10 Best Solar Camping Lanterns in 2020 (Review)

10 Best Solar Camping Lanterns in 2020 (Review)

Solar-powered lights help us in several ways like our dependency on electricity reduces and we don’t have to pay huge bills. We also get a pollution-free area so we remain healthy. Here we will describe the best solar camping lanterns which are also good for hiking, bonfire, and other outdoor activities. These lights also serve as flashlights.

Solar lanterns resemble a traditional lantern design but with modern features. You can carry a lantern by its handle or can hang it somewhere or juts place it on the ground. The effort of installing solar lights with screws is not there. Now, go through our guide about the best solar camping lanterns and reviews and both will help you select an effective lantern.

Buying Guide

The best solar lanterns depend on their high-tech features. Whether you shop online or physically go out to buy solar light, you must see a few factors, including the design, lighting modes, charging modes, portability, battery life, lighting hours, and budget as well. We will discuss a few of them that you will also study in the below reviews.

The Lighting Mode

The product must have different lighting modes, including the bright or din light, cool and warm light. You can see these features in the specs and test your light to make sure that the company is offering this feature.

Number of Hours

This is the top thing to consider as this is why you need a lantern. The capacity of the battery and solar power determine the number of illumination hours. The level of illumination depends on the charging hours as well. Also, make sure that the solar panel is effective and powerful.


You need 100 lumens to fully light up the camp. Whereas, night activities need 50 to 100 lumens like hiking and biking, etc. such as 50 lumens is enough for reading or writing in the camp.  For a huge area covering the camp, you would need 300 lumens.

Multiple Charging Modes

Solar lanterns with different charging modes are effective than those having only one charging mode. Make sure it has a USB port, and a DC charging option. The car plug-in charging is another option.

Besides, some lanterns come up with a hand crank dynamo that would see in our last review. Different charging modes make camping lantern more reliable. The best solar camping lanterns have several charging modes.

Lantern Design

It should be a new product with high-tech features. Like, it should have different options to hang it or carry it along. Certain lanterns come up with hooks, suction cups, and metal handles, but these elements must not break the overall rhythm of the design.


Do not even think of buying a lantern without a waterproof feature, especially if you need it for outdoors. Read specifications and see if the ABS has a high grade or check the same quality if it has another material.

Plan a Budget

This is very important as you must know the price that you can afford. If you have an open budget, select any high-quality lantern. If your budget is low, buy some low-cost product that ensures effective features. Some companies also offer a discount, so explore it deeply.

Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern – Solar or USB Chargeable-Collapsible Space Saving Design-Emergency Power Bank-Flashlight, Water Resistant

In our list of best solar camping lanterns, Kizen is at the top because it has high-tech features. This is not just a traditional lantern but you would get a modern light.

Stylish design: Kizen makes stylish lanterns that would make you feel good whenever you carry it. A folding feature makes it small enough to put it in the bag while traveling.

Solar rechargeable: There is no tension of battery charging as this lantern gets charging from the sun. Carry it with you and place it anywhere under the sun. The USB port allows you to charge it easily. The best thing is that you can charge your phone by this lantern if there is no power source.

Multiple modes:  Users can adjust the lighting modes like a high mode or low mode. There is also an SOS mode for an emergency. Fold the lantern and use it as a flashlight.

Splash-proof structure: Don’t worry if you are camping and it starts to rain. Kizen used a waterproof material while making this lantern.

Safe product: The engineers added a smart circuitry system in Kizen lantern that does not let it overcharge. Likewise, it also prevents the over-discharging so the circuit will not overheat as it is a crucial thing.


  • Safe lighting system
  • Solar rechargeable
  • Compact structure
  • Can work as a flashlight
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Waterproof
  • Emergency power source
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Can’t extend it while grabbing

4 Pack Solar USB Rechargeable 3 AA Power Brightest COB LED Camping Lantern

To avail the maximum benefits, one should only prefer the best solar camping lanterns having advanced features. Whether you need a flashlight or something to light up a camp, this lantern will give you that.

A base with 4 magnets: The lantern has 4 magnets on its base so place it in your car or on any other metal. You don’t have to carry it all the time.

Waterproof light: Whether it is raining or there is some sort of flood or hurricane, this light will remain functional.

3 in 1 power supply: The product enables you to power it in three ways, including a battery, solar power, and a USB. These 3 ways charge up a lantern, hence you will never lack a light. So many options make it an ideal source of light for outdoors.

A charger in need: Yes, the lantern has a USB port that would help you charge up your smart device. But, you can’t charge an Apple device.

Produces bright light. This lantern has 3 separate LEDs that provide light on all sides. The handles would help you pull and push to adjust the light.

Portable camping lantern: It has three ways to carry like with a large metal loop, upper loop on its head, and magnets as well. So, carry it anywhere with you while walking or hiking, etc.


