7 Best Solar Butterfly Lights For Garden Reviews 2022

Outdoor lights have different types, including solar butterfly lights. These lights look beautiful because of their colorful streaks. Most butterfly lights have changing colors, so they are stunning than those that create white light. However, the cool white effect covers more areas than the others.

Many brands are making butterfly lights with wind chimes that create sounds along with the light. The rhythmic sound feels soft and relaxing on the nerves, and you feel stress-free. Such lights have built-in solar panels on their heads so that they can convert the sunlight into power. Besides, solar lights also have rechargeable batteries, so they are more functional.

Outdoor solar lights are waterproof, and they go well in the rainy season. They are available in metal and plastic, so their durability is different from each other. Butterfly solar lights are hanging and they come with strings, but stake lights are also available. All these lights are ideal for yards, gardens, pathways, trees, etc. Whereas indoor butterfly lights are also good for room decoration. Solar butterfly lights are also ideal for parties or events.

7 Best Solar Butterfly Lights Reviewed & Rated

1. Mosteck Wind Chimes Solar Butterfly Lights

A combination of wind chimes and solar butterfly lights give serenity to your place. They can go well in a patio, front yard, lawn, etc. The LEDs change color one after another.


  • It has an advanced solar panel and the light works for 8 hours with full charging.
  • The butterfly LED creates bright colors, instead of dim, unlike other color- changing decorative lights.
  • These are strong lights and the ABS protects them from rain and intense weather. Intense sunlight can’t cause color fading or bending.
  • Beautiful colors change after an interval like yellow, blue, red, green, etc. Moreover, the crystalline ball flies when it’s lighting.
  • Mosteck provides three styles, including the wind chimes with butterflies, and hummingbird, and crystal ball with wind chimes, and the sunflower.
  • The butterfly lights are easy to hang on the tree or a patio canopy. You need simple hooks to hang them.


  • Outdoor decorative lights
  • Weatherproof butterflies
  • Wireless and user-friendly
  • Create a romantic effect
  • Ideal for gifting


  • Delicate and need careful handling

2. Berocia Solar Butterfly Lights

String lights have different categories, and Berocia makes them with solar butterfly lights. They are decorative and ideal for outdoors like yards, trees, pergola, etc. But, they are equally suitable for indoors.


  • The lights charge faster than ordinary butterfly lights, like within 4 to 6 hours, and work for a whole night.
  • The light consists of 12 LEDs which consume less power but create a strong light.
  • These lights are beautiful and resemble original butterflies, unlike other products that use Photoshop images.
  • Berocia is a premium brand and offers waterproof decorative lights to accent an event. The landscape becomes more attractive with such lights.
  • The string is 13.12 feet long, so it can cover enough area, but you can also buy two strings for multiple parts of your house.
  • People also buy these butterflies to gift to someone for home decor. These are also the best solar hanging butterfly lights.


  • Consume less power
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Good solar panel with 100mA
  • Party lights
  • One-year warranty


  • Delicate butterfly lights

3. Sunjoyco Solar Butterfly Lights for Outdoor

The best solar butterfly lights with wind chimes are more innovative than ordinary butterfly lights. They are waterproof and excellent for outdoor parties. But, a room can also look beautiful with them.


  • Sunjoyco lights can enhance a patio garden, porch, roof, or a room, like a bedroom or living room.
  • The lights do not need an effort as they turn on automatically. They produce soft changing colors, creating a stunning atmosphere.
  • The chimes have a solar panel on the top to absorb the sunlight and send it to butterfly LEDs to illuminate the surroundings.
  • You should turn on its switch for the first time, so the light can charge in the day. It can light for several hours during the night with proper charging.
  • The company also developed the wind chime lights in different shapes like stars, moon, hummingbird, heart, ball, etc., so you can buy any shape.


  • Color-changing lights
  • Multipurpose wind chimes lights
  • Water protection
  • Two-years warranty


  • You may need more lights for a large area

4. Doingart Solar Butterfly Lights With Stakes

Unlike the above butterfly lights, Doingart produces stake lights for ground installation. However, it also includes string, hence it has more variation.


  • Customers can enjoy 18 butterflies with beautiful colors like there are 9 lights per stake. They are the best butterfly lights for outdoors.
  • The product also includes a 2.6 feet wire that connects both stakes. The lights won’t deflect after installation.
  • Doingart offers the latest solar-powered butterfly lights to enhance the beauty of your place. The water protection keeps these lights working for long.
  • The installation takes a few minutes. Like, insert the stake into the soil of your lawn area. Even you can install them in a large pot along with plants.
  • The built-in rechargeable battery helps butterflies get power and illuminate at night. People also install them in the graveyards.


  • Good decorative lights
  • Waterproof string lights
  • 18 colorful butterflies
  • 2020 version
  • Durable material


  • You cannot hang them on the trees or walls

5. Joyathome Outdoor Solar Powered Butterfly String Lights

These are colorful solar butterfly lights, but they produce a cool white light. Joyathome also offers 17.7 feet long string to hang these lights wherever you want.


