9 Best Solar Ionizer For Pool Reviews in 2022

Unlike traditional pool cleaning methods, you have modern tools that involve minimal or no chemicals. A solar ionizer for pool reduces the chemical usage from 80 to 85%, depending on the brand. It works through copper anodes that emit ions to purify the water. The ions also kill algae and bacteria, making you free from skin or other infections.

You don’t need an installation expert for a solar ionizer for pool because it works on its own. Just throw the machine in the pool and it will take care of the cleaning. Top brands are using the patented technology for making the pool ionizing units that maintain the copper ion levels. You can cut off the maintenance time by using the solar ionizer. It also saves money and energy through natural resources.

The top ionizing system has a high-quality solar panel with a good conversion. The panel should be strong enough to withstand the weather conditions. Solar ionizers are ideal for in-ground and above-ground pools at home, spa, or somewhere else. But, you have to install a solar panel in the sun to receive power to activate the anodes.

9 Best Solar Ionizers for Pools Rated & Reviewed

1- XtremePowerUS Solar Pool Ionizer

XtremePowerUS plays an important role in cleaning pools, protecting them from algae. It comes with an entire unit along with a manual guide to help users in its functions. You will get clean water within a day. The solar ionizer for pool can take all your burden through its features.


  • The pool cleaner works through a solar panel that stimulates anode’s ionization. It helps kill bacteria and viruses; eventually, you will stay healthy.
  • It reduces the development of microorganisms, removing unnecessary elements from the water, like calcium.
  • You will find a complete guide through a manual to understand the installation method of the ionizer. You can check the water after 24 hours to see if it’s clean or not.
  • XtremePower designed its ionizer for 32000 gallons of water. The tool is effective even in a covered pool because you place the panel in the sun.
  • It is ideal for a small pool and works fast in bringing the chlorine level down. Your eyes will not get red or dry due to excessive chemicals.
  • The ionization does not involve any power charges because you are using free energy. But, you have to buy an ionizer for once and let it clean the pool for years.
  • The spa owners can also drop this unit in the sauna water features to prevent their clients from chemicals.


  • Faster cleaning
  • Energy saver & affordable
  • Clears chlorine and saltwater
  • In-ground & above-ground pool
  • Durable unit


  • It needs regular maintenance

2- Remington Solar ionizer for Pool

Don’t worry if you are too busy to take care of your pool as the Remington water purifier can do it for you. The brand gives us the best solar ionizer for pool with fast results. It is an automatic unit that gets power from the sun and uses it to clean the pool from algae, reducing the chlorine levels.


  • You will have a clean pool all the time due to an ionizing unit. The system produces ions to destroy the harmful elements residing in the pool water.
  • You don’t have to use more chlorine or oxidizer for killing the germs, because the ionizer by Remington can purify the pool through minimum chlorine.
  • Your hair or clothes will not damage while swimming because the chlorine level will reduce up to 80% through ionizing technology.
  • You don’t need electricity to run a purifier because it has a solar panel that absorbs the sunlight, changing it to power. It means you are maintaining your pool for free.
  • A company like Remington uses genuine technology for water purification. The spa and home pools become clear like a crystal through solar energy.
  • It is an ideal ionizing unit for a small pool in your home, or anywhere else. It is an affordable product but it can prevent you from future expenses due to the pure water.


  • Excellent results
  • Long-lasting unit
  • Uses clean energy
  • Money-saving
  • one-month trial


  • A solar panel under shade will not be a good converter

3- Green Technologies Original Solar Pool Ionizer

If you are fed up with algae but you don’t want to use a high amount of chlorine, try a solar-powered ionizer. The Green Technologies claims to reduce 85% chlorine with the latest ionizing technique. Solar ionizer for pool can clean around 35000- gallons of water.


  • The ionizer comes with a thick solar panel having a long working life. You have to place this panel in the sun to do its work.
  • Users will not need additional chemicals to purify water as the ionizer will do everything. The ions will kill algae, limiting the use of chlorine and reducing the total cost.
  • When you put this tool in the water, the solar panel will cause anodes to create copper ions for algae killing. Eventually, the pool gets clean and you will swim happily.
  • You will also get a buddy band with the ionizer to keep the pool and ionizer free from scratches.
  • The entire solar water clarifier works well for a 35000-gallon pool. It is a safe unit because it does not damage the pool tiles.
  • The system balances the pH level, giving you pure water for swimming. Your eyes and skin will remain healthy by diving into a chemical-free pool.
  • You can maintain this effective ionizer by following certain instructions given in a manual guide.


  • High-quality purifier
  • Fast function
  • Thick solar panel
  • Includes a buddy band
  • Lifetime-replacement warranty


  • Only compatible with salt and chlorine pools
  • No battery

4- Blue Works Solar Ionizer For Pool

Unlike other products, Blue Works can cover a large pool. The ionizer has two copper anodes. The pool gets clear through natural energy that’s why you can save enough money that goes into expensive chlorine treatment. Besides, your costume and body remain safe.


