7 Best Solar Powered Bug Zapper Reviews 2021

People often get sick due to mosquito bites and have to spend a lot to recover. Likewise, several other flying insects are harmful and their bites leave marks on the skin. By using a solar bug zapper, you can deal with mosquitoes and stay healthy. The zapper often includes a solar light, besides the UV light attracts bugs and when they come closer, the grid kills them with high-volt solar power.

Either plastic or stainless steel is the main material of a solar bug light and it’s waterproof. Users can place it on the ground or hang it somewhere outdoor. The best solar bug zapper is easy to access if you read the below reviews. Let’s explore the seven best solar-powered bug zappers.

7 Best Solar Bug Zappers Reviewed & Rated

1. PIC Solar Bug Zapper

Make your home free from insects with a solar bug zapper. PIC offers a torch that gives light and can kill mosquitoes, pests, flies, moths, etc. You can use it for a home, office, shop, or any other sunny place.


  • PIC zapper is a perfect alternative to a torch that needs oil. It is pollution-free and safe for residences. This is a handy bug killer, and you can install it outdoor. It is also suitable for a farmhouse or garden.
  • The light has a UV LED to attract the insects and kills them when they get closer. The LED looks like a flickering flame, resembling a real flame that brings insects near it.
  • Now, you can sit in the garden without fighting with flying insects like mosquitos, moths, flies, etc. The solar-powered zapper can remove any bug that touches it.
  • It is made of plastic and resists water like rain or hose water. It charges in the day and works after dusk.
  • You can install it with stakes at different heights, including 24 inches, 36, and 48 inches. You can use any stake depending on your place and needs.
  • The product brings one torch light, three poles, a stake, two connectors, and a tabletop base.


  • Waterproof plastic
  • Multipurpose insect killer
  • Stake and pole installation
  • Durable LED
  • Solar-powered and safe


  • No Warranty

2. MeetUs Solar Bug Zapper

A multipurpose solar bug zapper is economical and ideal for the outdoors. It’s a solar lamp by MeetUs that kills all types of flying bugs that touch it. You can install it in your home, office, shop, hotel, etc.


  • A stainless steel bug killer goes well in the garden and outdoor kitchens. It resists water and other weather elements. Cold white light can illuminate the surroundings and kills mosquitoes or other bugs.
  • Consider this zapper a 2 in 1 lamp that gives light and kills bugs simultaneously. It is ideal for killing mosquitoes that annoy you in the summer.
  • It can attract bugs from an 80-m distance that is a big range compared to other zappers. However, make sure to install it away from other lights to get good results.
  • The lamp is easy to install and it can bear high temperatures. Due to a high-quality LED, it ensures high performance.
  • You can use it in two ways, as a solar lamp or can charge it through a USB cable. Solar charging needs 4 hours for effective function for up to 24 hours. The handle allows you to carry it wherever you go.
  • The product includes one solar lamp, a USB cable, one brush, and a user manual. The company offers a one-year warranty. Besides, you can contact customer support for any issue.


  • 100 % mute and safe
  • user-friendly switch
  • Waterproof stainless steel
  • Bug killer and solar light
  • One-year warranty


  • Expensive

3. PIC Solar Insect Killer

A portable lamp by PIC will protect you from insects. Instead of an electric mosquito killer, use a solar bug zapper that is safe for homes having pets and kids. It is ideal for both indoors and outdoors.


  • It is a powerful zapper that uses a 500 volts grid and kills the insects right at the spot after attracting them.
  • It’s a 2 in 1 lantern in terms of charging. Like, you can either charge it in the sun or can use a USB cable. Both methods make the PIC zapper a long-lasting tool.
  • The lantern has two functions; one is to produce light and another is to attract bugs with a blue UV light and kill them.  The LED has three modes, including, bright, medium, and low.
  • This solar bug zapper lantern is waterproof, so it’s suitable for all kinds of outdoor. You can use it while fishing, camping, hiking, or an outdoor BBQ party.
  • PIC solar lantern has a hook installation, so you can hang it wherever you want. Like, hang it on the camp wall, pillar, post, patio pergola, canopy, or a tree, but the sunlight should directly fall on its panel.


  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Three lighting modes
  • Powerful UV LED
  • Easy to hang
  • 500-Volt grid
  • Dual charging methods


  • It does not include a USB cable

4. YIER Solar-Powered Bug Zapper

A combination of light and a solar bug zapper is more useful than ordinary electric zappers. It is compatible and waterproof and suitable for gardens, yards, etc. Be it a home, office, outdoor restaurant, or a shop, YIER zapper will kill all the bugs.


  • The auto-on and off and charging functions make this solar zapper the most convenient. It is an ideal solution for camps where you have no electricity.
  • The company designed this solar light with waterproof plastic that also resists heat. You can hang it outdoors even in hot summer.
  • YIER solar zapper has two lighting modes, including a white light to glow the landscape, and purple light to attract the bugs.
  • You can hang it anywhere outdoor, like on the tree, post, fence, ceiling, or canopy. You can also insert it in the ground through a stick that comes with the product. Install it wherever it can get the sunlight.
  • The company ensures a reliable product with a good warranty. Besides, it also offers a 30-day return upon any fault.
  • Such a portable solar zapper is easy to pack in the backpack while camping or fishing. It allows you to enjoy a nice evening on your lawn without any bugs.


