6 Best Solar Tube Lights Reviews in 2021

Your quest for the presence of the best solar tube lights brought you to read this article. It means that once you are done reading it you will be directed towards the market for buying the product that you would deem suitable for you. To help you with this respect, we are going to articulate the features of the only best tube lights present in the market so you won’t get confused in the sea of gazillion tube lights and you would know what product you have to select.

This guide will bring ease to your selection of the best solar tube lights and you would be able to compare the products according to your needs and pocket.

Some mainstream usages of solar tube lights are as follows:

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1) These lights provide abundant illumination to TV lounges

Your TV lounges are the places where family members and peers sit together occasionally and spend their time with each other. In these sort of parties, we would suggest you to not sign up for the bulbs or flashlights that can’t saturate the whole atmosphere in their glow and dazzle. For your TV lounges, we would recommend you to choose any product from the list we have assembled for you as these solar tube lights would soak your TV lounge in the most fascinating light.

2) Get you enough light for reading purposes

Your eyesight matters a lot when it comes to the endeavor of reading, you won’t like to lose your sight eventually by looking in a dim environment. For this purpose, you should not opt for dull lights present in the market but must sign up for intense warm illumination producing solar tube lights that would benefit your eyes and would allow you to read consistently with no fear of losing your eyesight.

3) Illuminate your shops, markets, and business outlets

These solar lights allow a warm and suitable illumination all-around your stores and outlets. Shopping malls are those places where you can at no cost compromise on light effects. These lights would let you have an utter glow in the whole environment.

When the customers see your products appropriately being soaked with the presence of light, only then they become able to choose what product would fit them and what they shouldn’t buy.

6 Best Solar Tube Lights Reviewed & Rated

1#Natural Light 10 Inch Tubular Skylight Kit for Flat Roof

Long-lasting performance for believable twenty-five years:

In the first place, we would like to make space for this incredible product that would never leave you disappointed. The most tantalizing fact regarding these solar tube lights is that they come along a warranty of whole 25 years during this time you can use these will complete trust and in case any damage occurs to them the company will compensate you for that.

These tube lights enlighten your utmost living space:

This tube light ought to be applied on your roofs and ceilings and has a length of 10 inches. Being at the topmost place of your ream, they tend to enlighten the whole of your space. If you have angular roofs, there are separate tube light model for you that too immensely brings the perfect glow to your environment.

Certified with NFRC for its adept performance:

This tube light is manufactured with the usage of the brilliant quality raw materials that add to the mind-blowing functioning capability of this tube light. Moreover, it has certification from NFRC that keeps an eye over the energy consumption and mode of efficiency of these lights.

Usage of the prismatic diffuser makes the performance exceptional:

With this tube light, excessively 4 feet of additional tubing is involved that makes the quality and functionality a tad better. It has a dome-shaped prismatic diffuser with it that lets the light disperse in the whole environment and bestow it with more effective and phenomenal illumination.

High power output and ability to glow up a huge area:

This tube light has the capability to enlighten a maximum area of 150 square ft which its powerful light beams. The output given by it has a power of 300 watts.

It performs magnificently during the harsh weather and hurricanes:

The best element of these lights is that they can work well even during the time of the hurricane. The severe form of weather causes no dysfunction. The solar energy enables these tube lights to function and illuminate your surroundings that eradicate the massive amount of weight off from your electricity bills.


  • Gives off powerful rays of light that can illuminate 150 square ft area
  • Can be counted on to perform well during harsh climates
  • Comes with an enormous warranty
  • Cost-effective and gives relief to extra bills


  • None found

2# Natural Light Tubular Skylight 18 inch model

Large-sized aperture:

These best solar tube lights have made their way in the second place of our list. They have a large aperture due to which enough light gets propagated to all-around your homes.

Gets the whole marketplace into immense lightening:

If you want your commercial office building to be illuminated gloriously, there would be no better option than this product. The aperture of this light that has a length of 24 inches is credible to glow up your spaces immensely.