  • It’s the best solar ionizer for the pool because it can cater to up to 32000 gallons, reducing 80% chemicals.
  • The unit goes into the water where the anodes disperse the ions to produce clear water, making the pool clean.
  • You don’t need batteries to operate the entire system as the sun charges the solar panel to activate the copper anodes.
  • Two anodes make ionizing more powerful, covering a large area. You don’t need professional cleaners for the pool because the ionizer works automatically.
  • Your hair will not bleach due to chlorine, and you can swim with freedom. Kids will also be safe in a clean pool.
  • There is no installation hassle, as what you have to do is to throw the ionizer in the pool, and then it will do its work.
  • You can use this ionizer for home, spa, or a small hotel pool, etc.


  • Reduces pool maintenance
  • Green energy
  • Reduces chemicals usage
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Safe during swimming


  • It needs regular inspection to prevent scratches

5- Hilltop Solar Ionizer

A solar product is most budget-friendly such as a Hilltop. Its solar ionizer for pool will reduce the use of chemicals by more than half. It provides a safe environment for swimming and does not need any installation tools.


  • The device helps save money in three ways; first, it needs less chlorine or salt. Secondly, it does not need electricity or a battery. Thirdly, you don’t need to pay for a professional installation. So, you will get a triple saving and purified water for swimming.
  • The electrode gets its power from the solar panel and kills algae with natural minerals. So, the entire process is safe, and you can breathe in a clean environment.
  • The solar water purifier by Hilltop can minimize the use of chemicals by 80% than other products. The water will have less salt or chlorine, making your body secure from chemicals.
  • It is suitable for both in-ground and above-ground pools. Be it home or some other place, the ionizer will purify a standard pool with 35000 gallons of water.
  • The solar panels need less maintenance because of thick and high-quality material. Besides, it has no battery, so you can use it for as long as there is enough sunlight.
  • The swimming costume will not fade in clean water that is free from a high amount of chlorine. Besides, the water will be free from algae, or bacteria.


  • A solid-state unit
  • Cordless water cleaner
  • Safe for pool tiles
  • Non-toxic
  • Durable panel


  • Suitable for only a small pool

6- CopperFlo Solar Pool Ionizer

By using the CopperFlo’s solar pool ionizer, you can clean around 45000-gallon pool water. It helps kill bacteria and algae, using less chlorine. You can place it in both above-ground and in-ground pools. It is an excellent DIY and automatic cleaner.


  • CopperFlo surpasses other units because it reduces the chemicals up to 85%. Besides, it can cover a 45000-gallon pool, unlike the small ionizers.
  • The solar panel is very powerful and stimulates the anodes to create 25% more ions; that’s why it reduces more chemicals.
  • The purifier functions with a small level of chlorine, balancing the pH level. Thus it has no side-effects to the finished material, like vinyl tiles.
  • The ionizing device also includes a buddy band to keep it safe from the damage. Besides, such protection also prevents the pool material from scratches.
  • The company offers outstanding support to its customers all around the world. It also offers replacement if there is an issue with delivery or manufacturing.
  •  You can also gift it to a friend or family member for their new pool.  It can also enhance your swimming experience.


  • High-capacity anode
  • High-tech panel
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Patented technology
  • Floating tool
  • Maintenance-free


  • Suitable for only chlorine and saltwater

7- Hilltop Swimming Pool Purifier

The solar powered pool ionizer can reduce 90% of your stress that happens due to pool cleaning.  The Hilltop added an LED in its water purifier with two anodes. Besides, it also includes two woven baskets for debris; hence, it’s a versatile product.


  • All components of the Hilltop ionizer are effective, including solar panels and anodes which are 99% better than other brands.
  • The unit has an LED indicator to help you monitor its function. Like, the blue light turns on when the ionizer is active but turns off when it’s idle. It will also warn you about the baskets when they need cleaning.
  • The copper anode is of premium quality and releases more ions. It kills microorganisms like algae without any harmful chemicals.
  • You don’t need to assemble any parts and the unit works while floating in the water. Nature’s free energy does its magic to give you a clean pool.
  • The product is ideal for in-ground and above-ground pools. However, it only works for salt or chlorine water. You can use more than one unit for covered pools or speedy work.
  • It has two stainless steel coils and can cover up to 2800 gallons pool. You don’t need an expert to learn its function because a manual guide is there for you.