  • Emergency and regular light
  • Magnetic base
  • Bright LEDs
  • Multiple attachment methods
  • Environment-friendly


  • Charging with a power-on will damage the LED

LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lanterns-Great for Camping, Hurricane Emergency Kits, and Travel Light

Every other day we get something new in solar lights and now we have Lumen AID products, including the best solar camping lanterns. These lights are ideal in an emergency like a flood, heavy rains, and while hiking when there is no light. You can travel with this light by keeping it in your bag or car. You can also use it for fishing and picnic or pool parties.

Two women run this company and also help people in disaster through a campaign, named as Give Light Get Light. This program has helped around 200,000 families with solar lights, like in Nepal, Syria, as well as Puerto Rico.

Different modes: A variety of lighting modes make it ideal for both indoors and outdoors. Set it the way you like to get bright or dim light.

Safe and weatherproof: The lantern has IP67 grade material that protects it from harsh weather. It is also shock-resistant, also the dust cannot harm it.

Strong battery: The battery is highly functional and you don’t need it to replace it. A full charge will make it effective for 24 hours. Make sure to charge it before an emergency strikes you.


  • Excellent function
  • Cool design
  • Compact lantern
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor
  • Floatable lights


  • It lacks base magnets

2 Pack Outdoor Camping Lamp, Portable Outdoor Rechargeable Solar LED Camping Light Lantern Handheld

This is an all-in-one light that becomes an emergency light and a lantern whenever you need it. Packed with USB chargers, these are the best solar camping lanterns. The users can charge it through the sun or a USB charger by carrying it anywhere.

Great function: The lantern emits light all around through its 360-degree bulb. You can either use it by charging with the sun or through another charger as it will be effective both ways. The camp will illuminate with this lantern, making you comfortable at night.

Remarkable operation: Convert it to a flashlight by pushing its body or make it a camping light by pulling out the body. This feature makes it a magical product, especially for young campers.

Charge your smart device: What if you are stuck somewhere in flood and need to charge your device. The lantern gives you a source to get going with your phone in an emergency. But, avoid using it on an Apple device.

Easy to carry: The lantern is lightweight so you can carry it easily. You can also place it on the table or ground.


  • Exclusive portability
  • Rechargeable lantern
  • Emergency flashlight
  • Compact and lightweight
  • A full charge gives light for maximum hours


  • The lamp can only operate at 120 to 220 volt

Operkey LED Camping Lantern-Portable Flashlight-Solar Panel- Camping Gear-2-in-1 Camping Lights for Hiking, Camping, Emergencies, Hurricanes, Outages

The best solar camping lanterns also include this 2-in-one product provided by Operkey LED. You can camp out with light or can use it in emergencies like floods, storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes, etc.

Enjoy an adventurous tour: If you love adventure, Operkey lantern will be your partner. Be it hiking, hunting, night trips, picnics, or bone fire, this light will add up to your thrilling moments.

A powerful lantern: It has a built-in battery with 1800 mA capacity that helps LED give light for straight 10 hours. It has 12 LEDs which are enough for a large camp or any outdoor area.

Changeable size: You can reduce the size or can expand it by a pull and push process. A folded lantern is good to carry along to a journey. Besides, you can use it both ways, like as LED or as a flashlight.

The product: It includes a charger along with a lantern.


  • Lightweight lantern
  • 2 in 1 solar lantern
  • Various charging systems
  • Bright with 150 lumens
  • Waterproof
  • Black and silver
  • Lifetime warranty
  • A complete satisfaction
  • After-sales service


  • Not floatable

HisVision Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern, Collapsible Design-Solar or USB Chargeable-Emergency Power Bank-4 Modes Emergency LED Lights

The product like HisVision lantern is exclusive because it has 4 modes unlike other lanterns having only 2 modes. You must include it in the category of the best solar camping lanterns due to additional features.

Why should you have it? Missing this product would keep you away from its benefits. This is a great chance to enjoy a flashlight, high and low light, as well as an SOS light. The lamp spreads the light by equally distributing it.

Place in the sun or use a USB:  Either charge it with a USB plug or through solar power. After a full charge, keep it in your tactic travel bag and enjoy the adventure.

No need to avoid the rain: What if it’s raining and you want to enjoy being outside. Carry this lantern without worries because both its body and the bulb is waterproof.

Good in an emergency: Let’s charge your smartphone through this lantern’s USB port. There is no need to get panicked during a disaster because his light can do a lot for you.

The product: It includes a user guide, a camping lantern, a USB cable, and one carabiner.


  • Portable and lightweight lantern
  • Multifunctional product
  • Built-in solar panels
  • 30-day full refund
  • Use it indoor or outdoor
  • Waterproof silicon lamp
  • Metal handle to carry it
  • Excellent customer support
  • 12-month warranty


  • Multiple modes suck more power

Hybrid Light Atlas 600 Solar LED-Waterproof Camping Lantern-Micro USB Charger-HV Yellow

Hybrid is a famous company that is now making cool lanterns. People have proved Atlas 600 solar lanterns as one of the best solar camping lanterns. Yellow color enhances its attraction so it stands among other such lights.

