11 Best Automatic Solar Gate Openers Reviews 2021


The solar gate openers don’t require any main power connection. These advanced gate openers use the sunlight energy to operate. They get energy from the sun by using solar panels. While these solar gate openers work the same as electric gate openers.

The decision of buying the automatic gate openers solar is a smart choice. The thing that matters a lot is the selection of the best one piece for your use. Therefore, a comprehensive analysis of the 11 best solar gate openers is given below.

11 Best Solar Gate Openers Reviewed & Rated

1- Mighty Mule MM371W Automatic Solar Gate Opener

This product is best for those who want an additional wireless connectivity kit of the Mighty Mule. This solar gate opener is 40% faster than the other solar gate openers in opening and closing the door. It is designed for the gates from medium duty single swing to a maximum of 16 ft long gates.


You will get detailed instructions along with this product that makes it easy to understand its functioning and installation. This solar gate opener recharges by the solar panel. The solar panel converts sunlight into electrical energy. By this solar energy, the solar gate opener works. Its weight is 18.2 pounds.

The accessories provided with it include an installation manual card, one AC transformer, all essential hardware, one three entry/exit remote along with Visor Clip, control box, and easy access to online how-to-videos, etc. It requires a 12V automotive or submarine type battery.


  • As the product is solar-powered, it saves your money and electrical energy.
  • This solar gate opener is best for all types of gates such as chain link, vinyl, panel, tube, and wood.
  • The Mighty Mule app helps you to monitor and control your gate by your smartphone.
  • The wireless connectivity option facilitates you to control your gate up to 1/2 mile from your home.
  • Its installation requires no effort. It’s very simple and fast.


  • The battery is not included within it when you buy this product.

2- Homeland Automatic Dual Swing Solar Gate Openers

This solar-powered gate opener is specially made for dual swing gates up to 836 pounds weight or 18 feet. The safe and smooth opening and closing of the gate is ensured by sensor soft stop and start function. The installation of this product is possible without any worry. The weight of this product is 46.7 pounds.


The feature of the emergency release key facilitates you more in any power failure condition. These features make it unique from the other solar gate openers. The digital display helps you to observe the menu and running conditions. The opening/closing time between the slave and master gate is adaptable.

2 DC 12V batteries are required for its proper functioning. This product is designed so efficiently that it automatically detects any obstruction. In case of any obstruction in its way, the gate is automatically stopped from closing. The product is delivered with an easy to read manual instructions.


  • This solar gate opener is great because it is equipped with built-in MTR (max motor running time) that provides a higher level of protection.
  • Either single or dual sides of the gate can be opened by adjusting the single/dual-gate running mode.
  • Many accessories are provided with this product. Therefore, making its installation easier.
  • Soft start and soft stop system increases the life of the gate opener and provides more protection to the gate.
  • The gate will automatically close when your car is out of it by a built-in adjustable auto-close system. It stops closing the gate if there is any obstruction in the way. Hence, it increases the safety level.


  • The batteries are not included in the kit.
  • It’s not best for wheel gates.

3- Mighty Mule MM260 Automatic Gate Opener

One of the best solar gate openers is the Mighty Mule M260 automatic gate opener. This product is specially made for light-duty single swing gates up to 12 feet long or 300 lbs weight. It is equally best for all kinds of gates e.g. chain link, wood, tube, vinyl, and panel.


The solar-powered gate opener kit of this product contains many accessories which consist of one control box, one installation manual with DVD, one AC transformer, and all essential hardware. A 12 V marine type or automotive battery is the requirement of this solar-powered gate opener.

It operates with the solar panel of 5W or 10W power capacity. More protection is provided by photo-eye sensors. The weight of this item is 6.4 pounds. You can easily install it yourself by just following the detailed instructions.


  • The 12-month warranty helps you in the situation if the product is damaged or not properly working.
  • This solar gate opener is best as it can be used at different places: farm, residential, and agriculture, etc.
  • It takes just a few hours for installation and you can easily install it yourself with the help of the user instruction menu.
  • A wide range of accessories saves your money and time used for buying them.
  • The photo eye sensors provide higher protection to this product.
  • This product facilitates you by providing 24 hours of technical support.


  • You are advised not to drive into the gate area unless the gate has stopped moving completely.

4- Ghost Controls TSS1XP Heavy-Duty Solar Single Automatic Gate Opener

You will get a 10W solar panel when you buy this solar automatic single gate opener. This product is made for heavy-duty gates up to 20 feet. It requires 12V Lead-Acid battery to work properly. The maximum weight capacity of this product is 300 pounds.


The average battery life of this product is 730 days. The product is provided with many other accessories that consist of one remote transmitter, one 10W solar panel kit, all required hardware, controller, and fasteners. The total weight of this product is 26 pounds.

A lifetime warranty is given on motor and gear assembly. While the remaining parts have 18 months warranty that can be increased to 24 months after online registration. This product operates by the battery and requires a deep marine battery.


