10 Best Solar Dock Lights (Review 2020)

10 Best Solar Dock Lights (Review 2020)

Solar lights are the only good option for driveways, decks, docks, stairs, and pathways. Whether home or a park, the best solar dock lights would be essential as they ensure a longer lifespan. These lights are not only for decorating your garden, but they also provide safety to your home. The quality of the lights depends on the solar panel, LED, and its features.

Thieves would not dare to enter a well-lit house. If the lights are in some public park, they would secure the visitors and their kids. Some of these lights are rechargeable as they have batteries. The best solar dock lights have either a separate solar panel or built-in panels depending on their manufacturing.

Buying Guide

Other than functional lights, you also need decorative and small solar lights to light up the yards, pathways, driveways, steps, stairs, and the pool area as well. The best solar dock lights would be ideal for both residential and commercial buildings, provided you use them outdoor.

But, don’t you think that the choice is hard to make among so many products. Let’s make it simple for you through this guide. Read all factors because they would guide you towards your kind of solar deck light.

Why Do You Need Solar Deck Lights?                   

The purpose of buying a deck light should be clear. Like, do you want it for security due to a dark area or you need to accent the area with a dim light. Likewise, be clear if you need the warm white light or soft and cold light.

Buy a bright light if you want to illuminate the area to be safe from the outsiders. With a clear mind, you would only stop in the right place. But, you would be lost without any clarity.

Buyer’s Affordability

This is another important factor because, without it, you won’t be able to buy it.  How much money can you pay is important to evaluate? But, also look at the features that you would get in that amount. You will have to increase your budget for high- quality light.

Focus On Battery

The quality of the battery matters a lot. The battery should not take several hours in charge. A battery with low charging hours but longer illumination time would be a good selection. In other words, a high capacity battery would absorb the sunlight and more that would give power to your lighting fixture.

Colored or White Light

This is another decision that needs clarity. Colored light is good when you want to use it for a festival or any such an occasion. Sometimes one light produces changing colors. But, separate lights with individual colors are also available as described in the below reviews.

Heat Resistance

Also, check if the light is made of high-quality material that can withstand heat or high temperature. If you live in a hot area, choose the high-grade ABS fixtures. But, batteries are also vulnerable to extreme heat, so by a light with a replaceable battery.

Specs are Important

Don’t forget t to read the specs of solar lights, especially see the number of lumens you get with a specific light. A light that produces 120 lumens is ideal, whereas 100 lumens mean it is a cheap brand. You can buy several lights if the power of one light is low.

Likewise, see the warranty, the refund, the installation method, as all these specs are also important.

Check for Sensors

Don’t forget to check the built-in sensors which are either lighting sensors or motion sensors. The requirement of the user determines the kind of sensors a light should have.

Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights Driveway Dock LED Light Solar Powered–White Light

These lights are excellent for outdoor because they are waterproof. The best solar dock lights must be able to withstand any weather andSiedinlar has this quality. Homeowners can also install them on the deck, a garden, stairs, or sidewalks. The user can emphasize the landscape design with these lights.

The product: It includes a solar panel, LED, as well as a power storage battery.

Effective product: When it comes to solar lights, they must have a powerful battery and material so they can last for long. This light is made of aluminum and it is free from wires so nothing to worry about.

Withstands pressure up to 20 tons: Siedinlar solar dock lights are pressure-resistant. They will stay safe even under a truck or car or any other load up to 20 tons.

Installation: these lights are simple to install with the help of screws that come up with this product. Read a manual guide to learn about installation.

Battery time: the battery needs 6 or 8 hours to charge depending on the sun’s intensity. It will give light for 12 to 15 hours after a full charge.

High-grade waterproof: Siedinlar dock lights are waterproof with IP68, hence it can withstand harsh weathers like rainstorms, snow wand even heat. Besides, aluminum makes them durable.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting and replaceable battery
  • 1-year warranty
  • 500mAH light needs less charging time


  • Unattractive design

Home Zone Security Solar Deck Lights – Outdoor Solar Dock and Driveway Path Lights, Weatherproof-Wireless- Black-4-Pack

Home Zone is famous for making effective solar lights for all purposes, including the best solar dock lights. You can use them for the deck, pathways, driveways, and anywhere outdoor.

Bright lights: The lights would make your pathways bright preventing any kind of accident. They will give the light at night and turn off in the day. If you’re facing clouds then these lights will turn on even in the day, provided they were charged.

Durable lights and panels: Both solar panels and fixtures are durable, besides, the aluminum is another reason for durability. You can also install them on uneven grounds.

Hassle-free installation: You need only screws to install these lights, so forget the wires. But, remember to push the power button before installation

Built-in sensors: A solar light cannot be without auto sensors that keep it off while charging but on at night. The company ensures high-quality sensors.

Highly weatherproof: Home Zone makes high-grade weatherproof lights with IP67 that is pretty cool.

