11 Best Hanging Solar Lights Outdoor Reviews 2021

Solar lights have different styles, including the post lights, pathway lights, fence lights, and wall lights. Hanging solar lights are not only stylish, but they enhance the outdoor, especially, the homes. However, you can also use them in outdoor restaurants and small parks, etc. They have built-in solar sensors for automatic function.

These lights often include lanterns with classical looks.  They have either candle style bulbs or small LEDs. Users can choose a style that is suitable for their garden or patio. You can hang these lights or can place them on a flat surface like ground or table, etc. Hanging solar lights are waterproof and mostly made of metal, glass, or plastic.

11 Best Hanging Solar Lights Reviewed & Rated

1- Pearlstar Hanging Solar Lights Outdoor

Those who love lanterns cannot resist the Pearlstar hanging solar lights because they have many benefits. The lamp gives a good classical look to your home. You can hang it anywhere in the garden, yard, or patio. You can also carry it somewhere with its handle.

  • When the sun provides us power, we can completely forget the electricity expenses which become too high when we install many lights. The light has a solar panel to power up the lamp at night, but it switches to a charging mode in the day.
  • Bronze gives this lantern a vintage style. It can equally decorate the modern and traditional elevation of your home. It has a white light that looks cool at night. Besides, the star-like patterns make it more attractive.
  • You can either hang it through its ring style handle or can place it somewhere on the ground. You can also place it on a table in your patio. It would create a mysterious atmosphere if you hang it on the tree.
  • It is a multipurpose light that can keep a small area safe or you can use it as a decorative item on a special occasion. However, it is not ideal for reading or to illuminate large gardens.
  • The company ensures 100 percent customer satisfaction because it is a durable light. We can save enough money with a set of two lights.


  • No installation required
  • Solar-powered
  • Accent light
  • Durable metal
  • Effective solar panel


  • Not ideal as a functional light

2- TomCare Solar Hanging Lanterns

This is another beautiful lantern, but it has a unique design. It works like a candle in the holder, so it gives a flickering light. You can hang it on the wall bracket, over the tree, or on some pergola, etc. It stays safe in the rain due to its metal frame. Tomcare makes long-lasting lamps, including this product.

  • If you want two lanterns by paying for one product, select Tomcare. It will help you save money, besides solar power reduces the electricity expenses.
  • Metal keeps it away from rust, so hang it outside without any fear. The hollow design looks stunning, accenting the surrounding furniture or garden accessories. Besides, the candle flame creates a romantic atmosphere with a warm yellow light.
  • Whether you want to hang this lantern or place it on a surface, it will stay intact. Its handle is durable due to metal structure. You can also place many lanterns on a big pathway as pets can’t harm the lamps.
  • Make sure to hang it where there is enough sunlight. With IP65, it repels water drops or splashes, keeping the lamp safe. Likewise, use it in the snow as it is snow proof.
  • Tomcare ensures a one-year guarantee for this lantern. Besides, you can also get a refund in case some issues happen with these solar lights.


  • Environmental-friendly
  • Energy-saving lamp
  • Weatherproof material
  • 45-days money-back guarantee
  • Excellent accent light


  • Not suitable as a functional light

3- Gigalumi 8 Pack Solar Hanging Lantern Outdoor

Gigalumi always offers many lights in one product and the same is the case with hanging solar lights. This is another candle effect light so people love it. You can use it in the camp or can hang it in your garden. The lantern is also ideal for pergolas and pathways.

  • Gigalumi allows you to place this light on some surface or hang it anywhere. Besides, you can assemble it easily. Just turn the switch on before hanging it outside and then wait for the sun to charge it.
  • It helps save energy due to the sun. Moreover, it keeps the surrounding place clean due to safe energy. It won’t affect your eyesight as it has a cool flickering light.
  •  The material is durable and stays unharmed in the rain and snow. It is a combination of metal and plastic, so it won’t catch rust, nor the molds can destroy it. You can even hang it under a garden umbrella.
  • The lantern has one lighting mode. The black finish with warm white light creates a romantic touch in the place.
  • Gigalumi solar lamps are always durable and these lanterns have a full warranty. You can even replace it within 90-days of purchase. The refund policy has made this hanging solar light an attractive product.


  • Durable solar sensors
  • Waterproof metal and plastic frame
  • Refund within 90 days
  • Stylish lantern
  • Ideal for decoration


  • The battery may get weak with time

4- Pearlstar Hanging Solar Lights Outdoor – 2 Pack Solar Powered

Another creation by Pearlstar is this vintage lantern. Both light and frame enhance the décor of the outdoor area. You can hang it or just place it on the ground. The solar light hanging system is so simple in the form of a metal handle. Places like patios, yards, pathways, indoor lawns, or outdoor landscape become stylish with these solar lights.

