10 Best Solar Powered Refrigerators Reviews in 2021


The advancement in modern technologies has added many facilities in our life. Even solar energy is being used to run the refrigerators. These refrigerators are solar refrigerators. The best solar refrigerators are very efficient and cost-effective. They save electricity and budget. 

You can select the best solar refrigerator only when you already know about the features. Therefore below is the comprehensive information about the best solar refrigerators. This will help you in the selection of the best solar refrigerator.

10 Best Solar Refrigerators Reviewed & Rated

1-Chefman Solar Mini Portable Compact Personal Fridge And Warmer   

This solar refrigerator meets the demands of those who are looking for a small-sized refrigerator to carry with them for offices, trips, camps, and travels. Due to its small size and unique features, it is the best choice to keep your food and drinks safe both indoor and outdoor.


This solar refrigerator draws the attention towards it as it becomes warmer from the refrigerator by just turning over a switch.  This solar-powered refrigerator cools items in it up to 32 Fahrenheit and keeps items warm up to 140 Fahrenheit. This is a lightweight solar refrigerator.

This solar refrigerator has dimensions of 7 x 9.13 x 10 inches. This solar power refrigerator is 4.57 lbs in weight. In addition to properties, the refrigerator is not only eco-friendly but also Freon free. It can keep 6 soda cans of 12 oz. All these features make it one of the best solar refrigerator. 


  • This solar-powered refrigerator is available in different colors
  • Due to its small size and lightweight, it is easily portable.
  • It can be easily changed from the refrigerator into the warmer.
  • Another charming benefit of this small solar refrigerator is that it is provided with Chefman recipes
  • This portable solar-powered refrigerator can also be used as the thermos.


  • This solar refrigerator may quit cooling function. 
  • You may suffer a lot of condensation inside it.  

2- Whynter FM-85G 85 Quart portable fridge

This solar power refrigerator works well when you need a refrigerator while going for enjoying a day tour or vacations. This solar refrigerator keeps the drinks, beverages, and food chilled as it is a true freezer. This refrigerator is not only best quality-wise but also proves cost-effective.


This solar refrigerator is unique as it can quickly cool the beverages or foods to -8 degree Fahrenheit temperature. Therefore, it functions as a freezer or a refrigerator. This solar-powered refrigerator requires the voltage of 110 volt AC and 12/24 volt DC power to work efficiently.

The dimensions of this product are 18.25 x 28.1 x 23.5 inches. This refrigerator can store 71 liters of fresh food. The door material is made up of stainless steel. The selection of this solar refrigerator is a wise choice as it is listed among the best solar refrigerators. 


  • This solar refrigerator is a true freezer.
  • No additional battery is required for its functioning. 
  • This solar refrigerator can store 120 cans or 85 quarts.
  • This true freezer is provided with two removable wire baskets.
  • This solar refrigerator is made up of tough and strong outer covering. 


  • It works best only as a freezer but not as a fridge

3- Coleman Solar 40-Quart Power Chill Hot/Cold Thermoelectric Cooler

When you plan to go outside for a trip and want to carry your favorite drinks with you. Then you are advised to get a 40-quart power chill hot/cold thermoelectric cooler. When you have this thermoelectric cooler, you are not needed to be worried to carry ice with you to keep your drinks chilled and fresh.


Although this advanced and unique thermoelectric cooler works not like a refrigerator still it works more efficiently than a cooler. The exceptional feature of this thermoelectric cooler is it keeps the drinks chilled up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit with no ice in it. It keeps the chilled drinks fresh and cool.

This thermoelectric cooler has dimensions of 24 x 17.2 x 16 inches. It tends to fit even in narrower places. It is provided with a storage tray that helps in organizing all the drinks in a well-organized manner. Therefore, it is considered among the best solar refrigerators. 


  • The thermoelectric cooler is easily adjustable to small spaces. 
  • It can store 44 cans at a time.
  • This refrigerator can be used for offices, homes, and trips. 
  • It keeps the food and drinks safe at optimum temperature. 
  • The door can easily be opened from either right or left side. 


