7 Best Solar Garden Led Lights Decorative Outdoor Reviews 2021

We decorate gardens in different ways, like by planting beautiful flowers and trees, or through rockery, ponds, canopies, waterfalls, and lights. Since the outdoor area is vulnerable to weather, hence solar lights are suitable for them. This article is about 7 best solar garden lights with their advantages and disadvantages.

But, these lights are more beneficial in several ways. You don’t need an extra amount to pay the power bills as solar energy is free. These lights have built-in sensors that respond to natural light or motion. If properly installed, these lights would make a place secure by preventing it from intruders. The best solar garden lights are pet-friendly and resist the rust and need a little maintenance.

Buying Guide

If you see online stores of solar lights, the variety would amaze you. You will see solar post lights, fence lights, tree lights, ground lights, wall lights, and garden lights. The basic process is the same in all types of solar lights, but they vary in certain factors that we will describe below.

You can evaluate a product through our reviews and your research, then compare them all to see which one is better in quality. But, first of all, determine your need for solar lights and the place that you want to illuminate. Let’s explore this topic further:

The Storage

Quality of the storage matters a lot that depends on a battery’s capacity and also on the panel. Some lights have more than one batteries so they work for long. Generally, the solar lights have a built-in rechargeable battery.

On the other hand, some batteries are replaceable so you can use the light for years until it gets damaged. If you have to replace the battery, ensure that it has high quality. Check the capacity of the battery while buying solar lamps of any kind.

Size and Quality of Solar Panels

Manufacturers usually use the polycrystalline silicon to make solar panels because this material effectively captures the sunlight. The material also resists water and snow and becomes long-lasting.

The size of the panel also plays a role such as the large panels absorb more sun power than the smaller panels. However, the orientation of the panel is most important because if it does not face the sun, it will not absorb light so the right angle is important. Garden lights are generally portable so you can place them as you desire.

Installation of Solar Lights

Even the best solar garden lights would fail if you don’t install them appropriately. You can place these lights on the ground or can insert them in the soil depending on manufacturing. You just have to place it directly to the sun as we already said it above.

But, if it is a fence or post light, you will have to fasten it with screws. Each solar light has installation details in its manual, so the installation will not be hard.

Lighting Mode

Solar lights often have two lighting modes that can adjust the bright light and dim light. Besides, the light is either white or warm yellow. It’s up to you what kind of intensity you require. You must also analyze if you want to throw light to a certain spot or plant, or want to distribute the light equally in the garden.

A high-level light uses more power and the battery gets down in a short time. But, with a low mode, it uses less battery and works for more hours depending on the brand. But, not all solar garden lights have different modes, because some only have one type of light.


The construction of the solar lights has to be perfect and depends on which material the engineers used for the panels and fixtures. The body of the light is either aluminum or ABS plastic or a combination of both. Stainless steel is also there in several products.

If ABS is the material, read its rating and choose the highest level because it is more effective in resisting the weather conditions. Solar lights come up from 1P55 to IP67 but see this feature in the product that you want to buy.

Lights per Pack

Check how many lights you get in a pack, as the number varies depending on the brand. In general, you will get 2 to 8 and 12 lights per pack.  More lights in one pack would be suitable for a large garden.

If there are only one or two lights in a package, you can use it for a limited place, or you will have to buy several lights to cover a large area.

Automate Solar Lights

Solar garden lights are always automatic but turn them on in the beginning. The lighting sensors work by following the natural timings. Like, they light up at night and start to get dim when the night is about to end.

Some lights have motion sensors and they turn on when they detect the human steps or pets or vehicles from a certain distance. Motion sensors give us security and we don’t need a guard at the main door because they will keep thieves away.


Regarding the price, solar garden lights fall into three categories, including the cheap lights, expensive lights, and lights of an average cost. Buy low-cost lights if you can’t afford a high price but make sure their quality is good.

Added Benefits

Don’t forget the quality of customer service and the warranty period. These factors are added benefits and ensure good manufacturing. It also gives customers security because they can turn to the manufacturer in case of any defect.

Certain companies provide a full refund if some damage happens. Free shipping is another extra benefit offered by companies but if the delivery of solar light is in the same country where it was made.

7 Best Solar Garden Lights Reviewed & Rated

1. Gigalumi Solar Garden Lights Outdoor

This is the simplest and lightweight light if you compare it with all the best solar garden lights. They are ideal for small pathways in the garden. You can also install them around the shrubs and flowers or trees to accent their beauty.

