10 Best Bright Solar Yard Led Lights Reviews (2021)

There is no limit of solar lights like you can find them for posts, pathways, walls, fences, gardens, and yards. Different brands of solar yard lights are accessible now in online stores. These lights come in different designs and with multiple modes. They are easy to mount through screws or spikes.

Their material is either plastic or it’s a combination of stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic, depending on the brand. The material determines if the light can effectively resist the weather conditions, or not like rainwater, snow, too hot, or too cold temperature.

These lights also have built-in motion sensors to keep strangers away so they are great in terms of security. The best solar yard lights are those with more working life and high capacity battery. Both cool white and warm yellow is good. The lights are also good to accent some spots.

10 Best Solar Yard Lights Reviewed & Rated

1. Litom Solar Yard Lights

It’s a spotlight and people install Litom solar lamp to emphasize a specific spot. It produces a cold white light and has a durable construction. The best solar yard lights by Litom are equally suitable for driveways, pool, and garden. The light has more to give, like:

  • The lamp throws light at a wide-angle, like up to 120 degrees. One light has 12 LEDs that emit cool light.
  • The solar panel is large compared to other lights and most importantly, you can adjust it according to the sun.
  • It has a rechargeable battery that works for a long due to high capacity.
  • The light has two modes, including the low light and high light mode. Its function is automatic as the light follows the sunrise and sunset timings.
  • Litom solar lamp’s waterproof feature is as high as IP67 that’s why it can withstand any weather.
  • Users can install the Litom solar light in two ways. Like, they can screw it in the wall or can insert it into the ground through spikes.


  • Stylish and practical
  • Two lighting modes
  • Large solar panel
  • FCCA, RoHS, and CE certified
  • Longer lifespan


  • Motion sensors are absent

2. Sunnest Solar Lights-Yard Lights Outdoor

A product with 12 lights will cost you less compared to other lights. The quantity and features of Sunnest solar yard lights attract many customers. They will increase the beauty of a garden, patio, and yard with their cool effects.

  • Sunnest solar light is not hard to mount as you can use its stake for this purpose. Don’t forget to unpack it properly before installation. Also, make sure to pull out the spikes that lie in the tube.
  • The solar panel works well in intense sunlight. Then the light turns on at night after the sunset.
  • The light resists rust due to the stainless steel frame. Besides, it also repels water and snow due to IP44 grade material.
  • Users can reduce the cost by buying the Sunnest solar lights because they come as 12 lights in a pack.
  • The light can accent a space and can boost up your mode with a romantic effect.
  • You can also use these lights on a family event or can gift them to a loved one.
  • The cost of the lights is very low compared to several other solar lights.


  • Cool solar light
  • Spotlight and decorative
  • Rustproof due to metal
  • Quick mounting
  • Low-cost
  • Good solar panel


  • Delicate and need careful handling

3. Nekteck Solar Yard Light

Nekteck is famous for making various products, however, its solar yard lights grab more attention. The light has dual lighting modes and it is not only a spotlight, but you can secure the outdoor with it. Now, we will dig into other qualities of the Nekteck solar lamp.

  • It is the 4the gen light of Nekteck with new technology. The light emits bright rays due to 260 lumens bulb.
  • Its resistance to water and snow is higher than solar lights by other brands. You don’t have to buy new lights for many years.
  • It has two modes, including low and high intensity, giving you light from 6 to 10 hours. The rechargeable battery has a 2200 mAh capacity.
  • The bulb has 10 LEDs that glow the outdoor areas like a garden, pool, patio, and yard, etc. You will get four lights in one package.
  • Both light and solar panels are flexible in terms of direction. You can tilt it as you want to help light absorb more energy. However, the 90-degree angle is perfect for the lamp top.
  • The panel has a 20% more conversion rate than the previous model of Nekteck solar lights.
  • You can mount this light on the wall with screws or can dig its base into the ground.


  • Dual lighting mode
  • Screws and spike mounting
  • Large solar panel
  • IP64 ABS
  • 4 to 5 hours charging
  • Works for 6 to 10 hours


  • Lamp size is small

4. Baxia Technology Solar Yard Lights Outdoor

You might have used Baxia solar lights in various ways. If you want to glow your yard, Baxia would help you. The best solar yard lights are suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities and places. It can be decorative or can become a security light, so be clear what you need.

  • The light has several LEDs compared to other brands and 120 degrees motion angle.
  • The lamp has a long life with better performance. After 8 hours of charging, you will get many working hours.
  • It also has motion sensors that can make you secure by detecting the intruders. The light has a powerful solar panel.
  • The company offers four lamps in one product that you can install at equal distance on a pathway or various spots.
  • It has high-end waterproof material that makes it great for outdoor use, like for events or frequent lighting.
  • The light with 400 lumens will keep you safe; at the same time, you will have a nice addition to the landscape features.
  • The light can sense motion from 10 feet distance and at 120 degrees angle. It stays ON until there is motion, but turns off after 30 seconds.