The product: It includes 4 lighting fixtures, screws, instruction manual


  • Durable and bright 4 LEDs
  • Easy mounting
  • Withstand intense weather
  • Tolerates high pressures
  • Crystalline solar panel
  • One-year warranty
  • Black structure
  • Reliable for outdoors


  • Lacks battery

Ledmo Upgraded Solar Deck Lights -Waterproof Solar Dock Lights -4 Pack-Blue

Never forget Ledmo while discussing the best solar dock lights because this product has upgraded features. Like other solar lights, these are also waterproof.

Effective time: The lights would stay bright for up to 10 hours. But, make sure to charge them completely under the hot sun.

Worry-free mounting: Just spare a few minutes for mounting the Ledmo solar deck lights. There would be no hassle of wiring because the lights are wireless.

Free from manual operation: Since the lights are solar, hence you won’t need to operate them by hands. The automatic process keeps these lights on in the day and off at night.

A long warranty time: The company ensures a lifespan for this light. That means you can use it until you want to get rid of this light.


  • High-quality aluminum alloy structure
  • Six bright LEDs
  • Attractive blue color
  • Automatic operation
  • 10-year warranty


  • It has only one mode

Unifun Solar Deck Lights-Upgraded Dock LED Lights- Waterproof Road Markers for Step Sidewalk Stair Garden Ground Pathway Yard -1Pack

Whether you need solar lights for decks or for driveways, only purchase the best solar dock lights so you don’t have to spend money every other day. These lights are very effective and will keep your deck and pathways bright and secure.

Environmental-friendly: Both LEDs and solar panels can face environmental issues. Besides, the lights can withstand the high pressure of vehicles and humans.

Automated features: The sensors will turn the light on when there is dark and off in the daylight. Six LEDs keep paths and gardens bright and ideal for wide areas like up to 875 yards.

Large battery: The battery is not only strong but can store more light than the others. From 6 to 8 hours of charging would give you the light for 5 days constantly. Make sure to charge it fully under the bright sun.

IP68 waterproof: This feature protects the solar panel and light from water, rain, snow, and heat. Even the rainstorm can’t destroy these lights. Make sure to mount them properly with screws.


  • Easy mounting with screws
  • Extended battery life
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Water-resistant
  • Pressure-resistant
  • High coverage area
  • Durable material


  • Not so attractive

Roopure Warm White Solar Deck Lights-Decorative Dock Light-Auto On/Off 4 Pack

Some people only like warm solar lights like Roopure. The best solar dock lights that include warm white LEDs which are more effective. The light has 8 LEDs for bright light. However, the light gives a soft impact without affecting the eyes.

Enhance landscape: Roopure solar lights would enhance the entire landscape, including the trees, pathways, plants, water ponds or waterfalls, decks, rockery, planters, grass, flowers, and much more.

Automatic function: The lights work automatically, hence there is no hassle of switching on and off.

Good waterproof material: The material is not only strong but it has an IP65 rating to resist water. Don’t worry about the rain or storm or snow or intense heat. It has double layers, which are tightly sealed and give strength to this product.

Dual installation methods: Either, you can use the screws to install these lights or can stick them with a double side tape. However, the screws are a better and durable option.

Tip to remember: Make sure to charge the light before installing and also switch on for the first time. The rest, it will work automatically.


  • The soft and warm effect
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Replaceable batteries
  • A strong polycrystalline solar panel
  • Waterproof and pressure-proof
  • High strength ABS
  • Lifetime warranty due to dual layers


  • No dim mode

GigaLumi 12 Pack Solar Deck Lights-3 LED Solar Stair Lights, Outdoor LED Step Lighting Stainless Steel

This is another category of solar lights we have selected from the best solar dock lights. The fixture includes 3LEDs so you will get a bright light better than others. GigaLumi lights are suitable for garden, patio, stairs, walkways, decks, steps, and backyards. A cold white lighting effect adds charisma to the landscape.

Decorate your garden: If you have a large garden with steps, these lights would make them bright, enhancing the surroundings. Moreover, the walkways, yards, and patios would also get the décor by these lights. You can plan a nice party in your garden because you have cost-effective solar lights.

Auto function: These lights get their power from the sun, hence, you don’t need to operate them manually. Install the GigaLumi lights and enjoy a painless night or a party.

Effective battery: You can charge these lights for 8 hours to use them for 10 hours. However, this limit may reduce or increase depending on the intensity of the sunlight. Besides, they should face the sun to get more power while charging.

A few minutes to mount: The lights have screws so you can mount them in a few minutes, unlike wired lights that take time. Another way is to use a two-sided tape o stick the light but you will have to buy that tape.


  • Waterproof solar lights
  • Include a service warranty
  • Simple installation process
  • Durable stainless steel lights
  • Cost-effective


  • A low waterproof grade
  • Not so attractive

HappyBuy Solar Driveway Lights 12-Pack, Dock Lights LED Bright White, Solar Deck Lights Outdoor Waterproof Flat for Lake Boat Marine Warning

The category of best solar dock lights also includes the HappyBuy lights. These lights are not only to decorate the garden for a party, but you can also use them as an alert while boating in the lake or for marines. They produce bright white light so you can create a soft effect.