  • You don’t need high-voltage electrical supply and welding while installing this product.
  • You can control your solar gate opener system up to 1000ft by its three-button remote transmitter.
  • This product is perfectly recharged by a 10W solar panel that is given in its kit.
  • It keeps your gate system secure and safe from hackers and thieves by providing advanced protection with its keypads, smart vehicle sensors, and transmitters.
  • This product is optimized with tube gates and best for any type of swing gate up to 20ft.


  • You have to purchase its battery separately as it is not included in its kit.

5- Ghost Controls TDS2XP Heavy-Duty Solar Dual Automatic Gate Openers

This product meets the demands of those who want the solar gate openers for their dual swing gate. It is specially designed for controlling the operations of heavy-duty dual swing gates up to 24 feet long. It requires a 12V battery to complete its operations.


This product is solar operated; therefore, it requires a 10W solar panel to convert solar energy into electrical energy. The battery recommended for its solar panel is a deep cycle battery. You will get all the required fasteners and installation hardware with this product.

The weight of this product is 45.3 pounds. While the maximum weight bearing capacity of this item is 300 pounds. The control system is highly compatible with many wired input devices. With its unique remote control system, you can manage up to 2 different Ghost controls gates.


  • This solar gate opener offers motor and gear with a limited lifetime warranty. While the other parts have a warranty of 18 months that increases up to 24 months when online registration is done.
  • It perfectly works for all types of dual swing gates such as ornamental, tubular, plantation, decorative, chain link, etc.
  • The quality is made more reliable by its lockable battery box (ABBT2) that prevents the potential acid leaking. Hence saves the system control board from damage.
  • It provides excellent connectivity range up to 1000ft by its three button remote transmitter.


  • The 12V battery and lockable battery are not included in its kit.

6- Mighty Mule MM571W Heavy-Duty Smart Gate Opener

This product is great as it facilitates you with a smart option for controlling your gate with the Mighty Mule smartphone app. These smart solar gate openers are best for heavy-duty single swing gates. They are perfect for swing gates up to 18ft long.


By using this solar gate opener, you will be able to control your gate from 1/2 mile away from your house. The accessories in its kit include all necessary hardware, AC transformer, one 12V battery, one remote control with Visor clip, control box, instruction manual, and online how-to videos.

The product is 28.6 pounds of weight. This solar-powered gate opener works best even for the heavy-duty gates having weight up to 850 lbs. Its installation can be done easily with the all necessary tools and equipment already present in the kit. Also, 24 hours technical support is available for making its installation easiest.


  • The warranty time of this solar gate opener is 18 months.
  • The material used for its manufacturing is ABS, stainless steel, and aluminum making it highly durable.
  • It is perfect for all types of gates e.g. wood, chain link, panel, vinyl, tube, and ornamental.
  • The smart control system through a mobile app draws more attention towards it.
  • The installation requires not much effort and it’s quite simple and easy.
  • The 24 hours of technical support helps you with the easiest installation and resolving any issue easily.


  • The photo beam sensors don’t come with this unit.

7- TOPENS A3S Automatic Solar Gate Opener Light Duty

The product is marvelous as it is made for multiple applications. This solar gate opener is appropriate for all forms of light-duty single swing gates. Also, the product is suitable for all types of gates such as chain type, vinyl, panel, wood, and tube, etc.


This gate opener is amazing due to its clever design that enables you to open the gate either inwards or outwards. It provides two optional installation styles that are Pull-to-Open or Push-to-Open. It requires a 24V battery to perform its functions properly.

The product is provided with a 20W solar panel that captures the sunlight coming from the sun and transfers it into electrical energy. This product is a total of 24.8 pounds of weight. The manufacturing material of this product is Aluminum alloy. The maximum weight capacity of this solar gate opener is 300 pounds.


  • Its energy-saving designed system can work alone without using AC electricity.
  • The kit of this product also includes a waterproof control box making it more reliable.
  • The waterproof protection level is IP44.
  • This product facilitates you with many accessories that are one emergency release key, all required hardware, one detailed manual instructions, one M12 remote control transmitter, one solar controller, one 10W solar panel, one ETL approved TS24-U adapter, one gate opener actuator, one waterproof control box, and two warning signs.
  • The warranty time of this product is 12 months with 30 days exchange service.


  • The 24V 12Ah batteryis required but it’s not included in its kit.

8- Mighty Mule MM271 Automatic Gate Opener

It is designed for the single swing light duty gates up to 12ft long or 300 lbs weight. The product is given with one detailed manual instructions, unlimited access of 24 hours of customer service, and online access to how-to videos. It needs a battery for functioning.


The battery needed by this solar gate opener is 12V automotive or submarine type of at least 250 CCA (cold cranking amps). The accessories in its kit are one control box, one entry/exit remote along with Visor Clip, installation manual instructions, all essential hardware, and online access to how-to videos.

