5 Best Solar Battery Testers Reviews For 2022

Cold weather is always hard on batteries and the car engine does not start when the oil gets thick. Likewise, in hot weather, water reduces in the battery electrolytes and it stops producing power. You can overcome these issues through a solar battery tester. Such a device can display readings on its screen and inform you if the battery is dead or low.

The battery has to be active for the power backup of the vehicle’s electronic components. The charging system produces more power when the engine is working. But, when the engine is idle, radio, lights, heaters, and other accessories put extra load on the solar system getting more power from the battery, eventually, it gets slow or dead.

You can prevent overload by testing a battery because the loss of power can create different issues. You can connect a solar battery tester to a vehicle’s battery through a cable. It can check the entire charging system, cranking, and load, helping you monitor your battery and take action if need to. The testing device can keep the battery running, eventually, the car, truck, boat, or whatever vehicle you have will stay running.

5 Best Solar Battery Testers Reviewed & Rated

1. Ancel BA101 Solar Battery Tester

If you need a good solar battery tester, you can count on Ancel BA101. It can test the battery in various ways in terms of load and bad cells. You can use it for the car, bike, or boat batteries.


  • This tester shows the test results faster than other products. It is compact and easy to handle. New users can also scan a 12 V battery with this tester.
  • It gives correct information, including charge, battery life, cranking strength, and voltage.
  • Its test range is high like from 100 to 2000 CCA, analyzing accurately compared to other testers.
  • The tester follows certain standards while giving results, such as MCA, CA, CCA, JIS, and many others.
  • It also tests a vehicle’s charging method, like unload and load voltage, charging mechanism, and ripple status.
  • The tester has a big display with a backlight and produces direct results with the help of a 12 V battery to which it is connected. It also includes a 3 feet long cable with insulation.


  • Large LCD
  • Precise readings
  • Follows standards
  • Wide range
  • Fast function
  • Good navigation buttons


  • Costly than expected

2. FoxWell BT705 Battery Load Tester

If you maintain a solar battery, your automotive will continue working. You need the best solar battery tester to scan its load, charging, and other measures. Foxwell can help you analyze a 12 to 24 V battery.


  • This is a very effective tester because it can also analyze the battery of a big truck.
  • The tester is digital and brings all results on its LCD. It has a high-quality cable and a copper clip that help it connect to the battery.
  • The testing capacity is 100 to 2000 CCA, and the tester is compatible with GEL, AGM, and deep cycle.
  • The test analysis is according to standards like MCA, CCA, JIS, DIN, EN, and IEC, CA. It can scan the charging and starting system.
  • Foxwell creates reliable readings, including battery health, cranking amps like time and voltage, and vehicle starting.
  • It can analyze the car battery without removing it. Besides, it does not need any built-in battery to work.


  • Backlit display
  • Accurate analysis
  • Versatile tester
  • Very fast diagnosis
  • 100 % money-back
  • Long cable


  • Some people find it complex

3. Clore Solar Battery Tester BA327

A unique solar battery tester also brings a printer. You can test any electronic battery with it. You can scan both conventional, and deep cycle batteries. Besides, you will get different tracking codes.


  • This battery tester is suitable for a 6 and 12 V battery having 40 to 2000 capacity.
  • Its system testing range is from 12 and 24 V. The backlit display helps see results in the dark or under low light.
  • The solar battery tester ba327 also includes a printer that can print necessary documents. You can take print on any regular thermal paper.
  • Unlike other testers, its cable is longer that is 10 feet. The cable is easy to replace. Besides, it has a built-in counter that counts the number of scans or tests.
  • It can test a deep cycle, conventional, and spiral wound batteries and checks the starting rating.
  • You can set it in any language as the gadget is multilingual. It also provides temperature compensation.


  • Scans different batteries
  • Wide range battery test
  • Large connecting wire
  • Internal printer
  • 1.5 to 30 V operating limit
  • Produces tracking codes


  • Multiple test readings bother some users

4. Ancel Solar Battery Tester BST500

Another solar battery tester in our list includes Ancel BST500. It can scan and analyze the batteries of different vehicles, like cars, motorcycles, and big trucks. You will also get a printer with this equipment.


  • It is a powerful tester that can test the load with capacity from 100 to 2000 CCA, or 12 V batteries.
  • You can use it for all popular batteries such as Gel, AGM, spiral and flat plate, as well as deep cycle.
  • Get all the readings according to the standards of battery rating, like SAE, CCA, DIN, BCI, and some others.
  • You can test the battery of your boat, car, marine, truck, motorbike, etc. The advanced tester can give results within 2.5 seconds.
  • The testing includes cranking, as well as the charging system analysis. You can also print out the necessary information. Whether the battery is full, low, or needs a replacement, you will know it instantly.
  • You can read the results clearly even in low light due to a backlit screen.