Automatic feature: The solar panels are highly effective and take a few hours in chagrining like up to 8 hours. After that, the lights will turn on automatically.

High coverage: The light can cover up to 875 yards because it has 6 LEDs that produce bright lights. In fact, these are floodlights that’s why they give so much illumination.

Multiple colors: These lights don’t only give white light but they are also available with colored lights such as blue, red, green, and orange, which help in decorating the yard for a party or just for fun.

IP68 waterproof grade: With this feature, the lights have become highly effective and can withstand the rainstorms, snow, or simple rain.

Pressure-resistant: They are made of aluminum and are capable to bear up to 20 tons of weight.

Install with screws or glue: If you need lots of lights, better go for glue. A small quantity will remain good with screws. They are also easier to install on the road.


  • Durable material and anti-pressure
  • Work well in the rain
  • Long battery hours
  • Long life, up to 3 to 5 years
  • Effective monocrystalline solar panels


  • The power supply reduces due to long transportation

Osord Upgrade Solar Deck Lights Metal Bright 30 LED Waterproof Solar Powered Step Lights Auto On/Off for Garden Yard Fence Patio Pathway, Pack for 6 -Cool White

Osord makes cool lights for not only the decks and garden but also for fences. These are the best solar dock lights that can fulfill all your needs of outdoor lights. The lights have a large solar panel with 30 LEDs, so you will get a bright light.

Large coverage: The light covers a large area because of its size and lumens. Due to their durability, you can trust these lights for longtime use.

Enrich steps and stair hall: The steps in a garden would light up if you install these lights on the risers. Besides, stick them to the walls of a stair hall to illuminate it to remain secure. Even the public parks’ steps can take benefit from the Osord solar lights.

Weather-resistant: A combination of ABS and stainless steel ensures the water- resistance of a higher level. Besides, intense heat can’t damage the light.

Flexible function: Feel free after installing these lights as they are on their own now. They will turn on when you need them at night and turn off in the day. The charging also happens automatically. The light sensors are very effective and reliable.

Upgraded product: Osord has upgraded this product with better features than before. Like, it takes only 4 to 6 hours to charge and can work for up to 12 hours with a complete charge. It can also backlight the number plate of your house or a mailbox.


  • Multipurpose solar lights
  • High-end waterproof quality
  • Worry-free installation
  • 30-days refund
  • 12-month warranty
  • 24-hour customer service


  • It lacks motion sensors
  • No battery

DBF Solar Fence Lights Outdoor Waterproof Deck Decorative LED Landscape Lighting Solar Powered Wall

DBF solar fence and deck lights are too attractive. You would enjoy the star on the front and small starry holes on its side. Instead of an unattractive white fixture, the company has made it a very attractive fixture compared to other best solar dock lights.

Sensor Intelligent IC: You cannot deny the benefit of light with sensor Intelligent IC that enables the light to turn on and off according to the time. However, you have to turn on its switch for once after installation.

Stylish lights: The light has a star-like design, so it is innovative than other solar lights in the market. You can have a security light for your path or a decorative light exclusively for your patio or soft landscape. Even the hard landscape will become attractive with this light.

High-Grade Weather-Resistant: The light is effective in terms of strength, brightness, and resistance to weather conditions. Like, it stays intact in the heat and the rain and even snow. Nothing can harm your light until you break it by accident.

Flexible light: The lights are easy to install through screws. Whether decks or pathways, they would prove intact due to a strong mounting.


  • High-tech solar panel
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Longer lighting hours
  • IP65 grade material
  • 45 days money-back guarantee
  • 12-month warranty


  • Covers a small area

Otdair Solar Deck Lights, Solar Fence Lights Outdoor, 2 Modes Wall Mount Fence Post Lights LED for Garden

Otdair is another company that gives us the best solar dock lights which are also good for fences. You get multipurpose lights f to light up your home, park, or other areas. The offices and other business places can also take benefit from the Otdair solar lights.

A dual-mode light: The light has two modes, producing the white light and colors as well. The colors change one by one, creating a great decorative effect. Like, it has 7 colors that are awesome for a party or some festive. There is a switch for users to change these modes.

Stylish design: Unlike other lights, Otdair has a stylish shape and yellow color fixture makes it even more attractive. A touch of black also looks good.

Effective than other lights: These lights are better than several other lights because they are capable of charging within 6 hours. The lighting time is also long so these lights would prove cost-effective.

Waterproof for sure: This is for sure that all solar lights are weather-resistant, especially they resist water like rainwater, splashes from the pool or pond, and rainstorms, etc.  The lights also resist hot weather that means the plastic does not melt because it is high-grade ABS.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Low charging time and bright light
  • Automatic turn on and off function
  • Stylish design
  • 24-hour customer service


  • It lacks motion sensors


If you look at the above 10 best solar dock lights, you would enjoy the variety. All of them have basic features, but some cover more area than the other. Some lights only have one mode but some also produce various colors. All the lights come up with mounting screws. The lights with the high-grade waterproof material are better than those which have a low IP rate.

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