  • The power of the sun absorbed by the solar panel gives us light. The built-in solar sensors help the lamp to work automatically. You don’t need any wiring to run this lantern.
  • It is a compact lamp and its lightweight structure enables kids to carry it easily. However, try to keep it away from too young kids and pets. In general, it is a durable product.
  • The lamp has an IP44 ABS plastic that makes it free from rust. Water cannot stay over it for long, so the lamp won’t get corrosion. It also remains safe in intense heat and snow.
  • You can save enough money if you buy this product including 2 lanterns. You don’t have to depend on electric power anymore.
  • A dual installation makes it an ideal lamp. Like, you can either hang it or can place it on a flat object or ground. Hanging a lantern on some pergola will create a traditional look.
  • You must charge it from 6 to 8 hours to have cool light for up to 8 hours. But, the charging time also depends on whether its winter or summer. You can replace the battery if it gets weak for any reason, however, it is quite effective.


  • 180-days refund guarantee
  • Fast customer response within a day
  • Functional lamp and solar panel
  • 600mAh battery
  • Lightweight product


  • The solar panel may weaken due to dirt
  • Working time reduces in winter

5- Otdair Solar Mason Jar Lights

Otdair is not a new name in the solar lights industry. Now, it has Mason jar hanging solar lights for us. You can place any kind of LED in the jar and of any color. These lights are suitable for hanging. The metal handle can hold the jar well, keeping it safe during a storm and other weather conditions.

  • You don’t need a battery to charge this jar light as the sun will do its work. It has 30 LEDs in the jar. You can also replace these LEDs whenever you feel like.
  • The solar panel takes up to 8 hours to charge, and then you can use it for 8 hours. Such energy will not pollute the environment, so you can enjoy a green product.
  • With a warm white light, you can create a good impact on the landscape. The light looks stunning when you hang it. Four lights would be enough for a small canopy, pergola, or a garage as well.
  • The jar stays secure when exposed to the sun and rain. Besides, storms can’t damage it due to its durability.
  • It is an energy-efficient product and you can save a handsome amount of money through reduced electricity bills.
  •  The company offers a warranty of one year and ensures good customer support.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Energy efficient
  • Long lifespan
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Waterproof and rustproof


  • Not so ideal for pathways

6- Clihere Solar Hanging Lights

You will come across Clihere hanging solar lights while shopping. The lamp gives décor to the landscape. Install it in the patio or yard or decorate the canopy, but ensure it receives the direct sun rays. You can also place it under the sun to recharge and then hang it wherever you want.

  • The light doesn’t need any wiring or screws for installation. It has a metal handle for a hanging purpose. Besides, its base is strong enough to put it on soil or hard floor with a plug.
  • If you like a candle effect, Clihere solar light will be a good choice. Instead of lighting a candle and getting smoke, try this LED candle type lantern. The retro effect enhances the atmosphere.
  • With solar sensors and LED, this candle lantern becomes green. You can breathe easily with safe products like this one. It saves energy and money, making our lives simple.
  • The light is different than other brands because it has a large solar panel and battery. So you can use it for 10 hours or even more if you charge it well.
  • It is a waterproof light due to ABS. Besides, plastic resists the rust and other issues with an IP44 rating.
  • The product includes 2 lanterns and a manual guide. If you need more lights buy two or three products.


  • Eco-friendly
  • 45-days money-back guarantee
  • Replacement within a year
  • 1200mAh battery
  • Decorative item
  • Pluggable


Costly due to large battery

7- Joomer Outdoor String Lights

These string lights resemble an ordinary filament bulb. You can get enough warm light to brighten up an area or to add some decor. It can cost you less due to 16 hanging bulbs. The light is ideal for a garden, patio, garage, wedding venue, or even an outdoor café.

  • This is a durable solar light made of ABS with high-grade waterproof properties. You can use it for hours as it will not overheat. The hanging structure is quite effective.
  • Unlike other solar hanging lights, you can charge string lights either through the sun or through a USB port. Hence, you don’t have to fully depend on the sun, so they will work even during cloudy days.
  • You can install these lights in two ways. Like, either through a lighted length or leading length. It is easy to place the solar panel somewhere in the sun.
  • The solar panel makes it automatic, so you don’t have to operate the switch all the time. You can set it on any lighting mode out of 4 modes that is an additional feature.
  • The product includes bulbs, cable, stand, solar panel, and two spare bulbs.


  • Multiple mounting methods
  • Four lighting modes
  • Waterproof plastic
  • Includes cable and stand
  • Two power options


  • Not ideal for ground mounting

8- MAXvolador Hanging Solar Lights Outdoor

This solar light will cost you less as it has 12 lights in one package. It has a decorative glass with embossing. The black frame and glass create a vintage look. It is ideal to hang it somewhere in the garden or other outdoor places. The metal handle keeps it intact.

  • MAXvolador makes durable hanging solar lights with crackled glass globes. You will get a cool effect when you turn on the lamp.
  • This is free from any wires as you just need a solar battery. Place these lights in the direct sun for several hours. With enough charging, you can use these hanging lights for up to 10 hours.
  • You don’t only get clean energy, but you also tend to save the power charges that you have to bear each month.
  • It can withstand severe weather conditions, and the glass won’t break easily. Keep it free from dust to get better light.
  • It has a simple installation like you just need to hang it with its handle. You can gift it a loved one on a special occasion, or can buy it for your home.
  • The product includes 12 hanging lamps, 12 clips, and a user guide.


