3 BEST 800 Watt Solar Panels 2022

We have been using electricity for decades, somewhere in this journey man realized, how damaging electricity is towards our earth.  Not only our non-renewable sources are getting decreased, our water is getting polluted, which in turn is polluting the habitat of our aquatic creatures, and also it leaves carbon footprint behind. Not to mention it’s financially burdensome on the pocket, which is exceedingly high.

Man started looking for better, eco-friendly, and economical alternatives. In this search, man discovered sunlight has enough power, which can be converted into a usable form of energy. Solar power serves as a perfect dupe for electricity. You just need to set up your solar panel, which converts solar energy into solar power, and you are good to go.

At first, solar panels were not that common because, not everyone could afford one, and also it was hard to install. Without professional help, it was laborious to install. Over the years solar panels have become more user-friendly, not only they have become economical but also come with pre-drilled holes so you don’t need to have any crimping tools to set that.

3 BEST 800 Watt Solar Panels Reviewed & Rated

Now more and more people are changing their preference, from electricity to solar power. The solar panel market is flourishing rapidly. Today, markets are thronged with solar panels, with a wide price range and quality range, you can find a solar panel that meets your needs and is within your budget.

The solar panel takes you to the off-the-grid journey and erases your carbon footprint. Not only solar power is a great way to power your home appliances but you’ll be surprised to know that it is also a portable form of energy. You can find solar panels that are easy to carry around, and they are ideal whenever you go boating, hiking, mountain climbing, etc.

Choosing the best one, from thousands option can be a little head-scratching, so we have compiled a list of 800-watt solar panels from top-notch stores that are reliable, as they have years of service in this field.

1. RICH SOLAR 800 Watt Solar Panel

First on the list, is this amazing 800 watt monocrystalline panel from RICH SOLAR. It comes in four pcs, each one being, 200 watts. Its high efficiency is guaranteed by the installation of the highest grade monocrystalline solar cells, and each 200-watt panel is coated with anti-reflective to make sure it absorbs maximum sunlight. It is adept at charging up to five or six, 12V batteries.

With a pre-assembled wiring harness, you’ll not need any crimping tools, thus installation is pretty much trouble-free.  All the products from RICH SOLAR  are compatible with each other, thus you can make expansions, additions, and upgrades, very easily.

It comes with a digital MPPT charge controller which helps you gauge your power. It provides real-time updates of, amps, volts, and amp hours. And the cherry on the top is it will also protect your system from overcharging.

It is ideal for a tranquil outdoor experience. It can easily power your boat, Rv, etc. Going off-the-grid with this 800 watt solar panel can be one of your best decisions.

It comes with a 25-year output warranty thus you can be assured you are investing in the long run.


  • Don’t need any crimping tools to install
  • 25-year output warranty
  • Worth the money


  • Tech support is not very promising

2. PowerECO 800W Solar Panel

Second, on the list is 800 watt solar panel from PowerECO. The whole kit comprises 4 pcs, each being 200 W solar panel. It weighs 26.5 Lbs, and its size is 27.56 x 1.3 inches.

It is a good choice to use for outdoor, solar plants, home roof-top, water pumps. And also it is a great choice for going off-the-grid, whether you are going for a hike, or thinking to take a relaxing trip to the beach.

You’ll not have to scratch your head around the installation process, as it comes with pre-drilled holes. The cable with PV connectors and IP65 rated junction box with diodes is pre-installed. All these features make the installation a duck soup.

It is capable to withstand harsh weather conditions, as it can tolerate high snow load and wind pressure (2400pa). It is composed of high-transparent, low-iron, tempered glass. Positive output tolerance (0-3%) is guaranteed. Max Power Voltage (Vmp) is 20.4V, Peak Circuit Voltage (Voc) is 24.3V, and Max Power Current (Imp) is 9.8A. In addition to all these qualities, it has an aesthetic outlook.

It comes with five-year workmanship and a 25-year output warranty.


  • Installation is easy
  • High resistance
  • Aesthetic outlook


  • Not so easy to carry around

3. ECO-WORTHY 800W 3.2KWH Solar Power

The last one is from ECO-WORTHY, this 800 watt solar panel kit is suitable for TV, lights, fan and small refrigerators, etc. Under four hours of complete sunshine, it is capable of generating 3.3kwh per day.

You don’t have to worry about, extended outdoor use, as it comes with a tempered glass panel. This tempered glass makes sure that the panel remains durable for decades. It is capable of delivering optimum performance in all weather conditions.

To meet your demand for electricity, for sheds, houses, boats, and RVs, it has two charging modes, from off-grid and on-grid.

It comes with a hybrid solar charger inventor, that is composed of 3000W 24V pure sine wave. It has 80A charge controller, which is highly efficient in working.

To protect your lithium battery from overload, overcharging, overheating, deep discharge, and short circuit, it has Built-in-Battery Management System (BMS). Not to forget this BMS has a very low discharge rate.

The technical support team from ECO-WORTHY will be at your service 24/7. It also has a 1-year warranty.


  • Space-saving
  • Installation is easy
  • Two charging modes


  • Better alternatives can be found at the same price


In conclusion, we can say going off-the-grid is one the best decision you’ll ever make. Not only it will make you independent but also you’ll be making your surroundings safe and preserving your non-renewable sources. All the above-mentioned, 800-watt solar panels are worth your money to meet your basic needs. In choosing your ideal solar panel make sure it fits your budget and meets your needs. We sincerely hope we helped you bring closer to deciding point in choosing your ideal solar point.


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