The weight of this item is 12.1 pounds. The quality of the product is ensured by a one-year manufacturer warranty so don’t worry about it. These Might Mule solar gate openers produce electrical energy with 10W solar panels. This item is available in black color that is much attractive.


  • The above-mentioned product is best for a wide range of gate types such as panel, chain type, vinyl, wood, and tube.
  • It is smart enough to save your money and electricity as it is powered by solar energy.
  • It is perfect for use at various places e.g. farmhouses, residential homes, offices, business, and many more.
  • Its performance is 40% faster than the other solar gate openers.
  • One year manufacturer warranty makes it more reliable.
  • Its installation doesn’t demand much time and effort as it is provided with detailed manual instructions that help you to install this product anywhere you want so don’t worry about installation.


  • This product doesn’t offer a battery with it.

9- Mighty Mule MM572 70 Series Dual Automatic Gate Opener

The earliest smart DIY automatic swing gate operators are Mighty Mule automatic solar gate openers. These gate openers powered by solar energy work by 10W solar panels. The most charming feature of this product gives you the option of controlling your gate from anywhere by its mobile app.


The required voltage for this product is 12 volts. The product is specially made for heavy-duty dual swing gates up to 18ft long or 850 lbs maximum weight. All the tools necessary for its installation are provided in the box. The weight of this item is 44.5 pounds.

The kit of this product contains one extra backup battery box, one 12V battery, one Visor Clip with remote, and all required hardware. In addition to all these accessories, you will get manual detailed instructions, how-to videos access, and 24 hours of technical support.


  • The wireless connectivity option facilitates you with a highly efficient control system. You can have full control of your gate from anywhere via mobile app.
  • Its installation is fast and easy because no extra tools and high electricity voltage is required for its installation.
  • Its performance is highly reliable and superb in action.
  • It’s 40% faster than its earlier models.


  • MMS100 wireless connectivity kit is not provided with this product. You have to purchase it separately.

10- ECO-WORTHY Solar Automatic Gate Opener

This product is efficient than the other solar gate openers as it is made particularly for dual swing gates up to 1400 lbs or 20ft. The product has made advanced by the use of infrared beam sensors. The opening and closing point of the gate can be adjusted according to choice by setting limited stoppers.


The unique feature of this solar gate opener is doesn’t require any battery for operating its functions. It weighs 35.3 pounds. This competent product efficiently works everywhere e.g. house, farm, garage, parking lot, driveway, and vela, etc.

Its heavy arms are made up of 202 stainless steel material that makes it more reliable and durable. This product is suitable for swing gates or 5-8ft long folding gates. The closing time of the gate is adjustable depending on your choice. Thus, the speed of the gate closing can be adjusted.


  • As it is waterproof so it remains ready for working in all kinds of weather.
  • Its system of over current detection protection saves the set up from burning out.
  • The motor has a warranty of 10 years.
  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 332lbs and its waterproof level is IP66.
  • It is safer to use due to its built-in infrared beam detector sensors.
  • Its inside control panel is solar companionable.


  • Never use the knockouts present at the bottom of the battery area.

11- TOPENS AD5S Automatic Gate Opener

This product is featured with two 24V DC motors having very low power consumption. It’s suitable for the medium-sized dual-duty swing gates up to 16ft long or 550 lb weight. The interesting feature of this item is its long operation life but with fewer maintenance requirements.


The above mentioned solar gate opener with keypad provides many accessories, e.g. a 10W 24V solar panel, an emergency release key, a solar controller, one waterproof control box, four warning sign, two post Pivot Bracket, one M12 remote control transmitter, two PSO Part Bracket, and two gate opener actuator.

The other items included in the box are one detailed installation manual, all essential hardware for easy installation, and one ELT approved TS24-U adapter. This product weighs 42.5 pounds. The material used for manufacturing this item is aluminum alloy.


  • This product offers more items in its box as compared to its competitors.
  • You will get this product with 12 months TOPENS warranty and a cost-free product exchange facility within 30 days.
  • It is powered by both battery and solar panel.
  • It can bear weight up to 550 pounds.
  • No welding or extra tools arerequired for its installation.


  • It needs battery for operating but it is not given with this product.

Buying Guide

The qualities of the best solar operated gate openers include it should not be challenging for you to close your gate. It must operate smoothly. Its kit should contain all the necessary pieces of equipment for its working and easy installation. The gate opener must be highly efficient in energy saving.

The best solar gate opener should provide you the option of multiple applications so that you can use it anywhere regardless of the gate type. It should have a quick open and quick close feature. A good solar gate opener must provide high protection level to your gate from hackers. Its battery and solar panel must be competent.

The solar panels for gate openers should efficiently change solar light into electrical energy. It must have considerably enough warranty time.


All the details and features discussed above will assist you in buying the best solar gate opener for your home, farm, office, or business. So now you can choose the best solar gate opener.


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