3 Best Solar Brick Paver Lights 2022

If you are looking for solar lights that are aesthetically pleasing, solar brick paver lights are ideal for you. They can either be used to highlight any pathway or can be used to create a comeliness atmosphere. They are easy to install, just put them where you want light and you are done, their rechargeable batteries are responsible for their charging, and turning them ON and OFF.

As they come with rechargeable batteries, you just have to place them where sunlight is accessible to them, and you are good to go. Solar panel brick lights have a wide range of variety in sizes and light colors. The cherry on the top is that these lights need little to no maintenance. It is safe to say these lights are maintenance-free.

Not only these lights decrease your financial burdensome, as you don’t have to pay any bill after buying them, but also these aesthetic little lights are capable to give enough light, without causing any distraction or glare, as these solar brick paver lights have a very calm soothing kind of light.

Stepping into a new market can be a little overwhelming, it can be very hard to choose from thousands of products, as comparing them can be a little strenuous task. So to make things less complicated for you, we have made a list of the best solar brick paver lights on the market, with their salient features that you need to know to make your perfect purchase.

1. Solar Brick Landscape Path Light LampLust

This 8″L x 4″W x 2.5″H solar glass brick from LampLust is versatile in design and no effort is needed to install them, ¬†simply place where you want, turn on and you are good to go. You can place them wherever you want, but make sure sunlight reaches them. These are good to use in gardens, entryways, driveways, patio backyards for instant enjoyment. These solar brick paver lights come with Cool White LEDs, that has a color temperature of 4000 kelvin. Each brick has an outstanding output of 12.5V/250MA, is constructed from durable resin (plastic), and weighs around 1 pound.

You can count on its durability, as it is built to be recessed in the ground so it is capable to withstand hot weather, mist, moisture, and rain.

About 8 hours of full shine is required to fully charge the battery,  and if the battery is fully charged it can run for about 6-8 hours a night. These lights are capable of turning themselves ON at dawn as they come with a rechargeable AAA 700mAh Ni-MH battery. Just place them in sunlight and let the sun do all the work.

For all questions and concerns, you can call the US-based support team through seller messages.

Pros :

  • Versatile design
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Capable of automatically turning ON and OFF


  • Not capable to withstand extreme temperature.
  • Only 90 days warranty is available.
  • Not for the long run

2. CHU&WhITE Solar Brick Lights

This versatile in design brick LED light will beautify your pathway, garden, lawns, yard, etc. You don’t need to install it, place it where you need light, just turn it ON and you are done with the work.

It has a built-in battery of 600 mAh. With 4-6 hours of charging, it can illuminate for 8-10 hours. In the daytime and bright light, this solar brick will automatically turn OFF and turn ON  in darkness.

It creates an aesthetic atmosphere with its warm white light that has both up and downside light directions. These are 7cm x 7cm x 5.5 cm / 2.8×2.8×2.2 inch in size. These solar brick lights come with a Warm White LED. These lights are perfect for patios, and pathways, as they are particularly designed for outdoor usage.

These solar ground lights from CHU&WHITE are capable to withstand snow, sleet, frost, and rain. Their high-strength ABS and IP65 waterproof, make them durable and perfect for outdoor use.

You can contact customer service email with any problem you face and they are guaranteed to reply within 24-hours.


  • High durability
  • Aesthetic warm light
  • Direction light is both up and down


  • Better alternatives can be found at this price
  • Not very waterproof

3. ASTRAEUS Solar Brick Light

These ASTRAEUS Solar Brick lights are ideal to place where the electricity supply is not working. As they need sunlight to charge, you can place them wherever sunlight is accessible to them, and let the sun handle all the business.

These 7cm x 7cm x 5.5cm / 2.8×2.8×2.2inch solar brick lights are convenient to use as they automatically turn ON at night and turn OFF during the day. It comes with a rechargeable battery, which is placed in each ice cube solar path brick light. You can save energy,  by turning on/off the switch which is at the brick base, when light is not in use.

Frosted glass help to withstand diverse weather and prevent erosion. It has water resistance but is not suitable to put in water, as it is not submersible. Installation is pretty easy as you don’t need any crimping tools or wires to connect anything.

Ideal to place where you need aesthetic or additional light, perfect for your entryways, patios. It can also serve as a creative decoration.

If you’re not happy with the purchase, you don’t have to worry, these brick lights provide 180 days replacement warranty. You can also have a risk-free refund within 180 days.


  • Versatile design
  • Easy to install
  • Risk-free refundable warranty


  • Not for the long run
  • Not submersible


In conclusion, we can say solar brick paver lights are worth your money. You can choose without any hesitation, from above mentioned solar paver lights. They’ll surely add an aesthetic outlook to your garden, pathway, or wherever you put them. For your ease, we have picked these from top-notch stores. Each above-mentioned solar paver light has a different light color and different light direction, you can choose whatever you find most attractive. We hope our list has made the decision-making process easier for you.


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