  • Innovative solar lamp
  • Decorative globe light
  • Built-in battery
  • Weather-resistant
  • Green product
  • Durable fixture


  • Expensive solar light

9- SunnyPark Hanging Solar Lights Decorative

SunnyPark makes functional and colorful hanging lights. The glass globe gets its charging by the sun and works automatically at night. We can hang it in so many places, including trees, posts, yards, and pergola, etc. You will get changing colors inside the globe.

  • The light is a new version with a better polysilicon panel. It is more effective than before. It has a built-in battery that gets on charging automatically.
  • This has changing lights; hence, you will get an attractive decorative item. You can use it at special festivals due to colorful LEDs. With a set of 8 lights, you can decorate a large area.
  • It is an energy-saving light because of solar power. Besides, you can save enough money out of this product.
  • A combination of stainless steel and glass makes it strong. It resists water, rust, snow, and severe heat. Hang it with a handle and clip and enjoy the changing colors. Make sure to direct the glass to the sun.
  • Customers will get a guarantee with this product, hence they can change it within one month.


  • Easy to install
  • Very attractive colors
  • Built-in battery
  • Stainless steel frame and handle
  • Cost-effective product
  • 30-days replacement warranty


  • Cannot place on the ground

10- Otdair Solar Wall Lantern Outdoor

Otdair makes attractive lights like always.  You can recharge the light to get illumination at night. Weather will not affect these lights, so they are excellent for outdoors. You can also gift these lights to friends.  The installation of Otdair hanging solar lights is too simple.

  • You can either hang the light or can drill holes in the wall for the bracket. It is ideal for patios, pergolas, posts, fences, and all such places.
  • The light has built-in sensors that put it on charge in the day, and it works at night.
  • A stainless steel frame with a glass lamp makes it a durable lamp.  Metal stays free from rust, and other weather conditions can’t harm the light.
  • It is a great green product because it does not pollute the atmosphere like what happens with a gas lamp.
  • You can save money by using a solar-powered light. Besides, the cost of the light is also not so high like others
  • The product includes two lamps, two brackets, and screws for wall mounting, and a user guide for the customers.


  • User-friendly
  • Effective light
  • Waterproof and strong
  • Effective solar panel
  • Built-in battery


  • Becomes expensive if you need more lights

11- Walensee Solar Garden Hanging Lantern

This is the last product on our list and one of the best solar lights. You can hang it and place it on the ground. This has a unique lace type design that looks stunning at night. Place it in the green area or hang it somewhere where it suits.

  • You will get a soft light with this fixture. Round shape with voids makes it a cool product.
  • Iron makes it strong, however, rust may happen. You will get two fixtures in one product at a reasonable cost.
  • The solar panel is very effective, hence, it will stay functional for several hours. But, charge it well in the day under the sun.
  • The battery is rechargeable and effective with 600mAh capacity, it is a long-lasting solar lamp.
  • You will get a money-back guarantee with it. The company also ensures full satisfaction in terms of an after-sales-service.


  • Powerful solar panel
  • Very attractive
  • Multipurpose light
  • Cool effect
  • Quick installation


  • Iron can catch rust

Buying Guide

Solar products are the need of today because of increasing energy expenses. Both electricity and gas are expensive and we need to be careful while using these energies. On the other hand, solar panels produce safe power. Still, we have to focus on certain elements before choosing the hanging solar lights.


These lights are either modern or have a vintage style. Hanging lanterns are compatible with all types of outdoor areas. However, modern lamps with candle type LEDs also look unique. The shape and size of the hanging light also vary. What should you prefer depends on your taste. But, ensure the durability of the product before shopping.

The Brand

Different brands make solar hanging lights of which some produce high quality. But, some other companies make ordinary solar lamps. Each product has details in the form of specification, so read them thoroughly. Also, try to get some reviews of a particular product.

The price of the light varies according to the brand and it also determines the kind of lamp you should buy.

Lights Response to Weather

The material of the lamp is very important as it should resist water, snow, and other such elements. It should also withstand the hot sun and too cold weather. Metals like stainless steel and aluminum are rustproof, and so are the plastic, and glass lamps.

Battery and Solar Panel

The battery of the hanging lights should be rechargeable. Besides, the built-in solar sensors should have a good lifespan. Try to choose a product with a replaceable battery because you can use such a light for several years.


The above hanging solar lights are all unique, though having the same function. Most designs are classical, but the technology is new. Metal, plastic, and glass, all are waterproof, however, this characteristic varies depending on the quality.

Companies like Gigalumi and Otdair are old and make durable solar lights, but new brands are also impressive. Brands that offer a money-back guarantee are more attractive to customers. Generally, all these hanging lights are eco-friendly, so we can breathe in a clean atmosphere if we install them.


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