7 Best Cheap Solar Lights Outdoor Reviews in 2021

There are multiple brands of cheap solar lights, including, security lights, string or rope lights, and spotlights. Your requirement will determine the kind of light you should install. All types of solar lights are suitable for outdoor areas like gardens, pathways, porch, patios, etc.

But, cheap solar lights in copper wires are also suitable for indoors. Your place must get enough sun to charge solar lights. You can either recharge the battery or can replace it according to the brand.

The lights are waterproof, and also resist high temperatures. Especially, the stake lights are corrosion-free because their main structure is stainless steel. But, plastic lights are also good at resisting weather.

Many online stores are selling these lights at low rates. We have reviews of the seven best solar-powered lights which are economical and also highly useful. Let’s explore together some awesome solar lights.

7 Best Cheap Solar Lights Reviewed & Rated

1. Sunnest Cheap Solar Lights Outdoor

Sunnest always brings cheap solar lights for its valuable customers. Now, it gives us 12 lights for the outdoor. They are waterproof and you can install them in the yard, patio, pathway, or garden.


  • The light’s main body is of stainless steel, and it’s very durable though it looks delicate. It is good for garden decor, besides its safe as its wireless.
  • You will get a cool light effect due to the white light that enhances the soft landscape.
  • It comes with stakes to insert it into the soil. So, it takes a few minutes to install. But, be sure of sun orientation so the solar panel can absorb the sunlight.
  • It’s an automatic light that will light up the place at night and will stop in the day.
  • Sunnest uses IP44 grade material to make this light, so it can withstand any weather. Don’t worry if it’s raining because the light will still work as it is waterproof.
  • You have several ways to use these solar lights outdoor, like on your lawn, terrace, pool area, or a yard.


  • Weather-resistant solar lights
  • IP44 grade
  • Cool lighting
  • Durable material
  • Instant installation
  • Great customer support


  • Small lights than others

2. Hmcity Cheap Solar Lights Outdoor

When you need cheap solar lights, consider Hmcity, which offers the best features. The light is waterproof and has adjustable modes. You can use it outdoor as a security light or can support the green area.


  • The light has motion sensors, which can detect humans and vehicles from a long distance. It will automatically turn on upon motion, alerting the homeowner.
  • Hmcity solar lights have three modes, such as permanent ON, security, and smart mode that controls the brightness.
  • The solar panel has a 20.5% conversion, and it produces more power than other solar lights.
  • A cheap light like Hmcity is heatproof and waterproof. It is also corrosion-free because moisture can’t stay on it.
  • The illumination has a wide-angle, and 120 LEDs can cover a 30 m area.
  • You can use it in multiple places, including homes, offices, parks, etc. The product includes 2 solar lights.


  • IP65 grade material
  • Multiple modes
  • Durable body
  • ROSH, FCC, and CE certified
  • One year warranty


  • Appearance is not attractive

3. JosMega Cheap Solar Powered Rope Lights

Solar-powered lights also include string lights of different colors. JosMega gives us cheap solar lights to decorate a wall, tree, garden, and any other place. You can create different styles using these lights.


  • The light includes a rechargeable battery with an 800mAh capacity. It has 100 LEDs that work through the sunlight.
  • The light charges fast, like within one to two hours to work for 4 hours. But, if you charge it for a long, it will function for 12 hours. The clouds will reduce the brightness, however, be sure of the angle to receive the sun power.
  • It has durable solar panels, which don’t get damaged due to weather like rain or high temperature.
  • The light is safe to use anywhere because it is solar. Besides, it creates a pleasant effect and boosts up the mood.
  • It is a rope light, hence you can mold it as you want to create different decors. Install it in your room or somewhere outdoor. It looks great on both hard objects and over the trees and plants.
  • JosMega gives us lights with 8 modes, including the fairy effect. You can use it according to the event, and kids also love such lights.


  • Built-in battery
  • PVC tube
  • 8 lighting modes
  • Portable solar light
  • Fast installation
  • Works continuously


  • Only suitable for decor
  • The product has only one light

4. MAGGIFT Solar Powered Light

Different types of cheap solar lights are easily available, including the MagGift lights. This brand gives us 12 lights and we can use them in the front yard, patio, terrace, lawn, and other places.


  • These are smart solar lights and ideal for decor. The solar panel sends power to the LEDs to produce light.
  • It’s a waterproof light like all solar lights, but its plastic is of high quality. Whether rain or snow, you can keep these lights outdoor without any worries.
  • It’s a wireless light, hence it takes no time to install. Take a new light and dig the soil a bit with its stake and here it’s ready to receive the sun and function accordingly. But, make sure the soil is not hard.
  • The solar panel has an operating switch on its back. Make sure to turn on the switch before charging. After that, the light will work on its own.
  • It creates a nice warm light securing the outdoor. It can also highlight plant or an object.