Economical lights: Most importantly, the product has 12 lights in one pack which seem enough for a medium size garden. Secondly, it does not need wiring or professional help, hence you can save enough money. Thirdly, the energy is all free so no monthly charges for the electricity.

How to install: The light has a stake with it that you can insert in the ground. Once you place these lights, they will automatically work with the help of the sun.

Effective illumination: The lights would stay functional for 8 hours if you charged them well. Though the battery is small with the 150mAh capacity, it produces enough light around the lamp.

Waterproof and snow proof: Stainless steel keeps water away and it is also an ideal material in resisting the frost and snow. Besides, nothing can damage it as it is explosion-proof. The light does not overheat in intense sun.


  • Nice design
  • Multipurpose light
  • Weatherproof product
  • Explosion-proof
  • Prevents overheating
  • Great customer service
  • 30-days money-back guaranty


  • Delicate and vulnerable to animals

2. Wohome Outdoor Solar Garden Stake Lights

These are the most beautiful solar lights ever because they come up as lily flowers. Wohome has given us 12 best solar garden lights to decorate our homes. They are not only good for homes, but you can also install them outside a restaurant, in a small patio, around a pool, or some marquee.

Latest solar lights: It is an upgrade product being made with a tame fabric and gives an impact of real flowers. The solar panels of these lily flowers work great in an automatic way.

Multicolor: As we told you, these are flower-shaped lights, hence they are colorful. Enjoy the beautiful and bright colors like red, green, purple, yellow, orange, pink, and so many others. A light with blended colors is another effect that you will get by Wohome.

Waterproof glass: The light has IP65 grade glass that resists the rainwater or any other splash of water by a hose. Without a water-resistant quality, you can’t even think of putting these lights in a garden. Likewise, the stem and the flowers, all are waterproof.

Use anywhere outside: Not only the gardens, but you can also install these lights in pathways, walkways, flowerbeds, and around the front steps, etc.

Flexible flowers, leaves, and stems: Since the flowers are made of wires so you can bend them along with the leaves and stems. The product allows us to enjoy our creativity. Besides, the sun will not fade away the color of the flowers.

The battery: It can store so much power and would give us 6 to 8 hours of light without getting slow.


  • Energy-efficient lights
  • Built-in battery
  • More lighting time
  • Light with 7 colors
  • 600mAh battery
  • Great customer support
  • 100% reliable lights


  • It needs the direct sun for charging

3. Rebound Fiber Optic Butterfly Decorative Lights

A fiber optic butterfly light is another attractive product that is a piece of art. These multicolor lights are excellent in accenting a garden or landscape. Your kids would also love these best solar garden lights so you must buy them.

Cost-effective: You will get 3 lights in one product and they are enough to create a decorative effect. However, you can always go for more lights if you want to enhance a large lawn.

Rebound is known for making stylish and beautiful solar lights. The use of different colors also shows that these lights are by Rebound that is a garden decor specialist. The stem of the light has 5 LEDs that light up the area around them, whereas the butterflies give a unique effect.

Long lighting hours: Place these lights in the direct sun and they will work up to 8 hours. The customers don’t need wires or electricity to brighten up their gardens, pathways or patios, etc.

Install with the pole: Butterflies include a pole at the lower part that you can install in the soil. It will stay secure if you place it properly on the ground.

Romantic lights: These lights are not only attractive to the kids, but elders also love them due to the romantic effect they create.


  • IP65 waterproof material
  • Durable structure
  • Colorful decorative item
  • Festival and gift items
  • 50000 hrs LED life
  • 26 inches height
  • One-year warranty
  • Instant customer support
  • After-sales service


  • Only the direct sun is effective

4. Gigalumi 8 Pack Solar Pathway Lights

Warm white light with a black plate-like top looks very attractive. If you want the strongest lights, you will get this quality in Gigalumi. These best solar garden lights are eight in quantity so the customers can save a lot of money.

Great illumination: When we install solar lights in a garden or pathway, we want them to give us a desirable illumination and you will get it by Gigalumi. With 10 lumens, you will enjoy the warm white of 3500K.

Stainless steel base: The poles are of stainless steel that never gets corrosion because it resists the rust. Likewise, it resists water and the lamp is also waterproof. Once you insert the pole in the soil, the light will stay their tightly until you remove it for some reason.

Create a nice pattern: These lights create a lovely sunflower-like design at night when they get illuminated. Yellow light further enhances the pattern.

Easy to assemble: The moment you take all the parts out of the packing, the lights would be ready to assemble. The instruction manual would help you further with assembly and installation.

Quick charging: Unlike other solar garden lights, Gigalumi has developed the lights that charge quickly. Only 4 hours of charging would produce light for 6 to 8 hours.