Mini USB charger: The product includes a mini USB charger with a cable. It is convenient to carry his charger wherever you go. Besides, the lantern is also chargeable by solar energy. Make sure to keep this light charged to use it in an emergency.

Long lighting hours: Unlike other solar lanterns, Hybrid produces light for 100 hours consistently with just one charge.

Weatherproof: This is not strange as solar lights have to be waterproof. However, this quality may vary from product to product. This lantern is weatherproof to a certain extent and stays safe in the rain and flood, etc.

Adjustable lumens: This is another amazing feature that gives you 25 to 600 lumens the way you adjust them.

Keeps the charge for long: If you don’t use it now, the charge will remain for years until you turn on the light.


  • Bright light
  • Adjustable lumens
  • Solar and USB charging
  • Durable but lightweight
  • 4000 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Black and yellow


  • Not foldable

Tansoren Portable LED Camping Lantern-Solar-USB Rechargeable-3 AA Power Supply-Built-in Power Bank-Waterproof -Collapsible LED Light

The collapsible feature keeps lanterns handy for traveling and storage. The best solar camping lanterns should not be without a push and pull mechanism. Different modes make it prominent and attractive to customers. Use it as a regular camp light or as a flashlight while finding your way during hiking.

Multiple emergency features: it helps you in two types of emergencies, like use it as a flashlight in a blackout and charge your cell phone through USB cable and port.

Different power supply sources: like the USB, built-in rechargeable battery, and solar panel. All these methods will keep you secure as you trust that the lantern will illuminate your place.

A multifunctional lantern: It is not just for camping or hiking, instead, use for reading or writing as well. You can also finish some office work in an emergency by lighting up the Tansoren lantern.

Long bulb life: the bulb can work for 100,000 hours, hence forget replacing it.

The product includes a lantern with 4 LEDs, an S-shaped hook, and a DC charging source.


  • Longer lifespan
  • 8-hours lighting with one charge
  • Compact and portable
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Collapsible structure
  • Easy to carry with its handle
  • Detachable hook
  • Battery, DC, and solar charging


  • It can’t charge an Apple device
  • Need to turn off the power while DC charging

LED Camping Lantern, Solar Outdoor Camping Light-3 in 1 Retractable handheld or Hanging Flame Light with Ultra Bright Flashlight

Campers know the importance of a tent that is their temporary home. They want it bright with all facilities so only the best solar camping lanterns can give them this facility. This light is also as good for hiking as it is for camps. Moreover, you can have it in an emergency as well.

New design: Unlike other lanterns, this one is rectangular and you can operate it by pulling it up and down. You can have white light or flickering like a flame. Besides, make it a flashlight by reducing its size. So consider it a 3-in-1 product with effective illumination.

Enjoy more than 1 charging mode: Let’s charge this lantern with a charger, or USB, or through the sun. All modes are effective and don’t take long to charge up the bulb.

Weather-resistant and shockproof: The light is waterproof having IPX6 grade material. Nothing will get damaged if the lantern falls for any reason.

Charge your mobile phone: Stay connected with the world by charging your phone through a lantern. Stay in a camp as long as you want because you can use any well-charged smart device.

A light with handles: It has metal handles for carrying it from here to there. You can also place it on some table or ground. Hang it on the tent pole and enjoy reading or make it dim while sleeping.

The package: It includes only an all-in-one solar camping lantern plus a user guide


  • Compact design
  • Portable light
  • Bright with 300 lumens
  • Compact size and foldable
  • Durable ABS
  • Multifunctional light
  • 12-hours light
  • Good to gift
  • Superb flame effect


  • It can’t charge an Apple device

Solar Powered, Crank Dynamo, Battery Operated Lantern- 4 Ways to Power- 180 Lumen 36-LED with Adjustable Settings

This crank dynamo solar lantern is a part of the 10 best solar camping lanterns so consider it a reliable product. The light has an adjustable mode and can become a flashlight in some need, like in power failures or flood or rain, etc. It is also ideal for hiking, fishing, and camping.

Start it as you like:  you can power this lantern in various ways. Such as through a hand crank, through a battery, AC adapter, and on the top of all a solar panel.

Long bulb life: the LED can produce light for 100,000 hours, besides you can use it with a dim, bright or medium mode. Read something in a bright mode or make it slow at night before sleeping.

Easy to carry: It is a portable lantern with a metal handle. You can also hang it somewhere. The light is waterproof so use it in the rain while doing important tasks or just enjoy a walk with this flashlight.


  • Durable and compact
  • Multifunctional light
  • 6 hours charging time
  • 36 LEDs with 180 lumens
  • 4 power methods
  • Various charging options
  • 100% satisfaction


  • Lacks a USB port
  • Replicas are also available


The above reviews of the best solar camping lanterns give us an insight into the qualities of the top products. No lantern is without a waterproof feature so go through other factors to see which light is good for you. Some lanterns have more charging methods than others.

Besides, most of them are collapsible and have 3 to 4 lighting modes. Don’t forget to make up a budget to search for an affordable solar camping lantern.

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