  • Weatherproof light
  • High-quality material
  • Automatic function
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • High-tech panel
  • Refund available


  • Lights need direct sunlight to get charged

5. Flalivi Cheap Solar Ground Lights

Flalivi develops cheap outdoor solar lights for pathways, yards, and lawns. Customers can enjoy 8 lights at one price, and the product is also good to gift. Bright light can keep any outdoor secure.


  • Be it the hot summer, rainy or snowy season, Flalivi will work perfectly without any issue.
  • It is solar, so you don’t need any wires to run this light. You can also install it with zero effort. The automatic function makes these lights long-lasting.
  • The battery is replaceable and you will get the lights with a 600 mAh battery.
  • If you charge these lights for 6 to 8 hours, you can use them for a long. Always install solar lights where they can receive the sunlight because more absorption means bright light.
  • These lights are not only cheap, but you can save energy and breathe in a clean atmosphere.
  • It’s a beautiful disk light that needs a minimum space. But, it produces 40 lumens with 8LEDs.


  • Durable fixture
  • Resists water, snow, and heat
  • Multiple applications
  • Replaceable battery
  • Quick to install
  • Lightweight  and portable


  • Dirty panel reduces the absorption of sunlight

6. LE Cheap Solar Lights

Another brand of security lights is here to serve you. LE manufactures cheap solar lights for yard, garden, car porch, and pathway. The lights are adjustable and emit strong and bright light.


  • It has motion sensors that can detect humans from 26 feet. The lights turn on automatically upon motion, and you will know that there is someone in the yard.
  • LE solar lights are highly bright having 70 LEDs. Besides, the lights and panels are adjustable and easy to rotate.
  • The lighting spectrum is also wide up to 270 degrees. Make sure to charge LE lights for 6 or 8 hours to get good illumination.
  • You can install these lights wherever you need bright light and also want some security.
  • Such cheap solar lights are very effective in resisting water and high heat. Since the light is waterproof, so it does not wear off easily.
  • You cannot insert them in the soil as these lights need screws for wall mounting. You can also mount the LE solar lights on the pillars of your garage, or some tree as well.


  • Strong and bright light
  • Weatherproof light
  • Motion detection
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Screw mounting
  • Suitable warranty time


  • Only wall mounted

7. Lezonic Cheap Solar String Lights

Lezonic is here to satisfy you with the best cheap solar lights. These lights have 8 modes and they are ideal for parties and events like weddings. Lights with different colors are easy to hang anywhere you want.


  • The copper wire tends to mold, so you can create different styles through Lezonic string lights.
  • They are excellent for outdoor and indoor walls. You can also lay these lights on a tree, hedge, pergola, and pillars or posts.
  • The product includes two strings with 120 LEDs, and you can cover a large object or area. One string is 46 feet long, besides, the six feet cable connects the light to the solar panel.
  • The string light has an 800mAh battery that’s easy to charge as you want. The exchange rate of the solar panel is also higher than other cheap lights.
  • The light is IP65 grade plastic that resists water, snow, and extreme weather. Besides, there is no tension of any kind of short circuit.
  • You can get various effects through 8 lighting modes. Like, fairy, twinkle, mist, and many others.


  • Foldable string lights
  • Safe for environment
  • Multiple colors
  • Automatic on and off
  • 30000 working hours
  • Tested by CE
  • One-year warranty


  • Lights are only for decor and not for security

Buying Guide

Whatever you buy, you want to spend on something effective. Though there is no shortage of cheap solar lights, you wonder if they are good or bad in terms of features. Our experience and knowledge can guide you on the best and most effective solar lights. Let’s get ahead with this topic.

  • Decide the kind of solar light you want as there is a variety, including solar spotlights, security lights, string lights, wall and ground lights. Once you are clear, you will be able to reach the right product.
  • If you want a cheap solar security light, ensure it is bright with effective motion sensors. Whereas any normal solar light is enough for a general outdoor area.
  • Make sure the light is adjustable according to the sun, especially the solar panel.
  • Solar string lights need a separate cable to connect to the solar panel so it should have proper length.
  • Water, high heat, snow, and other elements can destroy the fixture and panel, so the product has to be weatherproof. A good rating of IP and ABS plastic is suitable in this case.
  • The panel should have a good exchange rate, and the light must include a rechargeable battery with a good storage limit.
  • Multiple lights per pack are good for a large area, especially if they are wall-mounted. Whereas two packs are enough for walls or pillars as security lights. You may need many cheap solar lights for garden so 8 to 12 packs per product will suit you.


Through the best cheap solar lights and effective features, users can enjoy a lifetime product. These lights are suitable for sunny areas because they work through solar power. You can save money through cheap lights in two ways like you spend less on the product and you don’t need electricity and pay its charges.

Solar lights can help you in decoration, home security, and can emphasize a certain element. The above lights are the best in terms of cost and qualities. So, compare them to buy a brand that suits you.


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