5 Best Mushroom Solar Garden Lights Reviews 2021

When it is about decorative lights, you cannot ignore mushroom solar lights because they are stunningly beautiful. They are fully solar-powered and users can charge them for a whole day for maximum benefits. Some lights have rechargeable lithium batteries and their working life is more.

They are decorative even when they are off and this is because of their mushroom shape. The soft landscape gets stunning by having mushroom lights. The lamps produce white or colorful lights depending upon their type and brand. The lights have stakes, so you can dig them into the soil.

Users don’t have to depend on the electricity for mushroom lights because they run with solar power. They are lightweight and portable, so you can carry them easily while traveling.

Since different companies are making these lights, so it might be hard for you to recognize the best product. We have the 5 best mushroom solar lights to make shopping convenient for you.

5 Best Mushroom Solar Lights Reviewed & Rated

1. Gymaoyi Mushroom Solar Lights

It is a beautiful set of red, yellow, and green mushroom solar lights by Gymaoyi. They are suitable for a garden or other outdoor decor like a patio, yard, pathway, etc. These likes look stunning even in the day.


  • The mushroom shape naturally becomes a part of the garden. Besides, it is healthy for the environment as it runs through a natural source and does not emit any harmful chemicals.
  • The material is plastic that successfully resists water and snow. The lights remain intact without getting blown away by the wind.
  • They are small lights so they get charged within 4 to 5 hours. Insert them into the soil where the sunlight is high.
  • It is a wireless product so it has zero hassle to install. Gymaoi helps us save energy and electricity bills through its solar lights. You can control your monthly bills by using solar-powered lights.
  • You can buy two or three packs for a large driveway or garden. These lights can also enhance the outdoor home party.
  • The company offers good warranty time and responds fast to its customers. You can contact the company for any fault or wrong packaging.


  • Durable plastic
  • Green lights
  • Simple mounting
  • One-year warranty
  • 60 days money-back guarantee


  • It involves only solar charging

2. Pearl Star Solar Mushroom Lights Outdoor

Pearl star offers smart mushroom solar lights for its new and old customers. The light causes different colors with a dim effect. These lights can go well with patios, lawns, yards, pathways, etc.


  • You can have a white light or can set it for a colorful mode. So, it is ideal for multipurpose effects. The colors change one after another creating an attractive appearance.
  • One mushroom light has two LEDs that can work for longer. You can solar charge this light, and it also has a rechargeable battery.
  • If you need light for 10 hours, then charge these mushrooms for 8 hours. Less charging means fewer working hours.
  • The garden can glow or get the decor through Pearl Star solar powered mushroom lights. These lights are a good option in terms of a gift. Place them near a plant or on a grassy area or in some pot wherever you get the soil.
  • The installation does not need wires. The plastic makes it resist weather issues like rain or snow. Watering your plants will not affect the Pearl Star solar lights.


  • 100 % solar
  • Weather-resistant
  • IP44 grade
  • Dual LEDs
  • Two lighting effects
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery
  • Good customer service


  • Delicate than other mushroom lights

3. Allomn Mushroom Solar Garden Lights

If you need a beautiful combination of yellow and orange, Allomn’s mushroom solar lights would be the best. Decorate your yard, landscape, or pathway with these lights.


  • You will get three beautiful mushroom lights with a nice lighting effect. It can give a nice streak to the home landscape. Besides, the mushroom light looks natural compared to other solar decorative lights.
  • The light has a powerful solar panel that gets energy from the sun. It repels water, and snow, and remains durable. You need only one panel for three lights that make it a lightweight product.
  • It is a nice portable light that is easy to carry while relocating. You can also gift it to anyone because its packaging is upgraded and more durable than before.
  • The light can become a flashlight in an emergency or use as a constant light for a décor. Both modes are equally effective depending on what you prefer.
  • Be sure to place these lights under the sunlight for fast and effective charging. The lights have spikes that can go into the soil with a little pressure.
  • You can save your surrounding by using green products like mushroom lights that run with solar power.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Attractive color
  • Easy to install
  • Wireless light
  • Two modes
  • IP44 waterproof


  • It lacks a rechargeable battery

4. Abter Solar Mushroom Lights

A lovely yellow top with a white base creates an attractive decor. The best mushroom solar lights by Abter give an artistic look to the landscape, yard, and walkway.


  • It is an outdoor light, including three lighting options. You don’t need to connect it to any wire to get power.
  • Unlike other mushroom lights, Abter is large, so one light is enough for a certain spot. However, you can buy more than one packs to create a décor.
  • It needs the sunlight to convert it to power. The solar panel is the main source of conversion.
  • It has a 2200 mAh rechargeable battery that allows you to use it for many years. However, consider the sunlight before recharging it.
  • The light has 20 LED beads that can give you full brightness. You can also get medium and dim light by adjusting the switch.
  • Pets can’t harm these lights because they stand stable until you want to remove them. But, the soil should not be too soft or too hard.