  • Dual lighting modes
  • Waterproof solar lamp
  • Effective bug killer
  • Multipurpose lamp
  • 30-days return


  • It lacks a USB charging

5. Lentek Bite Shield Solar Bug Zapper

By using a solar bug zapper, you can get rid of annoying mosquitoes and other flying bugs. Lentek offers a low-voltage solar panel, but its conversion rate is high. The bug killer is ideal for homes, offices, shops, etc.


  • You can save power by using a solar zapper. Likewise, you can protect yourself and the environment from toxic sprays.
  • Just install this zapper under the sun and it will charge within eight hours. It will function for a whole day and night, killing insects that come in contact with Lentek.
  • Unlike other solar zappers, Lentek has a lithium battery that works nonstop for 15 hours with good storage.
  • The zapping grid is 1200 V that kills bugs faster than less powerful grids. You can install it wherever it can get the sunlight.
  • The bug zapper has dual installation methods like you can hang it or insert it in the ground with its stake. Those with pets should hang the Lentek zapper on the wall.


  • Maintenance-free
  • Portable solar bug killer
  • Toxic-free and safe
  • A cheap zapper
  • Powerful grid


  • It has no light
  • Only one charging option

6. Pure Garden Solar Bug Zapper

Pure Garden sells an authentic solar-powered bug zapper with a light. The UV light attracts mosquitoes and kills them instantly. It is ideal for a garden, patio, yard, home, office, or any commercial building.


  • Unlike other solar zappers, it does not involve any installation as you can place it anywhere on the ground. The ON and OFF switch helps operate it easily.
  • You don’t have to use unhealthy chemicals and get sick. Instead, use a solar zapper that is safe for you and the environment.
  • Pure Garden consumes less power but kills bugs faster than an electric zapper. It needs solar charging for effective function.
  • This is not only a bug-killing tool but a decorative light for your garden because it’s very stylish. It is safe for kids because of an external grid design.
  • The light has a handle that enables you to carry it to camping, picnic party, fishing, or wherever you travel. The rechargeable battery keeps it working wherever you go. You can use it for eight hours with full charging.
  • It has two plastic LED lights and a zapping grid that resist water. Besides, it also withstands heat and natural elements. It is an ideal solar bug zapper light by Pure Garden.


  • Solar zapper and light
  • built-in rechargeable battery
  • UV and LED light
  • Weatherproof zapper


  • It is expensive than other zappers

7. Mobestech Solar Mosquito Killer

Though you have other ways to get rid of pests, the best solar bug zapper is safe, effective, and cheap. Mobestech makes top products for bug killing, which are suitable for outdoors like patios, yards, and gardens.


  • The plastic is highly durable and waterproof, and you can install it on the ground through a stake.
  • A solar lamp will kill all kinds of bugs, including mosquitoes. Don’t waste money on expensive bug sprays because the solar lamp is cheap.
  • It has a dual charging system, including solar charging, and USB for DC charging that increases its product life.
  • It consumes only 1.5 w that is lower than other solar zappers. However, it kills multiple bugs within seconds.
  • You can install it in your home, outdoor restaurant, shop, wherever you want. This solar bug light is portable and works well for campers, hikers, and fishers. Even you can take it along to a picnic or a barbecue party.
  • The light is also suitable for outdoor wedding venues. You can protect your guests from harmful bug bites through a Mobestech bug zapper.


  • Ideal for outdoors
  • Waterproof construction
  • Effective and fast
  • Dual charging


  • The product includes only one solar bug light

Buying Guide

Instead of fighting with a salesperson to ensure he is giving you a flawless bug zapper, read our below guide. Various factors will help you identify the best solar bug zapper in the market.

  • Check if it’s only a zapping grid or a light as well. By having a solar light with a bug killer, you can see the place around it and check its reflectivity. At the same time, you won’t need an extra bulb outdoor.
  • Focus on solar panel’s quality because it gives power to the grid to kill mosquitoes and other flying insects. The panel should face the sun to get natural power. A rechargeable battery is an added advantage.
  • A solar zapper is hanging or needs a hook or stake for installation on the ground. It should be intact so pets can’t dig it out of the soil, and the LED should be visible.
  • The UV light of a mosquito zapper should have a wide range to attract bugs from a long distance. Whereas the zapping grid also has to be powerful, yet safe for pets or kids.
  • Lastly, its material should resist various weather conditions including high temperatures.
  • The price of a bug zapper varies, and you should consider your budget before purchasing it.

Should I Leave Bug Zapper On All Night?

It depends on its charging. Generally, a solar zapper can work for eight hours after full charging. If it is battery-operated, it will drain if you use it for a whole night. A zapper with dual charging is suitable for a whole night

Do Bug Zappers Really Work On Mosquitoes?

Yes, bug zapper has a special design with a certain power range that kills mosquitoes. It attracts bugs with UV light and kills mosquitoes when they come in touch with the zapper.


A remarkable solution for mosquito killing is a solar bug zapper, and you can be free from all kinds of insects. It is not poisonous but kills bugs with solar power. Likewise, a solar zapper makes you free from applying any lotion to your skin to repel the bugs. A zapper with dual charging and light is effective than the others. Besides, it helps you enjoy a beautiful evening outside without any mosquitoes.


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