Instant installation: After assembling, you can install it in a few seconds. But, make sure the soil is not so hard and if it is so, sprinkle some water to make it soft.


  • Weatherproof having an IP44 rating
  • Remain functional in the clouds and snow
  • High-capacity battery
  • Multi-purpose lights
  • Great warranty time
  • 100% customer service


  • Hard soil hinders in installation
  • Some people don’t like the patterns

5. DenicMic Solar Garden Lights Outdoor

The best solar garden lights include high lumens and produce a bright light. The structure of the entire light is waterproof and the built-in sensors work automatically by following the sunlight timings.

Bright light: This product includes up to 32 lumens however, you can also make it less bright like up to 12 lumens. Consider it six times ahead of other garden lights of this category.

Free illumination: Yes, you will get a free illumination because these lights are without wires and don’t need electricity to power them. We have nature to give us free sunlight that becomes the power to light up our place.

Durable installation: The light has an aluminum spike that we can insert in the ground to mount it well. An ordinary bulb is a part of the lamp and gives us a warm yellow light. You can make it dim or bright with the help of a knob and can save its battery.

All-purpose light: All types of outdoor areas get benefit from these garden lights. Like, you can install them in a garden, patio, porch, backyard, pathway, and walkway, etc.

Attractive appearance: Bronze color gives a traditional look to this light though it is modern. The solar-powered effect with this color becomes more prominent.

Use in the rain: The user does not have to remove this light in the rain because it is waterproof. Even you can enjoy the frost and snow along with these lights.

Enough size: The size of the light is large enough to illuminate the paths or a large garden. However, if you have a small lawn, you can install one or two lights as well.


  • Weatherproof solar garden lights
  • Durable glass and stainless steel
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Safe product
  • Secure delivery


  • It works with sun exposure only

6. Solpex Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor

Like other garden lights, Solpex is also suitable for pathways and yards. This is an attractive light that looks good both in the day and at night. These are the six best solar garden lights that have become cheap for unlimited customers. Just buy one product and get six lights for the entire area.

Superb effect: The embossed glass lamp with a yellow lighting color creates a great effect. A combination of glass and black cross over it also makes it unique. The top solar panel works great and resists water.

Install with a stake: All these lights include a stake so the installation becomes easier. But, remember to turn on the switch before mounting. Make sure the glass faces the sun because a wrong angle would make it ineffective because the solar panel will not work.

Fast charging: The lamp gets ready to produce light after 6 hours of charging. You can enjoy the light for 8 hours depending on the power of the sun at the time of charging.

Welcome any weather: These lights are suitable in all types of weather, be it summer or winter. So let them stay outside without any worries. It has a high-quality plastic with high-grade properties.


  • Durable light
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy installation
  • Durable battery
  • 60-days full refund


  • Solar panel with debris won’t work well
  • It does not work close to other light sources
  • Clear light is not there

7. MAGGift 12 Pack Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor

A unique item to gift has not to be always for the indoors, but there are several things to gift for outdoors. The best solar garden lights are exclusive gifts that you can give to your beloveds. Especially, this product is excellent for those who don’t emphasize on garden décor or keep their landscape simple.

Buy once and save money for long: Just spend once on this light and forget any electricity expenses. Nature has given us so much free but we are never thankful. Show gratitude today as it would enhance the life of this solar light.

Lightweight and sturdy: The product is lightweight but that does not make it weak. It is highly durable and the weather-resistant quality makes it more durable with an IP44 rating.

Classical and modern: The technology is new but the design seems classical, especially because of its top. The black structure and white glass look so decent. The greenery also enhances the appearance of this light, so both of them complement each other.

Quick installation: The stake allows customers to insert these lights in the soil. The base is sharp enough and works well with both soft and hard soils. However, check this light before installation to see if it is working properly or not.

Gentle light: This solar lamp has only 1 lumen to produce so it gives a nice decorative effect. It can glow up the pathway, yard, garden, or porch.


  • Durable and attractive structure
  • Compact design
  • Good battery life
  • Best solar panel
  • Waterproof structure
  • Solid lamp glass
  • Includes a refundable policy


  • It does not produce very bright light


The above reviews would have opened the eyes of several customers who don’t prefer solar lights. The best solar garden lights are ideal for outside décor which is also good for your home elevation. Some of the lights are very attractive as they have a flower and butterfly design and they are also colorful.

The lights are easy to assemble and install. Just insert them in the ground but they are not good for concrete grounds. You get either two lights in a pack or sometimes 12 lights depending on the manufacturer.

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