Illuminates vast spaces:

Skylight gets an area of more than 500 square feet enlightened that requires the power of 1,000 watts when it is effectively saturated with solar energy.

Performance of twenty-five years is promised to you:

When purchased, you can trust this product for the whole 25 years for its marvelous performance and brilliant glow. Skylight is guaranteed to not lose its phenomenal performance during this time.

It indeed has the most beatific quality:

The light pipe that is used in the development of this solar tube light is of magnificent quality which does not lose its color. It allows immense light reflection and doesn’t experience cracks over time.

Gets fixed promptly to your rooftops:

This pipe is made to perfectly fit on the pitched Fiber-glass asphalt shingle roofs from where it could illuminate and brighten the whole of your space.

Instead of using electricity for its performance, this light is based on sunlight from where it intakes solar energy for its functions.


  • These best solar tube lights are dependent over sunlight for its performance thus they need not burden your electricity bills
  • No yellow deposition appears with time
  • Has a warranty for long twenty-five years
  • Propagates light over a large space
  • Removes the heavy burden from your budget and electricity bills


  • We found zero consequences with respect to this light

3# Natural Light Energy Systems 13kxxx 13″ Solar Sky Light Kit

Marvelous performance and a trustworthy quality:

In the third place, this solar tube light of 13 inches made its way due to its excellent quality and phenomenal performance.

Scatters light beams at vast distances and glows up your interior:

These best solar tube lights can be believed to disperse light beams into an area of 300 square feet. Your lounges, bedrooms and dining rooms, this tube light sufficiently glows up each one of them.

The immense power output of 500 watts:

The power output of this light is 500 watts and it has a dome-shaped prismatic diffuser placed in the interior surface of this light due to which light gets dispersed at the wide array and the whole of the space gets illuminated.

Additional tubing is present:

Moreover, this tube light has an extra tubing of 4 feet that adds to the functional capability. This tube light is manufactured to fit on the fiberglass asphalt roof types. You just have to fix these at the bottom of your ceiling or rooftop from where it disperses light beams all around the place.

Intakes solar energy for its efficient function:

For its efficient function, it is based on the sunlight for power. Like every other light in the market, you don’t have to depend on electricity for this product’s performance as it intakes solar energy for functioning. Therefore, you don’t have to get swamped inside a load of electricity bills.

Has a warranty of complete 25 years:

This solar tube light keeps on functioning for a tenure of ultimate 25 years phenomenally. During this time, if they undergo any damage you can seek the company for a refund or get them repaired.


  • These lights are eco-friendly and have no toxic effect over the atmosphere
  • These best solar tube lights are credible to be used over a period of 25 years
  • Has a pristine quality and brings intense illumination


  • No negative consequences regarding these best solar tube lights have been witnessed

4# VELUX 10″ Double Strength Acrylic Rigid Low-Profile Sun Tunnel Tubular Skylight

Made from acrylic and enlightens your room from the ceiling where you place it:

In the fourth place, we have put Velux solar tube light which has a length of 10 inches and is made from the highest quality acrylic. This light gives off brilliant illumination of low profile. It can be placed on the surface of your roof or ceiling from where it allows a subtle glow to the whole room.

Silver made a reflective layer with a warranty of two decades:

It has a reflective layer made with the usage of 99.99% silver that has a warranty of 20 years during this time you can count this solar light to illuminate your place magnificently.

Warranty over which you can hold on:

Even if any damage is done to your lights, you can reach the company for repair or refund. It allows over 98 percent of total light reflectance.

Best Solar Tube Lights provide Brilliant illumination and effective dispersion:

The efficiency of light dispersion and illumination of these solar tube lights is beyond perfect.

Best Solar Tube Lights make use of solar energy for their work:

As these lights depend on solar energy for their performance, you don’t have to get bothered by the heavy electricity bills. These lights are both economical as well as environmentally friendly.