  • The thermoelectric cooler may need to plug in many times to keep the drinks chilled. 
  • The thermoelectric cooler can stop working if the outside temperature is too hot. 

4- Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler

The igloo iceless thermoelectric cooler is placed in the list of best solar refrigerators because of its unique features and affordability. This thermoelectric cooler is very useful for keeping the drinks chilled as polypropylene is used in making its inner structure.


As the name indicates the iceless thermoelectric cooler keeps the beverages cool up to 36 degrees Fahrenheit as compared to the surrounding temperature. The iceless thermoelectric cooler is made up of polyethylene which makes it long-lasting and durable.

This unique thermoelectric cooler is designed in such a perfect way that it is very easy to handle. If you are using this thermoelectric cooler, you are not required to carry ice with you. It can easily work by getting a voltage of 12 volts from a cigarette lighter.


  • The iceless thermoelectric cooler has a storage capacity of 24 liters or 32 cans of 12 oz.
  • It is provided with a comfortable grip so it is very easy to carry.
  • It can be powered by using a cigarette lighter of a car. 
  • This thermoelectric cooler is efficient in cooling drinks without using ice.
  • It keeps the drinks and juices cool for a long time.


  • The iceless thermoelectric cooler cools well but its lid opens with difficulty. 

5- Dometic TC21-DC-A 12V Tc21 Thermoelectric Cooler/Warmer

One of the best solar refrigerators is Dometic Tc21 thermoelectric cooler. This thermoelectric cooler has provided more convenience by working with both AC and DC voltage source. This thermoelectric cooler/warmer is unique as it is provided with a built-in power saver circuit.


The thermoelectric cooler/warmer performs efficiently as it keeps the drinks and juices cool up to the temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit and warm up to 65 degrees Fahrenheit as compared to the outside temperature. This competent thermoelectric cooler has a LED temperature display feature. 

The tropical Tc21 thermoelectric cooler/warmer has 17.72 inches length, 16.54 inches height, and 11.93 inches depth. It has a total weight of 16.3 lbs. This thermoelectric cooler/warmer requires a voltage of 12/24 DC or 110 AC voltages. It works well for both cooling and warming.


  • A power-saving circuit makes it more unique
  • The thermoelectric cooler/warmer is used for both cooling and warming purposes. 
  • It works both on AC or DC voltage source
  • It is facilitated with a detachable lid having a magnetic lock. 
  • The keypad of this thermoelectric cooler or warmer has a built-in keypad that is moisture and dustproof.
  • It has a storage capacity of 20 liters.


  • This thermoelectric cooler/ warmer is a bit bulky and heavy. 

6- Koolatron P25 26-Quart FunKool Cooler

Among the best solar refrigerators, one is Koolatron P25 26-Quart FunKool cooler. This 26-Quart FunKool cooler requires the voltage of 12 volts to function. The demand of this thermoelectric cooler is high because of its ease of use. It can be used in cars, boats, trucks, or any other vehicle.


The 26-Quart FunKool cooler proves a very good choice when you go outside for trips and expeditions as it keeps the food and drinks cool up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit without putting ice in it. The cooler is provided with a warranty of one year. It is portable due to its lightweight.  

This cooler is a smart choice for travelers as it keeps the food and drinks fresh and cool for a long period. It saves you from the expense of buying ice so it is more affordable. This thermoelectric cooler is very easy to clean.


  • It is very easy to carry during traveling as it is facilitated with a flip-up handle.
  • This thermoelectric cooler is facilitated with a storage compartment.  
  • It can store 31 cans or 24 liters.
  • The drinks, beverages, and juices can be easily organized by using a removable sliding shelf.
  • No ice block is needed to keep the drinks chilled. 
  • It doesn’t require much effort for cleaning due to the removable shelf


  • It requires much time for cooling down water bottles.
  • Its battery time is not much as it can run for the whole night. 