  • Multipurpose battery tester
  • Readings as per standards
  • Fast and precise
  • Strong casing
  • Backlit LCD
  • Built-in printer


  • Expensive than other brands

5. Hardware & Outdoor Solar Battery Tester BA9

The Hardware & Outdoor introduces a high-tech solar battery tester. It is a digital gadget that displays fast results. You can check the battery load and charging system with this testing device.


  • This tester is suitable for only small batteries of 12V. However, you can test many batteries like Gel Cell, flooded, spiral, and AGM.
  • Its testing capacity is from 40 to 1200 CCA. Whereas the operating limit of this tester is from 7 to 15 V.
  • You can use it for any power system that uses having small batteries
  • The results of all the tests appear on a backlit screen, so you can read it even in low or no light.
  • Solar battery tester BA9 is an excellent tool to maintain batteries, so you can run your solar devices without any issue.


  • Scans and analyzes
  • Compatible with different batteries
  • Includes LCD
  • Good testing capacity
  • Compact design


  • It cannot test large batteries

Buying Guide

Batteries are expensive items, especially vehicle batteries, so they need care in terms of maintenance and function. A few factors need your attention while purchasing a solar battery tester.

LCD Display

The display is important in the case of a testing device so you can monitor your battery performance. The screen should have enough size and light to help users read information.

The digital readings are easy to understand so choose such a battery tester. Some cheap devices don’t display clearly and you misinterpret the results.

Likewise, the font should be readable because it’s hard to read a very small or complex font style. The above testers have backlit screens which are ideal for any lighting condition.

Easy To Handle

The tester must be easy to handle and portable. However, the weight, and size of the tester determine its portability. Likewise, the cable length should be moderate, especially if you can’t hold a long wire. Most new testing devices are compact and light so you can carry them easily.

However, make sure the lightweight testers are also strong, or they will not work after a few times of use.

How Many Parameters You Require

While buying the solar battery tester BA7, or any other model, you must ensure its parameters. If you need a simple tester for voltage, just focus on it. But, you can evaluate more functions like the above models. The most advanced testing devices are complex as they can analyze the complete functions of the battery to produce more results.

A Versatile Tester

Some testers can scan only a specific battery whereas some are versatile and can test various batteries. But, it also depends on the solar power system you are using. Generally, a lithium battery is common in this case because of its reliability, life, and compact size, but it is costly.

Homeowners often prefer lead-acid batteries so they can store more power to deal with the power shortage. These batteries are not long-lasting but they are cheap compared to lithium batteries. All you need is to buy a tester compatible with the solar power system you have.

The above testers go well with several kinds of batteries, so overall they can cost you less as you can use them for other batteries as well.


You need a solar power system for clean energy, but is your solar battery always functioning?  A solar battery tester can protect you from a lot of hassle and helps you measure the battery capacity and the entire system. The test results show if you need a new battery or have to maintain the old one.

The battery testing devices don’t need internal batteries as you can operate them through the battery you are testing. The above battery testers are compatible with several batteries, besides they are reliable. You can check your solar power system easily without getting expensive professional help.

If you don’t have a tester, your solar power product can stop anytime or get slow due to the battery malfunction. Our reviews reveal that advanced testers can display results within a few seconds. Wouldn’t it be annoying for you during Covid when your solar power system does not work and you have to find a technician to fix the issue? Better have solar battery testers and save your battery.

How Do You Use A Solar Battery Tester?

By using the solar battery tester, you can measure the current that the battery produces. The LCD displays the results that help to evaluate the battery performance, as well as its entire system.

You have to connect the wire with the battery terminal to get the readings. These cables come with testers. You can also get to know your new testing device through its manual. Some testers show codes to manage the results of various functions, and you must understand them.

Are Battery Testers Accurate?

No matter how good a solar battery tester you use, the battery will show the exact voltage only if it’s under load. So, without load, the readings will not be correct. Like, if you cannot properly connect a tester cable to a battery terminal, it will not give a correct reading.

You need a special tester for each battery to get the correct results. Such as not all testers can scan a lithium battery. Rechargeable batteries can also produce incorrect readings even if their charging is around 50 %.

High-tech battery testers are so developed that they can test a battery under load with a correct analysis. Multi-meters are also available but they only detect the voltage.

However, a battery tester helps you find if the battery is dead or working. People often mix up the old and new batteries while replacing them, but the battery tester can help them find which battery is new.

At the same time, the cable should be well connected with the battery or the tester will not show the correct current. That means you must know how to use a tester including a solar battery tester BA5 to scan your battery.


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