  • These lights resemble original butterflies and create a more natural look in your garden.
  • The product includes a rechargeable battery and easy to adjust solar panel. Instead of electricity, you need solar energy to save money.
  • The string can decorate your home with beautiful butterflies and a cool lighting effect. Peach blossom lights look magical at night.
  • By using your creation, you can decorate your outdoor area in different ways. Like, place these butterflies around flowers or green vines.
  • A frosted plastic adds durability to these lights by protecting them from water and other elements. The butterfly will not deform in the hot temperature.
  • You can also insert this light into the ground through a spike that comes with it. You would love them because these are stunning solar butterfly string lights.


  • Solar-powered and cost-saving
  • High-grade plastic
  • Ground installation and string light
  • Helps create styles
  • Waterproof


  • Only one pack per product

6. Eeekit Solar Butterfly Lights and Solar Wind Chimes

EeeKit gives you the best solar butterfly lights for garden, and they are with wind chimes. A beautiful sound of chimes and colored butterflies can release all your stress.


  • These wind chimes are ideal to hang outside in the yard or a garden. They produce a colorful light creating a lively atmosphere all around them. Even you can hang them on the beams of your patio ceiling.
  • The lights have a solar panel on their top that transfers the sunlight into electricity; eventually, the lights turn on when it’s dark.
  • The lights don’t need any maintenance and are easy to install, but turn on the switch in the beginning, and then they will become automatic.
  • It has a good capacity battery and proper charging will make it working for many hours. Solar-powered lights are economical than other regular lights that need electricity.
  • The lights are also excellent for festivals and parties, etc. Besides, the changing color can make your place innovative. Also, these lights are good for room décor.


  • Changing colors
  • Eco-friendly and cheap
  • Includes built-in solar panel and battery
  • Outdoor and indoor purpose


  • Fewer lights per product

7. Solpex Solar Butterfly Lights

Another multicolor light that changes colors can put magic in the garden or yard. Stakes will help you install the Solpex lights in the pathway or any other ground. Butterfly solar lights outdoor like these will cost you nothing.


  • They are waterproof and a high-grade metal protects them in the rain. You don’t need to remove them during rains, besides heat can’t affect them. It is also a bird light for décor.
  • Those who want a continuous colorful effect at night for 8 hours should use Solpex. Whether it’s a small path or large, these lights would look great.
  • Any solar light with stakes is easy to install because it involves a minimum effort. But, the lights should get the sunlight for charging in the day.
  • The LED changes colors like red, green, blue, purple, yellow, green, etc. A cool light will leave a good effect on your mood.
  • These lights can be nice gift products for a homeowner who loves colorful things.


  • IP65 grade material
  • Durable metal making
  • Cheap and energy-saving
  • Waterproof construction
  • Full refund within a month


  • You cannot hang them

Buying Guide for Solar Butterfly Lights

As mentioned earlier, solar butterfly lights have different types of colors, sizes, designs, lighting effects, materials, and prices, etc. Though these lights seem ordinary, they are not, and you should choose them carefully. The following factors will help you in this case.

Hanging or Stake Lights

You must decide if you want to install butterfly lights on the ground or pathway or you love to hang them. Both types are available, but the string or hanging lights can create different styles because you can mold the copper wire. You can also connect stakes with string lights if the brand offers so.

Metal or Plastic

Metal is stronger than plastic, but make sure it resists rust. It should be made of a high-grade waterproof coating. On the other hand, plastic solar lights have no issue of rust but they can deform due to poor material. Plastic butterfly lights also have to be waterproof and durable. An IP65 plastic and metal are better in this case.

Changing Colors or Cool White

Both the color-changing LEDs and cool white lights are available and you can select whatever you like. If you want them for festivals or parties, colorful lights with different effects will be better. Whereas the cool white lights go well with the landscape for a general outdoor décor and they are also suitable for pathways.

Charging Time and Working Hours

Most solar butterfly LEDs need 4 to 6 hours to charge and they can run for 8 hours. The battery has to have enough capacity to store solar power. Similarly, the solar panel with a good conversion rate is effective. So, both the battery and panel must have high-quality with advanced features.

Warranty and Refund

The warranty ensures the reliability of the product. A one year warranty is common and many brands also offer a full refund for damaged lights. This is the buyer’s responsibility to see all these things while shopping for butterfly lights. The price of solar-powered lights varies according to their features and brands.

Do solar lights work in the rain?

Yes, as solar lights have to be outside to capture the sunlight, so manufacturers use waterproof materials to make them. Like, metal and plastic with a high-grade IP are essential to resist water and heat.

Can you leave solar lights out all winter?

Yes, you can leave the lights out all winter if they are weatherproof and most brands have this quality. But, you can store them inside if there are clouds for several days, depending on how you feel.


To get different lighting effects, one should use solar butterfly lights in the garden for ordinary use or parties. Lights with wind chimes seem more romantic because of their rhythmic sounds. String lights are more flexible than stake lights, but one should see the feasibility of each product. Whatever kind of butterfly or solar-powered lights you buy, they have to be waterproof, durable, and effective.


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