The most befitting factor regarding these lights is that they require only two hours for being installed. No great hustle or efforts are needed in the task of their installation. You may select these lights not only for their intense illumination but also for the ease and convenience they bring to your plate.

These lights are designed in such a way that you can install them effectively on shingle roofs as well as on shake roofs that might have a 15 to 60-degree pitch.


  • Has the most superb form of lightening effect
  • Manufactured from acrylic
  • Has a warranty for a long time
  • Phenomenal reflective layer
  • Requires energy from sunlight for their performance


  • No negative consequences regarding these solar products have been detected yet

5# Natural Light, Tubular Skylight Kit, Flat, White Diffuser, 13 inch

Covers huge area of land with its light:

These best solar tube lights are supposed to brighten up around 300 square feet of land as they give a power output of 500 watts. But bear in mind, the surface they are ought to glow up depends totally and utterly over the place they are installed at.

Perform efficiently even during the most troublesome weather conditions:

No harsh climates can cause any harmful impact over these solar tube lights. Even if the climate gets severe and hurricane arrives, the performance of these lights doesn’t suffer. They are manufactured with the use of high impact Acrylic dome that adds to the phenomenal performance of these lights.

Gets you a long-lasting warranty:

For around 25 years, these lights continue their performance and enlighten the atmosphere. In this duration, you will witness no downfall in their function and even if you do, you can get in touch directly with the company and tell them your concern. They will either get you a new product in place of the older lights or will repair them for you.

Get to know about their length and sort of the roofs they are supposed to be applied at:

These Best Solar Tube Lights have a length of thirteen inches that cause easy application as well as phenomenal light dispersion. They can be fixed onto Asphalt roofs effectively as they have Flat Roof Flashing.


  • These lights illuminate a vast area with their bewitching glow
  • No weather complexities cause any effect to the function of these lights
  • You can be dependent on these lights for long-lasting performance
  • The suitable length that propagates most of the light for us
  • Depends on solar light for performance
  • Cost-effective


  • We haven’t found any consequence

6# 10″ Elite Tubular Skylight for Shingle Roofs

Quick installation and brilliant gleam throughout the space:

In the last place, here we come with Elite solar lights that allow amazing performance, serene illumination along with great ease installation. They only require a time of one or two hours for getting installed in your room from where they would be dazzling up the whole room.

Few best factors these tube lights come with:

The two most significant features of these lights are the Acrylic Dome of High quality and impact and the UV inhibitors.

Resists even the most unbearable modes of climate:

These lights have been tested in labs for being used during the time of hurricane or any other climatic severity. The results show that no matter how troublesome or harsh the weather gets, you can count on these lights for their efficient performance and better quality illumination.

With these lights, you get a warranty for the whole 25 years. They can get installed on both shingle structured roofs as well as shake roofs.

Some befitting factors of these lights are:

– The Acrylic customized dome that scatters light to overall space

– Light tubes of extensive length

– The lights cover an area of 150 square feet under their illumination and brightness.


  • Subtle glow and magnificent brightness up to 150 square foot of land
  • Bears no irritation due to severe climate
  • They perform with the power they inculcate due to solar energy
  • Have UV inhibitors engrossed within
  • Structured to be applied to various type of rooftops and ceilings


  • The area of light coverage is low when being to other solar tube lights available in the market.

Wrapping it up!

In this article, we have tried to make you realize your home space is a blessing that should be illuminated only with the best sort of available lights in the markets. You should not demean the outlook and demeanor of your lodging by choosing a light of dull quality that would give you only fleeting brightness and would not serve you the brightness that your home requires. To help you with this, we come up with these 6 phenomenal lights that are adept with respect to their performance, quality, and warranty.

Any product that you choose among them would get you the required and subtle glow throughout your place as well as would free you from receiving overloaded electricity bills for the rest of your life.

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