7- Sundanzer Solar-Powered Refrigerator 

This solar-powered refrigerator is great due to its remarkable motor which is fitted with a cabinet that is highly insulated. The Sundanzer solar-powered refrigerator requires a DC voltage of 12. It will prove best economically as its energy consumption is very low


This refrigerator for solar can operate equally well on a charge controller of 15 Amp, a solar panel and battery. This solar power refrigerator is also good because it is eco-friendly. It adds more comfort for you in organizing drinks and snacks by providing top basket. Its weight is 150 pounds

It requires a battery of 110 Ah, solar panel of at least 80W, and charge controller of 15A to operate. So, providing options for different sources of voltage.  This solar power refrigerator disconnects for saving battery when the voltage is low.


  • It doesn’t produce air pollution it is a chlorofluorocarbon free refrigerator. 
  • Its energy consumption is very small.  
  • It has a storage capacity of 8 cubic feet.
  • Sundanzer gives more options for voltage source.  
  • It stops global warming. 
  • A highly insulated cabinet is an additional feature.


  • As the interior lining of this solar power refrigerator is made with aluminum alloy. Therefore, it can start corroding due to moisture. 

8- Koolatron P20 12V Compact Electric Cooler and Warmer

The thermoelectric cooler/warmer of Koolatron is competently designed with a circulating fan that is used for both cooling and heating the drinks, juices, and beverages. This thermoelectric cooler and warmer don’t produce noise as it has a quiet motor. It is made up of plastic and has folding handles


This thermoelectric cooler/warmer can cool the stuff up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and warm up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. The Koolatron compact electric cooler and warmer use 12 volts power to keep the drinks warm or cool.  This shows a high performance but doesn’t require much power supply. 

The Koolatron P20 12V compact electric cooler and warmer helps to save much money as it works well without requiring ice blocks. This thermoelectric cooler and warmer doesn’t occupy much space, therefore, it can be easily carried even in minivans. It is highly durable because it is made of hard plastic.


  • It is portable as well as durable. 
  • Koolatron can easily store 23 cans or has 18-quart storage capacity. 
  • It is designed slim so it can easily fit in smaller or narrower spaces. 
  • This refrigerator works in both ways: to keep the drinks cool or warm. 
  • It is reliable due to its efficient and quiet motor that works without using ice. 
  • Its voltage consumption is very low so it saves voltage and money.


  • This thermoelectric cooler/warmer is not provided with an adapter. 

9- Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer

The Cooluli mini fridge electric cooler and warmer is great because it doesn’t require any effort for switching from cooling to warming mode. It easily shifts from cooling to heating and heating to cooling mode. This product is perfect for use in homes, offices, or even in the nurseries and dorm rooms. 


This thermoelectric cooler and warmer have the cooling capacity up to 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit as compared to the outside temperature. On the other hand, this thermoelectric cooler/warmer has the warming capacity up to 122-144 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also environmentally friendly.

The Cooluli mini fridge cooler and warmer is manufactured in five different colors. This thermoelectric cooler as well as warmer saves you from buying extra wires. Its temperature display is very easy to read. It is provided with DC and AC adapters. It also starts working with a power bank of 2A. 


  • This thermoelectric cooler/warmer is good to use as it produces almost no noise.
  • It is eco-friendly as it is safe to use because it is Freon free
  • A removable shelf is fitted inside this thermoelectric cooler as well as warmer. Therefore, it is very easy to arrange snacks and drinks in an organized manner.
  • Due to the removable shelf, it’s cleaning is not difficult.
  • It easily shifts from cooling to warming mode and vice versa. 
  • It can store 6 cans of 12 oz.  
  • This thermoelectric cooler as well as warmer is easy to carry and handle because it is lightweight. Hence, it is portable and more convenient to carry due to the magnetic self-lock door.


  • It doesn’t have much cooling capacity but keeps the drinks cool. 