  • Security and decorative
  • Durable lamp
  • Bright light
  • Large motion angle
  • 1200 mAh battery
  • Waterproof lamp


  • It lacks a dim mode

5. Beau Jardin Solar Yard Lights

A combination of glass and stainless steel creates the most durable solar yard lights. Beau Jardin develops stylish lights for outdoor with waterproof material. Let’s forget the wires and get powerful lighting through solar lamps. But, don’t forget to explore the below features.

  • The light is simple and anyone can assemble it. Take out the spikes and mount this light in the ground, and ensure its angle is perfect.
  • Both metal and glass protect the Beau Jardin solar light from water, snow, and rust.
  • It has an attractive glass with diamond shape patterns that make it more decorative. But, such a design does not create clear lighting.
  • The auto on-off function makes it a hassle-free lamp. Just mount it under the sun and leave the rest to its mechanism.
  • The light comes with an AA Ni- MH battery that takes a few hours to charge. It can work for up to 10 hours, depending on the charging time and solar power.
  • It has one LED creating 6 lumens, so it is suitable as a spotlight.
  • The waterproof grade is IP65 that is so powerful in providing protection that the light requires.


  • Rust-resistant
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Attractive lamp
  • Eco-friendly
  • High-grade panel
  • Long-lasting build


  • Less lighting mode options
  • Lighting is not so clear

6. Niplnr Solar Ground Lights

Niplnr offers 10 lights at one price with immense features. Though these solar yard lights are delicate, they have a long lifespan. Don’t hesitate to install these lights outside as they are waterproof. You can use them in a garden, patio, walkway, and any other outdoor space.

  • Niplnr solar light resembles a disk and looks different than typical lights of this kind.
  • It produces a warm white light having 40 lumens intensity. However, make sure that the top of the disk has no dust over it.
  • The light has a 600 mAh battery that is easy to replace. It is a highly effective light, provided you charge it for 8 hours.
  • The disk light is waterproof with grade up to IP65 that resists weather conditions to a maximum extent.
  • Within seconds, you can insert the disk spikes into soft soil, and here you are with daily solar lighting.
  • The light functions through solar panels and it only needs solar power, so forget about wires. Ten lights can cover a long path if you place them properly at some distance from each other.


  • Sleek and durable
  • Effective lighting
  • Long working hours
  • Waterproof material
  • Rechargeable and replaceable battery


  • No mode options
  • Too delicate

7. Towkka Solar Yard Lights

Towkka LED solar yard lights are suitable for all outdoor places like gardens, pools, ponds, patio, and deck. These are the strongest solar lamps with 120LEDs. Various modes can help you adjust the lighting as you need. Here, we will go with other features of Tawkka lights.

  • The light produces strong results due to its powerful 2200mAh battery. The battery is not only rechargeable, but you can also replace it upon any damage.
  • The lamp emits the light within 270 degrees which is a wide range and ensures a secure place. Moreover, the inclined solar panel absorbs more sunlight compared to flat panels.
  • You can adjust the light through various modes, such as an Always-on mode, dim light, and motion sensors. All these modes have their own benefits.
  • The ABS manufacturing comes with IP65 strength that ensures high-end water resistance. Likewise, the light will still work under heavy snow if it was charged enough.
  • It has PIR motion sensors that make the light alert if there is motion at 19 feet from it. This is the best way to get safety without hiring expensive guards.
  • Buy one product and get six items to illuminate the place around you. Screw it down anywhere on the post, fence, or wall.


  • Suitable for many places
  • Weather-resistant
  • Three lighting modes
  • Charges within 8 hours
  • High-capacity battery
  • After-sales-service


  • Not suitable for ground

8. Kearui Decorative Yard Lights

Why not buy the decorative solar yard lights to add some color to your home. Though the electric-powered lights are also available with multiple colors, they are not as attractive as Kearui lights. Besides, you have nothing to pay any power charges if you use solar lights.

  • Kearui manufactures fiber optic lights having butterfly shapes. These are multicolor lights and kids love them.
  • The light is very delicate but the stake can keep it intact in the soil, so no one can easily take it out.
  • You can buy more than one product to cover a large area because this product has only three lights.
  • The IP65 grade plastic can surely protect the butterfly light from poor weather, like rain, and heavy snow, etc.
  • The lights come with seven colors which change one after another. Install these lights in the greenery or among the flowers to enrich your garden.
  • The 600 mAh battery keeps these lights working, but take care of its orientation according to the sun. It can work for 6 to 8 hours with good storage.


  • Decorative lights
  • Excellent battery
  • 7 changing colors
  • Waterproof lights


  • They are not ideal for security purpose

9. Innogear Solar Yard Lights

Let’s enhance the landscape with solar lights which won’t cost you much. InnoGear makes waterproof lamps for yards, gardens, patio, terrace, and pool, etc. White light can spot a specific point or can secure the exterior. Below are other features of these solar yard lights.

