost as it should not be so high. A few brands offer free delivery for their local customers.


Our top 5 gazing balls have many benefits with minimum drawbacks. But Artisan Crafts is at the top and the best solar gazing ball on our list because it is smart, weather-friendly, and affordable. Whereas other globes are also excellent and come in beautiful colors and patterns. The one with a stand, like Alpine, can cost you less and there is no hassle to buy a stand from another store.

Hanging globes by Sunnydaze are convenient for home users who can hang them as they want on patio beams, trees, or post brackets. It takes a few minutes to hang a gazing ball. All the above products include a rechargeable battery with good storage and the solar panel works well with the battery. Briefly, everyone should have a decorative light because it gives a new meaning to the soft and hard landscape.


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