10- Dometic CFX3 75L Dual-Zone Powered Cooler-Portable Refrigerator

This portable refrigerator is great as it uses a very powerful cooling compressor which is VMSO3. Its handles are made up of aluminum alloy therefore, they can stand up to any situation or condition. This dual-zone powered cooler-portable refrigerator is easy to use.


This portable solar refrigerator is unique because it is provided with a rapid freeze plate that freezes the ice rapidly in just a few hours. It is designed in such a unique and organized way that it provides an incredible space to store drinks and fresh food. More space is made by a detachable wire divider.  

The most interesting and advanced feature of this portable refrigerator is a high level of control and connectivity option. The temperature of this refrigerator can be easily controlled by using a mobile app by downloading from the Google play store. This portable refrigerator weights 61 lbs.


  • This dual-zone powered cooler-portable refrigerator has ultra-low-voltage consumption that is 1.43 Ah/h.
  • It freezes drinks and beverages -7 degrees Fahrenheit then the surrounding temperature.   
  • No ice is needed to keep the beverages and drinks chilled and cooled. 
  • The portable refrigerator or freezer is not difficult to use as it uses the advanced technology of control through the mobile app. So it can be easily used by controlling it through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • The advanced system for protecting the battery is made in the form of a built-in 3 stage dynamic system that saves the battery from becoming dead.
  • The advanced dual-zone powered cooler-portable refrigerator provides maximum output from a very low input. This means that the refrigerator performs efficiently by using a very low power supply. 
  • The refrigerator can operate with DC or AC or solar power supply. 


  • Communication problems can happen when running either by AC or DC voltage.

Buying Guide 

By having a comprehensive look at all these properties of solar-powered refrigerators, it will become easy for you to select your desired refrigerator from among the best solar refrigerators. A solar-powered refrigerator will be best to choose if it has the following qualities:

A solar power refrigerator is best if it saves a considerable amount of voltage or energy. In short, it must have energy-saving quality. A best solar powered refrigerator always uses low voltage and saves much energy and money. 

Another characteristic of the best solar refrigerator is to have enough storage capacity. This will help you to easily store your food, drinks, beverages, juices, and snacks. It must keep your food cool and fresh. 

The feature of the best refrigerator for solar that can’t be ignored is it must be eco-friendly. It should not produce noise to avoid noise pollution. It also should be safe to use. Refrigerators must be Freon free or should not liberate chlorofluorocarbons in air. 

A best solar-powered refrigerator is one that is easy to handle and carry during traveling or touring. A solar refrigerator will only be easy to carry if it is lightweight and portable

A solar power refrigerator will function best if it is equipped with a powerful motor. It should not produce loud sounds to avoid any noise pollution. The solar refrigerator should be fitted with a high-level insulation system to protect the motor in the case of low voltage. 

A solar refrigerator of the best quality will be designed slim so that it can be kept easily in the cars, minivans, trucks, or any other vehicle. This feature adds more convenience for use. .  The control option by using the mobile app increases ease to use it. 

A best solar refrigerator is always available in different sizes and colors that will allow you to choose your favorite size and color.  

The material used for making the solar refrigerator also matters a lot as it determines the durability of the refrigerator. Therefore, the building material of the solar-powered refrigerator should be durable and reliable. 

One of the features of the best solar refrigerator is versatility. It should provide different options for use. For example, it should give the options for freezing, cooling, or warming.

 A best solar powered refrigerator always comes with the option of easy charging. It also gives options to use various voltage sources such as AC, DC, or solar panels. Hence, it becomes easy to plug in and connect the solar refrigerator to the available voltage source.  

The most important features that are of great importance are styles and affordability. A best solar power refrigerator should be cost-effective. The style and design of the solar refrigerator should meet your demands. 


By having a look at all these features, it will become easy for you to select your desired solar refrigerator. The selection of the best solar refrigerator will add more charms to your tour by keeping your snacks, beverages, drinks, and food fresh, safe, and cool.

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