  • Unlike typical solar lights, InnoGear light has a unique design. From stake to lamp and solar panel, everything is independents but intact at a time.
  • These are waterproof lights because the company developed them with IP65 plastic that resists the rainwater.
  • The monocrystalline silicon solar panel absorbs maximum energy due to its angle with a 30% more conversion rate. You can also adjust the angle as the panel is moveable.
  • The light has the latest technology with a stronger battery than before. Besides, it is a certified product by the FCC and other departments.
  • The lights perfectly work through automatic technology. Be safe through bright solar yard lights.
  • One light has 6LEDs, so it becomes ideal if you install 6 lights on a pathway.
  • The light has two modes, including the low mode that work for 6 hours, and high mode for 10 hours. But, the lighting time also depends on charging and sunlight.


  • Two modes
  • Bright light
  • Easy installation
  • Serves various areas
  • Withstands harsh weather
  • Includes a mounting kit


  • No motion sensors

10. Neloodony Solar Yard Lights

Neloodony comes with different designs than the other solar lights. The rectangular shape makes these lights innovative with more exposure to the sun. These are the best solar yard lights because they are brighter than many solar lamps. Some more features need your attention.

  • The solar lights are not only for yards, but you can also mount them on the garden wall, porch, patio, deck, or even steps.
  • These are highly bright lights, emitting 2000 lumens per lamp. One light has 100 LEDs, so it’s a high-intensity lighting solution.
  • The motion technology is also effective because sensors can detect a movement from 10 or 16 feet, illuminating around 280 sq. feet ground.
  • The recharging speed of the battery is also high and the panel is 23 % more effective. Moreover, the battery can store more energy due to its 2600 mAh capacity.
  • ABS of IP65 ensures high-end protection from harsh weather, be it hot temperature or cold winter.
  • You can install the Neloodony solar light with screws and hinges. You can also attach it to a railing with a wire by placing it on the step.
  • The product comes with four lights, so it is very helpful in saving more money.


  • 125-degree motion angle
  • 6 to 8 hours charging
  • Multiple mounting options
  • 2600 mAh battery
  • Durable construction
  • Covers a wide area


  • Only one mode

Note: all the above solar lights should have a clean solar panel to ensure efficient energy absorption. Likewise, the lamp should also be free from dust, or it will absorb light instead of diffusing it around.

Buying Guide

We explored several brands of solar yard lights to extract the best products for you. The knowledge helped us find some important factors that these lights should contain. You must also focus on these things to enhance your shopping experience.

Light Intensity

Solar lights are either very bright or they are cool with medium effect. Each light has a specific intensity in the form of lumens. More lumens means you get bright light. However, you can also get a less bright light according to your place. The Number of LEDs per lamp also determines the light intensity.

Nature of Light

You must plan out the purpose of solar light. Like do you want to enhance the landscape or you need bright light for home security?  Both decorative and security lights come in a large range. Fancy solar lights are often colorful and have attractive designs, like the butterfly lights by WoHome.      

Solar Panel Size

Some solar lights have panels on their top, whereas a few have separate panels. Whatever type, a large panel can absorb more light compared to smaller panels. The angle or direction of the panel also matters, so focus on this element.

Energy Storage

Though the panel is important as it converts the sunlight into power, without proper storage it becomes useless. So, the lights should come with rechargeable storage devices known as batteries. Try to choose a light with a high-capacity battery, especially in case of security lights.

However, the decorative lights can work through medium or low storage like 600mAh battery. In general, bright lights with more LEDs need a large battery.

Lighting Modes

A solar yard light with multiple modes is better than the others. It would be good if you could slow down the brightness or increase it when you want. So, both dim and bright lighting modes are important. Lights also include an always-on mode. The light works for longer with a low mode, but it has less working life with a high mode.

Sensor Types

Solar yard lights come with lighting and motion sensors. Lighting sensors ensure automatic on and off function, following the sunlight timings. Similarly, motion sensors are essential for security, especially if their detection range is high in terms of distance and angle.

Also, don’t miss the waterproof grade that is essential to protect the solar lamps. Likewise, each light comes with a different cost. Be sure to buy a budget-friendly solar yard light.


After going through various solar yard lights, we found that bright lights with high and dim modes are more useful than single-mode solar lights. Like, you can use a dim mode or bright mode, getting décor and security light on different occasions.

On the other hand, colored lights only enhance the décor and they are more festive. A powerful solar panel with more storage can give you brighter illumination. A package with several lights can reduce the overall lighting cost.

Both decorative and security solar lights are energy-saving and eco-friendly. A solar light with screws and spike gives you multiple installation methods. All these lights are waterproof and ideal for outdoors.


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