5 Best Solar Firefly Lights Reviews in 2021

Using green energy is a good thing because you feel that you are contributing to the environment. By using solar firefly lights, you can have an eco-friendly environment and save energy costs. These lights come with strings or lids and you can hang them outside or in a room. They vary in prices, materials quality, and quantity.

Most brands of solar-powered firefly lights offer hangers to install the lid lights or you can use the mason jars. Whereas the string lights come with clips or stakes. Users can create different effects and decorative styles through solar bug lights, like chasing, fading, steady, flash, etc. We have reviews of the 5 best solar firefly lights for you, so you can select a valuable product.

5 Best Solar Firefly Lights Reviewed & Rated

1. ANGMLN Solar Firefly Lights

The string light’s best example is these solar firefly lights because they are unique. The 19.6 feet long string has 30 LEDs that produce cool light. They are perfect for homes as landscape decor or for parties or events.


  • The combination of yellow and green color creates an attractive environment. The lights flicker in the firefly, making them more realistic.
  • The LEDs don’t emit much heat like several other solar bulbs. You will get 3 lighting options such as steady-on, flashing/twinkle, and flashing/chasing.
  • The string comes with the best solar panel having a high conversion rate. Besides, the lights are safe and don’t consume much energy. The panel and lights are weatherproof.
  • You can install the string firefly lights on the trees, walls, fences in your garden or near a pool. They will give you a natural environment with real-looking fireflies chasing all around you.
  • With the help of auto ON and OFF, you can save lots of time and relax. Besides, the panel is adjustable and you can recharge its battery when it exhausts. The firefly lights can work steadily for 10 hours after thorough charging.
  • They are easy in terms of installation, like through stakes or hanging clips. So, you have two installation options that make these lights versatile.


  • IP65 waterproof
  • Interesting modes
  • Auto On and Off
  • Durable panel


  • Lightweight and sensitive

2. MYHH-LITES Solar Flickering Fireflies String Lights

If you can’t handle a long string, you can try this product that consists of 7 solar firefly lights on a 6-feet length. You can install these lights anywhere in the garden, patio, terrace, yard, etc.


  • These solar-powered lights have yellow and green fireflies and create an innovative style.
  • They come with light sensors that can detect the presence of the sun and go on charging automatically and turns on at night.
  • The modes like flash and fade create an illusion of real fireflies flying in the garden. You will feel like you are back to your childhood playing with the fireflies.
  • The LEDs are energy-efficient and economical. They don’t emit any harmful particles, so you can breathe in a clean atmosphere.
  • The rechargeable battery helps lights glow for 8 to 10 hours if it is full with power, depending on its partner; the solar panel.
  • The string is 6-feet long and 7 lights stand at different lengths as 20″ 24″ 36″ 48”. The wires are green and become a part of the landscape but seem to disappear at night.


  • Attractive lights
  • Rechargeable AA battery
  • One-year warranty
  • Beautiful effect


  • A few lighting modes
  • Delicate structure

3. Starry Love Solar Firefly Lights

Starry Love has lovely products for you, including the solar firefly lights. The light consists of jar lids and hangers. They are waterproof and you can hang them on a fence, tree, pole, canopy, or pergola.


  • The product brings 6 packs of 6 firefly lights with 6 hangers. You get everything ready, so buy them and hang them wherever it suits you.
  • The lights have 8 options with flashing effects, including, fast, slow, or stable, etc. When they glow it seems that you have fireflies in the jars.
  • Though the light sensors are there for automatic function, the lid also has an ON and OFF switch on the top.
  • The diameter of the lid is 70 mm and it can fit a standard mason jar. The light is wireless that makes installation flexible and super easy.
  • It has a rechargeable battery; however, you can replace it with an AA battery for indoor lighting. You can place the jar indoors on some table or counter. It creates a very romantic and cute decor and teenagers love it.
  • You can use these lights for home décor, cafes, or small restaurants. Different uses make these jar lights popular. They are also ideal gift items for birthdays or other events.


  • Energy-efficient
  • Environmental-safe
  • 100 % solar
  • Customer satisfaction


  • Vulnerable to damage due to jars

4. Magic Firefly Solar LED Lights

If you need indoor and outdoor decor, have these solar firefly lights. The product consists of 16 lights, which are water and UV-resistant. You can install them in the garden, patio, yard, or some room as you want.


  • These magical bug lights stay functional for a whole year because they run with solar energy. Yellow and green lights create magic in the place.
  • The rechargeable battery keeps these lights going. The panel is highly effective and goes well with the built-in battery.
  • A black wire holds the fireflies with LEDs that seem to disappear at night. You can control the LEDs separately through patent technology.
  • The magic fireflies are ideal for homes and event organizers who use them in their events, like weddings, etc. You will also see them in amusement parks, or zoos because kids love them.
  • The solar panel is waterproof and does not get damaged in the rain. The lights don’t deform in hot weather because they are UV-resistant.
  • You can decorate a big wall or any other object with 16 bug lights. The string is easy to install, but ensure it gets maximum sunlight.


  • Many uses
  • Easy to buy
  • Worry-free installation
  • Weather-resistant


  • Need care while installation due to delicacy

5. Decorman Solar Firefly Lights

Some people adore the warm white lights in mason jars like Decorman solar firefly lights. The light has 8 modes and you will get 6 lights with 6 hangers. You can install them anywhere on the lawn, yard, patio, balcony, etc.


  • The string lid lights stay fine in the rain and don’t develop rust because of their fine finish.
  • You can produce different effects through fireflies, like a slow flash, fast flash, stable-on, and others. These effects can enrich your event more than other things. You can change the lighting mode from the given switch.
  • You can use any standard mason jar to fix the lid light on it, and then hang it wherever you feel good. The jar mouth should have a 70 mm diameter according to the lid.
  • You can turn on the switch that lies on the lid, then it will work automatically, depending upon the sunlight. The company used high-quality lighting sensors for this product.
  • You can place the jar lights on a dining table or can hang them outdoor as described before. The lights are not only ideal for homes but also cafes, parties, camps, etc. They also make an innovative gift which costs a little.


  • 100 %solar lighting
  • Save energy
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Wide application
  • Customer satisfaction


  • The jar needs care while hanging
  • Quantity is less than string lights

Buying Guide

Instead of jumping into any product that you first see, you should look at certain qualities before buying solar firefly lights. Our guide would help you make a wise choice in this case.

  • You must know what suits you; the string lights or lid lights with jars. If you want to cover a wide area or object, choose string lights. Whereas jar lights are ideal to hang in the patios or you can place them on the table or counter.
  • Be sure to hang them in the sunlight where solar panels can absorb maximum sunlight.
  • Solar lights with rechargeable and replaceable batteries are also suitable for the indoors. So, you can use them in different places and save money.
  • The lights and panels should have a good resistance against heat, water snow, or other elements.
  • Choose those firefly lights which offer more lighting modes, so you can create different effects in your place.
  • Make sure the company offers what it claims. Also, see which brand offers free shipping because the product will cost you less.


Other than decorative effects, solar firefly lights are lightweight, easy to handle, cheap, and have a wide application. They are safe for the environment and use green energy through a solar panel.

Every homeowner should buy such cheap lights for indoor and outdoor decor. Small commercial buildings also look attractive with tiny firefly lights. The string lights have more versatile because you can mold them as you want.


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