  • Function time is up to 10 hours
  • Protects the environment
  • Large polysilicon panel
  • Weather-friendly
  • Good customer response
  • 60 days money-back
  • One-year warranty


  • Only one pack per product


5. HaveOne Mushroom Solar Landscape Lights

Not only the ordinary solar lights can enhance the landscape but the mushroom solar lights can serve you the same way. Like other top brands, HaveOne also provides beautiful outdoor and decorative lights that you can power up through the sun.


  • Once you charge this for a whole day, it will illuminate up to 8 hours. But, its intensity may reduce if the charging was not enough.
  • Just turn on the switch and insert this mushroom into the ground through its base.
  • You will get four colors to emphasize the garden. The entire view of an outdoor becomes attractive. Yellow, red, purple, and orange look too beautiful around the green area.
  • Nothing can affect its function as the light stays fine in all weather conditions. The waterproof mushroom solar garden lights can become your partner for as long as you want.
  • It can enhance events like a barbecue party, wedding, birthday party, and much more.


  • Beautiful colors
  • Durable material
  • Portable solar lights
  • Natural look
  • Good solar panel
  • 30 days money-back
  • After-sales service


  • It involves only solar charging

Buying Guide

The buying guide for mushroom solar lights is important, especially if you get it from the experts. As you know these lights are available in different colors, sizes, and prices, but what you should have might be confusing. Let’s enhance your knowledge regarding the mushroom lights.

Consider the Shape

You want to buy these lights to make them a natural addition to the landscape so they should resemble the mushroom. Any innovation in the original shape may look odd. Also, be sure the material does not look so fake.


The color of the product is also important. Here again, all colors must look natural like red, yellow, green, purple, etc. Likewise, the colorful lighting effects are also important as all you want is the decoration. You can choose the color according to your place or the rest of the color scheme. Solar mushroom landscape lights should go well with the garden furniture.

The Brightness

Some brands offer three brightness modes like from 30 % to 100% bright, or flashlight, etc. Such different options mean you get more benefits from a single product. Besides, just one mode becomes boring and less functional. Likewise, the number of LEDs per light also affects the brightness, so do focus on these elements.


Like other solar landscape lights, the mushroom lights also have stakes for ground mounting. Make sure the stake is sharp, besides, the soil should not be too hard. It should stay stable after insertion and should be pet friendly. These lights are excellent in terms of installation that only takes a few minutes.

Quality of the Plastic

As you learned from the above products that these lights have plastic manufacturing. Only high-quality plastic can properly resist water and intense weather. IP44 is a good waterproof grade and ensures good quality in this case.

Effectiveness of the Panel

As mushroom shaped solar lights are small so their panel is small too. But, its conversion rate matters so that you can have more power. It should receive the direct sun and the light should be free from the dust. Besides, the plastic does not produce a clear light like glass and the dust can further reduce the illumination.

The Cost

Lastly, the cost of mushroom lights is important. The above products are not so expensive. Some companies offer free shipping in their own country. Besides, discounts also happen during the festival seasons.

How to Access Solar Lights?

Mushroom lights are available online and anyone having the internet can access them. You must have a bank card to buy these lights. Another way is to visit a light shop to buy these lights. Make sure you get durable packaging in case of online shopping. However, different brands are offering a money-back guarantee, in case you get a faulty product or it gets damaged during shipping.


Decorative lights have many benefits as you can complement the landscape and certain festivals or events. The best mushroom solar lights are easy to access if you have their knowledge.  Lights with different coloring effects and brightness modes are more effective. Besides, the rechargeable battery also increases its demand.

These lights don’t involve any hardship of installation. You can order a product, take it out, turn on the switch, and place the light on the ground or insert it with its spike. Mushroom lights are cost-effective, environmental- safe, pet-friendly, and waterproof.

Mushroom Solar Lights or Ordinary Decorative Lights

  • All types of solar lights, including the mushroom lights, are better than the ordinary lights that depend on electricity. All you need is an effective solar panel that can convert the sunlight into power to light up the LED.
  • These lights don’t need any cable or electric wiring and holder. You can place them on the ground through stakes.
  • In the case of a rechargeable battery, you can use these lights for many months or years.
  • There is no issue of electric shock as the mushroom lights are solar-powered. Besides, the plastic makes them waterproof and lightweight.
  • Solar lights don’t get heat up like filament bulbs, so they are safe to hold.
  • The packaging of these lights involves less hassle. Colorful lights look attractive even when they are in an OFF mode.
  • Like other lights, solar mushroom lights don’t need a manual operation as they start at night and rest in the day, switching to a charging mode.


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