  • Toxic-free ionizer
  • High-function anode
  • Zero electricity cost
  • Low-maintenance
  • Energy-saving


  • Only suitable for chlorine and saltwater

8- XtremePowerUS 90119 Solar Pool Ionizer

 A newer model of solar swimming pool ionizer by XtremePowerUS has better features than the previous one. It can cover a 35000-gallon pool without using harsh chemicals. You can swim without getting worried about your skin, hair, or costume. It is ideal for small residential pools that need less maintenance.


  • The purifying system will save time and power. Besides, the cleaning cost only includes the units’ cost as there is no third party for installation.
  • You can kill algae and other microorganisms by using a super product like XtremePowerUS. It means your environment and body will be healthy.
  • You will not have to assemble various parts or screw down the unit because it comes ready to drop into the water and works automatically.
  • Be sure to place its solar panel in a sunny location. The ionizer will not work during cloudy days if it wasn’t charged before.
  • The device is compact and easy to transport. You will get a safe delivery in case of online shopping.
  • Whether your pool is over the ground or in-ground, the ionizer will work perfectly, provided it has salt or chlorine water.


  • Powerful panel and anode
  • Zero installation effort
  • Free-floating unit
  • Kills germs
  • Reduces chemicals
  • Durable material


  • Does not include a protective buddy band

9- Suntouch Treasures Solar Water Purifier

Other than residential pools, you can also use an ionizer for spas. It helps in water purification by using less chlorine, giving you a breathable environment. Be it water or air, you will get them fresh and natural due to solar energy.


  • The Suntouch Treasures works through nature, so consider it precious. You will get the crystal-clear water for swimming in summer or winter.
  • The product can increase the swimming time because you will have no fears of getting sick with chemicals. The ionizer works with 80% less chlorine.
  • If you spend a lot of money on the pool’s finishing, be sure to use the chemical-free products for its cleaning. Suntouch does not harm the pool floor; that’s why it has many customers.
  • This is the time to cut down your electricity cost with solar ionizers. It is the panel that causes the anodes to emit ions through solar energy. As a result, the water gets pure. Even if some water gets into your ear, it will not cause infection as it’s clean.
  • Drop the unit into your pool after installing its solar panel in the sun and relax.
  • A pool with 35000-gallon water can take this ionizing machine. It is also ideal for spas or small ponds in a garden.
  • Don’t forget to clean the copper anodes every month, or they will not function properly.


  • Non-toxic product
  • Kids-friendly
  • Safe for all pools
  • Hassle-free function
  • Zero installation


  • Dirty anodes will not ionize well

Buying Guide

The above products will give you exposure to the best solar ionizer for pool. Each product has some good and bad aspects. If you read our guide, you will learn the pool purifier better. So, let’s take you to the next section.

How Many Gallons It Covers

Generally, such units are suitable for 35000 to 45000 gallons pools.

Each product has specs that tell if the product is right for you or not. Make sure the ionizer can cover your pool.

Solar Panels

It’s the panel that activates the electrodes, so it should be thick and effective. Always place a solar panel where it gets maximum sunlight. Don’t use an ionizer if there are clouds for several days. Let it recharge again when the sun appears.

Copper Electrodes

The copper electrodes should have 2 to 3 years of working life. Clean them twice a month to help them work continuously. A well maintained ionizing unit will help you save more money.

Types of Ionizing Unit

Generally, such units are suitable for salt and chlorinated water, if it’s not so then don’t buy it. Read the details that come with the product. Make sure the ionizer suits all types of pools, including the above-ground or in-ground pools.

Maintenance Tools

Some products include baskets around the anodes to prevent the debris from entering into the water. You can empty these baskets to keep anodes working without any effort. However, more features mean a costly product. The unit also includes brushes to clean the copper anodes.

A buddy band also secures the anodes from scratches, and the pool surface also stays safe. But, only some brands offer buddy bands, and you can buy them separately if you want.

Cost and Delivery

The cost of the pool ionizer depends on its brand or store and features. Likewise, it also depends on its coverage capacity. The material of all the components also determines the cost. The pool cleaning tools are either expensive or affordable. Cheap products are also available but try to avoid them.

Safe delivery is very important, so ensure it with the seller. Likewise, see if the seller is providing any discount in the same country delivery. Some online stores also sell a used product but try to avoid it. Always get a brand new ionizing unit for your pool. A solar pool ionizer no more algae should be the claim of the manufacturer.


The best solar ionizer for pool is not hard to find. You can find it in online stores from anywhere. It is an ideal tool to give you a chemical-free pool with clean water. This kind of pool cleaning process does not harm the finishing material and needs minimal chemicals or oxidizers.

The above products have more advantages than disadvantages because they involve less maintenance. They save energy, time, and money and often come with a lifetime warranty. Users don’t need to hire workers to install the ionizer because it’s a free-floating unit with automatic technology.

A product that can cover up to 45000 gallons is more versatile than the others. Most residential pools are compatible with such units, but the spas can also use them. You can explore these units more through different products.


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